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What do you think about today's trade?

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I love it. McNabb just made the skins a true competitor and can also help groom Campbell.

Plus, Now we can focus solely on the o-line. I love the direction the skins are going. We definitely got a lot better today and I can't wait to play Philly twice this year.

i like that face that philly is now the youngest offense in the NFC East. It may take a couple games, but they could be the deadliest for the next couple years.

I know you have always been supportive of Jason, but you have to know that you now have a real NFL QB to throw the ball to you. The Eagles throw it more than anyone and it was on Mcnabbs back and the WON!

Yea Paul, I completely agree. I can't
wait for Skins/Eagles Monday night!

Groom Campbell??!?! hahahahahahaha, ooooo my side.... hahahahahahahahaha

ROFL... idiots talk about Campbell like he is some rookie... he has been in the NFL for 6 years and had 4 years as a starter! If he hasn't had success yet, he ain't going too.

That's why the Skins brought in 2 QB's this off season. McNabb the new starter, Grossman and Brennan will be the backups... unless they draft a QB and then there will be a shoot out and the top 2 will make the cut as backup. Campbell is done as starter... forever as a Redskin.

Retarded. We're rebuilding. We need draft picks. We don't need to milk the last few games from a fragile, declining, once-good now average QB. Campbell and McNabb are a wash at this point in McNabb's career. I'm disgusted that 'Skins fans are buying into this. It's the same thing every year.

While McNabb wouldn't be my choice, he is without a doubt an improvement over Campbell. Draft a rookie at #4 and allow them to learn under him for a couple years and we are set in the QB position for a decade.

A shame Campbell's getting treated like this. I wonder if he would have gotten continuity at the coaching staff and o-line, could he have been better? I think he had the tools to, but eh. What can I say? The NFL's a business. I hope he gets a shot elsewhere with a team that actually knows how to manage players instead of "Let's spend money and bring in the highest paid guys."

As far as McNabb, he's going back in time. Now he's on a team that lacks real offensive weapons, much like the Eagles Pre-Owens. Sorry, Cooley.. but I doubt he's excited to have over the hill LJ, Portis, and "Fast Willie" in the backfield. Maybe they'll stay healthier combined than Westbrook did, so that's a plus. Let's not mention the lack of WR core.

Anyway, good luck with McNabb!

What does Chris think about getting the ball from #5?

gettin mcnabb is dumb... jason was not the problem last year and im sry o line is more important.. plus u have colt on the bench waiting... he is the fan favorite and once rebuilding the line is done then get colt in there and see wut he can do... to give up a draft pick of such huge significance to the skins is idiotic... wut bout left and right tackle? okung at pick 4 ok but what bout right tackle?... should have used the second round pick for bruce campbell

This is retarded. The Redskins are still making the same mistakes trading away draft picks. There is no youth on this team. Every new coach wants to win now.

So, now the Redskins have 1 draft pick to fix Left Tackle, Right Guard, and Right Tackle. You think McNabb can take the shots Campbell took?

I know you loved Jason, Chris. This has gotta be a big surprise.

I hate this move for Jason Campbell. I know all the haters are going to hate on this but Campbell never really had a fair shot. Dude had to learn a new system and deal with new coaches every year except one...not even Peyton Manning could deal with that starting from his RC year. The reason Manning and Brady have had the success they've had, one word "CONTINUITY!"

I've been a huge Campbell supporter and Jason if you're reading this for some reason...I thank you for everything you've done and the class you've shown year in and year out. I hope some way some how you can be the 'Skins starter but if not I think you'd look good in Carolina Blue!

I pretty much agreed with you in my post above, Gforce083. Continuity was a big issue for Washington. They never had it. He never had it in Auburn and their revolving door of OC's either. Guy's never gotten a fair break like other major QBs out there, but alas.

Plus I feel bad for the shit campbells been thru. The million different offenses and coaches, the scrutany. I hope he lands in a good situation. It's people like Joe that need to learn some manners, especially when realizing whose blog they're posting on. Ouch

Campbell is a ratard. Plain and simple. No more defending his lameness. No "respect" required, the man was paid and I helped fund it with Club tickets.

I hate this move for Jason Campbell. I know all the haters are going to hate on this but Campbell never really had a fair shot. Dude had to learn a new system and deal with new coaches every year except one...not even Peyton Manning could deal with that starting from his RC year. The reason Manning and Brady have had the success they've had, one word "CONTINUITY!"

I've been a huge Campbell supporter and Jason if you're reading this for some reason...I thank you for everything you've done and the class you've shown year in and year out. I hope some way some how you can be the 'Skins starter but if not I think you'd look good in Carolina Blue!

I am so confused right now. I do not understand what we're doing. JC was not the problem and he will blow up wherever he ends up. For Donovan, anywhere is better than Philly. Let's hope he doesn't choke for us.

