Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Open shop!

The store is now open. Please check it out. We are going to have more stuff in stock soon. Also make sure to check out the Yahoo post this week and tell us what you think. Thanks.

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3 grand for an autographed jersey, well as much as I would like one, five weeks salary is too rich for my blood. Quick question though. Didn't you wear 21 in the Pro-Bowl, I know you auctioned off the original jersey for the ST fund.

Send some free shirts out BJB in California so I can get hooked up

Go Cowboys

"The NFL Combine is comparable to a strip club with owners and coaches for customers. The better the man looks running around in his spandex the more dollar bills end up on his stage."
Dude, I think I just pissed myself. You realize that Vinny's going to give you some real strange glances now, because you know his dirty little secret.

Seriously though, I loved what you wrote. It's one thing to hear some guy on ESPN say something like that, but it's just so refreshing to hear it from a player, and a truly Pro-Bowl caliber one at that. Keep up the good work, Chris. (By the way: notice, you're even making fans for yourself out of people that hate the Redskins over at Yahoo.)

As for the shop... how do you feel about bartering? I'll give you a game-worn (vintage, 2001-2004) high school lacrosse jersey, with my autograph, for your left Pro-Bowl cleat. Deal?

You made some excellent points on your yahoo blog and I totally agree. It's insane the amount of money that first round selections make.

It's gotta be weird to work in a profession where everyone's salary is public info. Do you guys, as players and employees of the Redskins, ever feel weird about big FA signings? As in, there are dudes on the team who helped get the team to where it is today, but a free agent came in and is making more money than dudes who got the team to where it is. Does that make for awkward moments?


Excellent blog on yahoo. I was totally shocked when Chris Mortensen said that NFL players aren't too concerned with rookie guaranteed contracts. It absolutely boggles my mind that these untested players are coming in making more than any player who has poured his heart and soul into their team. See Jake Long....I'm sure he'll be a great pro, but to be the highest paid tackle in the league is fucking stupid!

Gene Upshaw has a lot to worry about because this is just going to blow up. Keep speaking about it, keep talking....don't let up. Something needs to be done.

Great post on Yahoo. I loved the combine/strip club comparison. You definitely wrote what most analysts are just afraid to say and it works because you are a player, someone who has earned their spot and paycheck. By the way, i love the big picture of Yoder for just that small quote. Nice work

Wilbon move the over.. nice article.

So here's my question, Chris. If you (who are a more upper-tier player) and Yoder (more of a blue collar guy, who's job is now in jeopardy, thanks to the recent draft class) are in favor of a pre-set rookie salary scale...and I'm sure other players who are already IN the league would be as well (leaves more on the table for the vets), and you KNOW the owners are (ends hold-outs like Russell in Oakland)...why doesn't it happen?

The next CBA, it seems like it would be a no brainer? DO the agents use their clients as lobbyists? Rosenhaus gets all of his guys to vote against it, because it'll cost the agent money that he'd have earned by repping those high-$$ rookies?

It just seems like a common sense thing. Players like it, Owners like it. Get it done.

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Great Yahoo! article.
It sure is nice to see someone open up about some of the sad truths of the way the NFL is run by indescribable amounts of money. But what is this about if these rookies don't get their bloated contracts, they can hold out? There's gotta be more of a penalty for that...

As I sit here toiling through my final exams at my MBA program, I wonder what would happen if when I try to get a job in this wonderful economy I decide to hold out...I think I'd get dropped like a rock.

I appreciate your blunt comments; the NFL needs someone like you to stir things up a bit. Kind of like a Charles Barkley. Hope you don't mind the comparison.

Loved the USU (Go Aggies!) and High School highlights on the page; although if you're going to show so many highlights of the Bear River game, you should probably show how we won at the end (Luckily I played on the weak-side and never really had to cover you). Good luck and keep writing, I need the distraction. I know what it's like to have a 14-second attention span.

No autographed nut-hugger shortie shorts? I'm sure you'll add some soon.


I have to say that I think it was real big of you to express how you felt about rookie contracts. You earned every cent that you've received.

And those shorts are great!


You're a deservedly popular player in a town that adores its Redskins. That said, a little unsolicited advice.

You are already handsomely remunerated for you work, which includes free uniforms. Now you wish to charge fans $3,000 for each one you wore to work?

Sure it's a free country and a capitalist society, but let me humboy suggest that if you do charge for your work gear you donate the money to a charity of your choosing. (If you already do, my apologies)

There's a number of upsides.

The charity could use the money.

You get a tax deduction.

The person who bought the jersey gets a tax deduction.

You'd endear yourself even more to fans.

You wouldn run the risk of being considered a selfish overpaid athlete ready to gouge fans for during a recession.

You'd bring good Karma to a team that could use all it can get.

Just a friendly suggestion.



I know this is not related to the post, but...

Dude, I just saw on the ComcastSportsynet some coverage of the Jason Campbell Classic golf outing. First of all, how can I come out and play golf with you guys?! I got me some "colorish" shorts like Clinton that I could throw down in.
But really, are you going to have some blog-exclusive coverage of it? I know Kelli Johnson didn't catch all the crazy stuff that must have happened.


Thanks for the store, I grabbed one of the ProBowl cleats mainly for the dedication to ST, Good luck this year as a season ticket owner going on 10+ years I hope danny boy has finally learned, I'm not to sold on Zorn but we will see.

Note: Stick around a little sometime and sign some autographs, saw you out in arizona couple of years ago when I traveled to see the away game and you were sorta rude to us standing by the fence. I know it can be annoying, but for the common fan you can light up a lot of faces with a few sigs..

CP put in overtime to sign..

Take care


Great article on Yahoo, I could'nt agree with you more. You are our favorite player for many reasons ,but most of all your work effort and hard nosed play. When you signed your new contract it was well deserved and a great day for Redskins Nation. Keep up the good work in all your endevors, looking forward to the return of Captain Chaos in July!

Hey Chris,

Seeing how your team came in 1st last year, will you be playing in the Mickey Steele Golf Outing tomorrow in Queenstown?

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