Sunday, September 13, 2009

Redskins vs Giants #1

Make sure to tune in to Comcast's Post Game Live show. I will be on for a brief minute discussing the chat.

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Please do not almost fumble the ball anymore, because when there's challenges we have to watch the same baseballcommercial over and over again. (watching Football in the Netherlands is ugly). Too bad you guys lost the game.

I can not explain how it makes me feel to feel that I am more upset at the teams play then the players. Does money take away the teams heart? Never saw any emotion. I am a die-hard fan and I feel cheated!!!

Why does it always take so long for the skins to get in a groove? Jason for the 1st 3 quarters really looked like a deer in headlights.You guys are just as good as the giants and this was your game to win.even with all the missed tackles and 3rd down conversions they had,after the Hall pick you guys had momentum and then zorn calls a run and Heyer or Thomas missed an assignment on Tuck and that was it.Damn im so frustrated!!!Then when the game is just about over Jason wakes up or gets mad or something and looks like the guy we all know he can be!!!I am a skins fan forever though and will always be despite having my heart broke week in and week out!!I guess I deserve it.

Great Touchdown!!!!!!!!!!!! Love YA MAN

Happy for ya Chris that you scored!!!! And I say boo-hoo to the whiners. Where's the fan loyalty?
I Love my Redskins no matter what. Keeping the faith here in Abingdon, Virgiia.

Nice game, Chris. I do hope the rest of the team can establish a little rhythm though. I'm sure things will look better next week. Peace.

Kyle - Oklahoma

ive been a Redskins fan for a long time and it is sad to see that besides a few players like Chris that actually show emotion the rest of the team looks flat and act like they do not care and to me thats very sad. All u hear after a loss is Zorn praising Campbell and say well he looked good tonite except for a few plays and really no he didnt he is the same qb that cant make his mind up and will never be a quality starter THANK GOD he is going to be gone after this season and for Zorn keep ur hope in Campbell maybe yall can play golf together when u are both unemployed next year because u are the sorriest coach and qb i have ever saw in my life!!!!!!!!!!

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