Thursday, May 1, 2008

Draft Day Q and A

Thanks again for all the great questions. I think I have more fun reading what everyone has to ask me than anyone else does reading my responses. It was pretty hard, but I picked ten of the questions to answer. I tried to stick with the draft type of questions.

1. Who was the first Redskin that befriended me after I was drafted and where did we have a beer at?
The first player I was really friends with was Brian Kozlowski and I guess he was as new to the team as me. We actually became great friends and drank at a lot of bars together. A couple of the first guys that had previously been on the Redskins to talk to me were LaVar Arrington and Patrick Ramsey. After my first day of practice Lavar came up to me and told me I was going to be a great football player. Obviously I was excited.

2. A new draftee just signed their first check. Where do they go?
I think the first thing most guys buy is a new car. It's amazing to me how much young players will spend on automobiles. Bling is another popular item. I bought a Volvo. I guess my check first wasn't that bad ass. Something no one understands about the NFL is that if a players signs a 10 million dollar deal the most he could hope to see is half of that. Teams pay out the money in portions. Say a player's signing bonus is 5 million. It will take at least three years for him to collect that money. It's guaranteed, but it's never all at once. Speaking for myself, taxes take close to 50 percent of my gross salary. Pretty shitty huh?

3. Fred Davis?
I think no more be said in the question. I was as surprised as anyone that the Redskins drafted a tight end this year. We saw Fred Davis as a first round player that had fallen way down into the second round. The Redskins felt like it was way to much value to pass on. As a player I feel like you can never discount having the best 11 guys on the field, so if two tight ends makes up the best 11 guys I'm all for it. I will do everything I can to help Fred become the best football player for the Redskins and I think he will do a great job. All that being said, I feel like the next five years should be Pro Bowl years for me and I would be extremely surprised if my production on the field goes down at all.

4. The Redskins obviously neglected the offensive and defensive line issues. Who will protect Jason Campbell?
It's really hard to expect anything going into a draft. Obviously we needed to add some depth to the lines and we are starting to do that. We did draft a guard who we feel can make an impact for us. We were looking at a defensive lineman in the first round, but didn't feel his value was high enough at the 21st spot. If you need a lineman but no one you like is close to your pick for that value, than you have to take someone else. As far as protecting Jason we have a couple guys coming back healthy (Jon Janson and Randy Thomas). I'm well aware that both have had injury issues, but you never assume great players on your team are going to be injured. We will keep adding depth, but we will be fine.

5. If I was to build my own draft guru what would his or her characteristics be?
I would take Mel Kiper's arrogant, know it all personality and put it into some really hot chick. The girl from the movie Transformers would be great. I would watch the draft all day. Really though, I think it would be hard to imagine any other draft guru besides Kiper.

6. A Punter?
I know really. A punter? Hopefully he can kick the shit out of the ball. I mean he did win the Ray Guy award.

7. Do I have any chance to voice my opinions in the draft?
Players are completely left in the dark when it comes to the draft. Other than showing up for practice and playing we have no voice in the organization. What do teams really care though? We could be gone in a day.

8. What is the weirdest thing you have read about yourself in draft profiles?
The funniest thing I think about the draft profiles is how much people actually make stuff up. When I was a rookie people said that I would be a good blocker and possession type receiver. That my downfall is I could never stretch the field. My current profile says that I'm a bad blocker, but I can catch the ball down field. No one knows what type of player someone can really become.

9. What was the funniest thing I have seen done to a rookie?
My first year in the NFL I watched some of the offensive lineman get a guy really good. First of all, it was a real fight for this to ever happen and if I was ever getting hazed I would just go with it. That said, it's a lot more fun for the "hazers" if they know the person getting hazed hates it. They taped up another rookie and rubbed Icy Hot all over his body. Someone even got a glove and rubbed it in his crack. After the Icy Hot they threw him in the ice tub. One of our trainers got him out after about 20 minutes. That would have really sucked.

10. What is more likely, Chris Cooley getting dreadlocks or Colt Brennon getting a fro.
I didn't know Colt Brennon had dreadlocks, but I can't stand dreadlocks. They're dirty, they stink and I think they look stupid. I thought the white man afro was awesome. I wish my hair would grow faster so I could have it back. I would recommend that look to anyone.

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great Q&A...I love your photo reference links...hilarious.

Name names! I want to know who glovey mcslippery fist is!

Actually I probably don't.

As always Chris, awesome, awesome Q&A. Thanks again for answering our questions.

Cheers and have a good weekend.

I kinda lost a bit of respect for you in regards to your comments about dread locks. I don't have them but your comment was pretty ignorant and uneducated.

Shut up anonymous poster. Dread locks are sick. Colt Brennan is still a stud and Chris didn't say people with dreads are stinky and ugly. Just the dreads themselves are.

Thanks for taking the Q's and giving some A's. I love reading your perspective on things.

On the salary thing,I think you forgot to mention all the hands taking money from your pot. Agents, personal trainers, lawyers, IRS, State taxes, etc. I know you guys make some moolaa but as you stated its not as creamy as most think it is. I just hope you conserve your money and have yourself setup for life during and beyond football. (but hey, thats your personal business) Golfing everyday isn't too bad from say 36-38 to death around 90.

Good luck this weekend. Stretch, don't pull nothin and tell Moss and Randel El the same thing. I want all three of you guys to kick butt this season.

Are you wondering how the Zorn days will go? I hope he yells alot and gets all you guys a bit worried, you know sharpen those


Keep it up, Chris. Great blog!

chris,your girlfriend is hot.Does she have any sisters?

Chris, you're my favorite Whitey on the team. Keep up the awesome work.

Chris you seem like a great guy and I know you're one hell of a player. Keep up the good work, you're loved by Redskins nation!

Chris, you are freaking hilarious! I love reading your answers and your candidness is so refreshing. Thanks for saying how you really feel and not worrying about all that political correct bullshit. You rock on and off the field! TW

Ok I've got to know, whats up with the cut off popped collar polo shirt under your pads and in your lifting video?


Thanks, brah! I really appreciate your taking the time to answer our questions. If you find an opportunity, I'd be very interested on your take on the 'West Coast Offense', if there truely is such a thing - more of a verticle philosphy and language then the true Walsh design. Cheers!

To Anonymous:

Direct quote:
"Dreadlocks, sometimes simply called locks or dreads, are interlocked coils of hair which tend to form by themselves, in all hair types, if the hair is not washed regularly"

So he's right.

You're the coolest guy in the NFL.

hey chris,

does it make you feel weird to have a neck roughly twice the width of a normal human?

-a fan

chris, you are well on your way to gilbert-level blogging. A Mel Kiper-Megan Fox combo is one of the best ideas ever.

Chris you one of the guys I like on the team. You really is a nice person I met you one time not that you remember, but you was really nice and kind. keep up the good work and strong strong.


What did you do to Fred Davis?

Don't you like him? LOL.

Obviously new rookies don't spend money on watches...

Funny post. However, just to enlighten Chris and a few folks about the misconception they have about locks:

Locks, like any other hairstyle, are not dirty; nor do they stink if you--get this--wash your hair. I have locks and I wash my hair just like everyone else, and women always compliment me on how I (and my hair) smell good.

So the bottom line is: Just because your hair is locked, it doesn't mean your hair is dirty... It also doesn't mean you're a Rasta, smoke marijuana, are unhygienic, or any other stereotype associated with the hairstyle.

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