While I feel sorry for JC17 for how he's been treated here, he still isn't a top flight quarterback, nor do I feel he could be. He doesn't show leadership, and he doesn't win games for you. Classy guy, good person, serviceable, but not an elite QB. Honestly I'd liken him to Grossman. Grossman went to the Super Bowl because the rest of his team was good. He didn't lose the season for them (like JC also wouldn't), but a better QB on that team would have won against the Colts. JC can win on a good team, McNabb can win with the team we have. Sign Flozell and draft Okung (if not there trade back and pick up extra o-line).

This trade just made the wallets of our young receivers a LOT bigger. Major break outs (1000+ yards, 6+ tds) for at least 2 of the 3 amigos.

Thank you for your service Jason, you've been better to us than we to you. Good luck at your next job, you'll have a fresh start and a better chance than you had here.

My only read on the front office position is we took McNabb to play 2-3 years and groom a QB we select in next year's rich draft.

I understand that JC wasn't the big problem, it was mostly the OL. But I can't tell you how many times the last 4 years he has missed wide open receivers and made dumb plays because of his lack of vision. He has started for four years and just doesn't make smart decisions. Zorn was a hell of a quarterbacks coach and after two years JC made no improvement. He is especially horrible around the red zone and he constantly stared down receivers. I know he has great character but we need a leader at the QB position. The bottom line is that a soon to be 34 year old McNabb is better then JC. Everybody talks about the draft like it's such a great way to build your team but in reality it is a huge gamble. Look at the trio drafted two years ago. Fred Davis is the only one that has been somewhat productive. I like the trade it's a ballzy move and if we get Okung with our 4th I think good things are coming to DC. You have to remember that a good QB makes everyone on the offense better and I know with McNabb at the helm, we will win more then 4 games next year. I hate to say it but if Fred Davis gets the chance to be Shanny's new Shannon Sharpe, Cooley might be traded for a second round pick next year. Hail!!!

I think a lot of the discontent being voiced here (and everywhere) can be summed up with the following simple expression:


Personally I have always liked McNabb. I think he will do well with the skins and maybe now he will have fans that will give him the love he deserves. As for Jason, I love the man, but this is a business and we are under new leadership. I certainly don't blame our problems on him. I would love to see him be successful in NC or somewhere else. If the O-line can get fixed then it will be an interesting season. I like the competition idea at running back!

I've always like McNabb - only Eagle I can say that about, LOL! However, I don't think this trade was necessary... JC's numbers only improve... his stats were middle of the pack 14-18 out of 32 starters last year behind a beat up line. I would have liked to have seen Jason get some protection up front -- left side especially -- and some continuity & support from continuity from coach & management. But we see how that went... Dang shame for JC...

Jason was a class act. He had 5 different offensive coordinators in his 6 years here. (Think about that, Donovan has only played for 1 coach in the NFL his whole career) There was no consistency in the O-line or the play calling. He deserves better and hopefully will find a good home with another team where he can do well, but lose to us each year in the Super Bowl. I wish him all the best, but getting DMac is a ridiculously awesome deal for the Skins. JCam should be able to move on now to the next chapter in his career and be a successful starter elsewhere. Sad to see Jason go, but not sad that Donovan is here.

Jason is gonna end up somewhere else and come here and beat us this year, we didnt need a qb, we needed o-line, not two washed up running backs and an old qb. Its just a shame that we are doing the same thing we do every year, trying to buy a team, not develop one.

I've hated on McNabb for years because he was an eagle, but I can't help but be optimistic about the unkown. Shanahan and McNabb are 2 really big names, our D should be legit, NFC Wild Card here we come.

This takes us from a pretender to a contender. We now have a 6 time pro bowler and a hall of fame coach. You people are dumb. All we need is a couple more offensive lineman. Mcnabb throws the ball great down the field and we will have a vertical attack which we havent had in years. Mie is great with tight ends so our man cooley will be going back to the pro bowl. Watch out NFL cuz here comes them skins

Wouldnt be suprised if skins go out and get Brandon Marshall either. Mike is the one who drafted him. What yall think?

He was a bargain basement one else put offers on the table so the redskins went in and snatched him up.....At least if he does not work out, we did not spend out the wazzooo like we did for fat albert

Hey skins fans,

You are CRAZY if you are hating on McNabb as if he doesn't immediately give you a stark improvement at the QB position. McNabb is still the goods.

Over here in chicago, I can relate to the acquiring a great QB when your biggest team weakness is O-line. Unfortunately, teams are realizing that quality O-line guys are probably the hottest commodity in the league, and no one is letting their talents go.

So in that I agree that the QB signing doesn't immediately make the team into something new. If the O-line is shambles, it greatly hinders the team's ability. That said McNabb is great, Shanahan is great, and I'd probably just sit back and enjoy it right now. Getting O-linemen these days is like getting a Michael Jordan rookie card. Sure, they exist....but people who have them want them, and the asking price is either "no", or a very insane value.

