Sunday, April 27, 2008

What am I really like?

What is Chris Cooley like? Typical question posed to many teammates and friends, but I feel like a question that is so hard to answer. What someone is like, or who someone really is can be so hard to define. I heard the question today in the locker room, but didn't think much of it until tonight.

.....30 minutes later..... So I've decided I can't find the words to encompass my entire personality, but I think I can describe something that influences an enormous part of my life, inattention. I am the most inattentive person I know. Procrastination is an ongoing battle, and absentminded would fit right in the mix of Chris Cooley personality traits. Combining the three of these things and I'm running a strong case for ADD.

An average day consists of me spending 10 to 20 minutes looking for keys (and yes I have key holders the first step in the door). In that day I also spend at least another 20 minutes looking for some random item (wallet, can opener, cork screw, and a popular search is the other shoe). The funny thing is, the item is always something that should be somewhere. Common statements in my life are "It couldn't have just grown legs", or "It'll turn up sooner or later."

Saying I'm easily distracted would be a hell of an understatement. The team meeting room at Redskins Park has become my own personal art studio. If I'm going to get "coached up" on any kind of plays, it probably better get done in the first 30 minutes. Now don't misinterpret this as me not caring, or a lack of respect. More importantly don't ever think I don't know exactly what is going on in a game plan or in an offense. I simply have a tiny attention span, and it is impossible for me to sit and listen to someone talk for an extended period of time.

I've spent countless hours making all kinds of sketches. I've sported a variety of sharpie tattoos to practice. 80's rocker shorts were a big hit in the locker room. My all time favorite time consumer has to be completely coloring a piece of paper with a ball point pen.(A guaranteed 8 hours worth of work).

I feel like a 17 year old kid living the biggest dream of my life. I know I act like a 17 year old kid most of the time, I get that from my dad. I am completely spontaneous. Not a day goes by when I complete half the plans that I began that day with and I love it. My mind races from idea to idea, but this allows me to be interested in so many things. I can very easily decide I'm going to spend the week relaxing at home and end up on a flight to Vegas the next day.

Because of this major personality trait (inattention), I have become the person that I am. The person people know and expect. In different descriptions about myself, I've heard that I'm crazy or have a free spirit. I don't make an effort to be different or original, I just do things that make me happy.
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I don't know how many times it can be said before it becomes cliche, but you are the man.

Dude, you have a real talent for drawing. You sure you weren't an art major at Utah State? But of all your work, I like the double-amputee lady sharpie tattoo.

ADD's not too bad really, as long as you take advantage of it like you do. My ADD isn't as much fun. Hahaha.

Re: Lost items

I noticed you listed "wallet, can opener, cork screw, and a popular search is the other shoe" etc. I noticed you didn't list bottle opener, which is the one object I keep on my person at all times. Does Chris Cooley carry a church key around with him?

Skin Patrol:"I noticed you didn't list bottle opener[...] Does Chris Cooley carry a church key around with him?"

Chris Cooley can pry off bottle caps with his manly thighs. His massive, projectile-puss blisters are a by-product of such super-human feats.

Wow Chris, I'm impressed, you are really an awesome artist!!! Have you thought about auctioning off some of your work for charity? I also would like to suggest a "hang out with Chris Cooley" auction. Any takers??? MW

I could see Comcast or someone do, sketching with Chris Cooley. Like the old painting shows from the 80's.

Alex, I think you're referring to "The Joy of Painting, with Bob Ross."
The Joy of Painting, with Chris Cooley

Coooollleeeey...What up brother? I have heard that you’re a big 80's hair band guy and by the way the rocker shorts turned out it seems to be true. Do you and Christy have a "First Dance" song yet? Any White Snake or Poison possibilities?

Honest post and I can see it on one side and not the other. Your reckless abandon on the field fits right in with your description. But knowing plays and gameplans would seem so involved that short attention spans wouldn't work in that world. I need to know more about a game plan on the pro football stage. I assume you have certain areas to attack on a defense each week. Don't you have nuances to plays that you have to work out to fit those gameplans. How can you do this, with a short attention span.

Forgive me, I have to go I've lost my train of thought....


Hey Cooley,

Huge Redskins fan here. I wanted you guys to to see my Redskins blog:

I am a huge 'skins fan and love the way you play, Chris. Any thoughts on them drafting a TE (Davis) in the 2nd round? Seemed like a wasted pick to me...

@McMike04: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Great photoshop job dude.

Chris, keep on blogging man. Great posts.

I'm the same way, but I can't draw for shit.

Chris your drawings are awesome. I thought the same thing as MIKESWRENCH, you should auction them off. Even if you sell them on here, by the way. When will that be?

I love listening to you on Mondays with Elliot. Hope that continues this season too.

You need to give up an explanation for that pirate lady you drew on your thigh. Classic.

Better yet... show that sketch to Snyder and tell him to make a "Capt Chaos & Pirate Lady" animated series, action figure, lunch box, etc. The big money's in action figures and lunch boxes. Tell him it's cross promotion or something.

Pirate Lady???? Looks like a cross dressing tightend to me......

.....just kidding Cc. Maybe linebacker or safety.


Yo, did you ever see that show Boston Public with the crazy woman who had a hook for a hand? I think she used it to abuse her kids or something. Weird show. Not sure I'd want her on my thigh.

Sounds exactly like me, except I waste time playing video games.

redskins43 again. Chris please try my play.Its great ,its safe.You will wonder why you didnt think of it..IT WILL WORK.. ITS FUTURE FOOTBALL..thanks Kenny

With those bands on your shorts, how can you not have a Rush logo?! Don't tell me you don't like 'em! You have to!
I bought your jersey, now you must like Rush. It's just gotta be.

It KILLS me that I've found a reason to like anyone on the Redskins. Damn you Cooley! Damn you to Hell! You and your funny, interesting blog!

Seems like a suffer a lot of the same afflictions you mention, primarily inattentiveness and procrastination.

Once, I get started with something my compulsiveness starts to take a hold but it's maintaining the effort over a long run and getting started on things that I seem to struggle with because I tend to lose interest quickly.

How do you manage to overcome your own procrastination?

What's more annoying: Knowing that everyone is gonna ask you about fred davis over and over again no matter how little you care or the fact that the skins actually drafted him?


I love that image. Its my new wallpaper. I'll tune into that show daily.




Talk to Larry Micheal, RedskinsTV needs some Joy of Painting, with Chris Cooley.

First of all don't know much about football (sorry) but I have to say I've enjoyed reading your post...this one especially. Gosh you sound like my husband...he's major ADD and is always asking where's his keys, we spend more time looking for his wallet before we got out, plus he loves to draw. (btw your sketches are amazing) so who knows...I just may have to pay attention to football this season!

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