The only way that his will pan out is if they are able to get a 4th or 5th round pick outta the Raiders for Campbell. Of course McNabb makes us instantly better, but without a line I don't think it gets us over .500. It makes for excitement for the season, but as far as playoff wins, its not going to happen. Its going to be hard to look at McNabb and actually root for him.

We can get a second round pick for Campbell man

There is no way the Skins will get a 2nd rounder for Jason because it is obvious they are not going to keep him. He won't sign his tender now and teams will wait for the Skins to cut him. Our best hope is that the Bills and Raiders vie to get his services first and get some sort of value out of him. I wish Jason the best, I don't think he was ever the issue and he deserves to go to a team that wants him.

Great move, now we can focus on the o-line (i hope). And, although everyones saying campbell is gone, if he's gone, that means we get ANOTHER first round pick, where we could potentially draft a rb like c.j. spiller. I doubt anyone would give up a first rounder for Campbell though, so this means we have a proven starter, and two good backups. McNabb is still a stud, and he's got something to prove to a lot of people. Great move.

CB15 will be on his way to a breakout year. Hopefully, Chris is healed and will be right there on the receiving side of the ball.

McNabb will retire soon.


Lmao @ paul groom campbell? sorry but thats not going to happen we are probably trading him for a 2nd rounder or 3rd. As for the trade i think it is great now even though i hate signing cowboys we dont have much of a choice. Sign flozell adams and draft eric berry no.4 overall for free saftey.In the nfc east you gotta take away 2 things 1. The running game 2.The deep passing game

lol @ the people still trying to say positive things about Campbell. Campbell was HORRIBLE. Todd Collins showed him up in 2007. Collins, the perpetual second string signal caller went 4-0 and had a 106+ QB rating with the SAME O-Line, same WR's, same RB's and same TE's. Campbell only had the numbers he did because he had so many weapons... weapons that the Campbell lovers refuse to acknowledge and thing Campbell was the savior if only he had talent around him. ROFLMAO, Collins proved it was the QB holding us back not the rest of the team.

Now that the Redskins have a decent QB, we will be competitive once again.

Welcome to the Washington Redskins McNabb!!

I'm a JCam fan and I think he got a bad deal here but I've been saying that. He's gotten no support from the O-line and to be honest as much as I love Gibbs I think they'll held him back and Zorn well that goes without saying. All of these I hate Jason bandwagon so called fans are no better than the fans McNabb just left. You all are the same people 2years ago at the begining of the season praising Jason and kissing his behind. Now I'm not saying Jason is better than McNabb just different and I think he could learn a lot from Donovan. As much as it pains me to say this No Go Romo is a pretty good qb(of course not in the post season) because he had the opportunity to sit and learn JCam never got that opportunity. I realize McNabb is our starter but JC would make a great under study. Good luck J!

yeah yeah yeah redskins fans

When are there going to be more posts on this thing? These little pictures and videos arent really doin it for me like the posts used to be? Whats the dealio? Just want to know why.

All things considered, youre still the man. Oh and what happened to the cooleyzone episodes like in the one you bought tanner his house and the other you had the angry fan. Where they at?

I love it. Welcome to DC McNabb

I thought we'd see a different approach without Cerrato. But now I see Larry Johnson, Willie Parker and now Donovan McNabb on the roster, and I have to wonder...

Oh no! What if Cerrato was the voice of restraint?

In a salary capped system that's designed to let small market teams build contenders through the draft, it seems irrational to keep trying to add that one piece of the puzzle through free agency--why keep going against what's worked so well for everyone else?

And the other thing that bugs me?

Andy Reid and the Eagles apparently think they're a better team with Kevin Kolb under center rather than Donovan McNabb...

What do we think we know about Donovan McNabb that Andy Reid and the Eagles don't know?

lack of reciever corp?? I love the team no matter what we do (save the times we have no draft picks when we really need them), i just don't like some of the times we don't play well.

however to the person that said we have no recievers?

cooley rolling off a block or down middle #1
any of the new 3 running backs as an option #2
MARKO F-ing Mitchell nuff said #3
Devin Thomas awesome hands #4
Santana Clause just try to catch him #5
i think that is plenty of examples of the silly recievers we will have for our quarter back to throw to!

It's weird having such a big rival who used to belittle washington as the QB now.... He would literally say belittleing things. I don't know how this is looking towards the future either but if the players are with it than I can too. It will just take time.

Great move by the skins. I don't think the eagles trading him to a division rival was too smart. I honestly would've liked to see McNabb go to the Raiders because I feel a good quarterback is the only missing piece in the raider's offense.

Until our offensive line improves, it doesn't matter who the QB is.

Anyone else watch the Larry Michael interview... "Kevin Cooley" ha-ha-ha

I think for the first time in your career you will be playing with a Elite NFL qb. Thank God the campbell era is ending. Can not wait to watch Moss actually catch bombs again.

I like this trade for one reason: it means we won't be stupid by selecting a QB with the 4th pick. I like McNabb, but I also like Campbell and would have loved to see him get a real shot.

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