Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ask a Redskin

The Q and A portion of this blog has been amazing. I have loved reading and answering everyone's questions but it is however, time to branch out and give you the opportunity to ask another Redskin his opinion. This time it is Jason Campbell's turn. We have an autograph signing together this Saturday at PSGameGear in the Dulles Town Center Mall from 1-3. We will discuss all the questions there. So here's how this will work:

  1. All questions should be directed to Jason Campbell.
  2. You post your question in the comment section of this post by Friday .
  3. I will pick the Top 10 questions on Friday night, June 13.
  4. Answers will be posted Monday morning, June 16.

Now I don't want nor will I ask questions that Jason gets all the time. We want you to be creative. So please ask questions you have never heard Jason answer and will probably never get asked again. To help stimulate some creativity, enjoy watching this classic from Bog TV.

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Jason: Would you ever go on "Dancing With Stars"???


Being the first Mediterranean QB starting in the nation's capital, is there anything you can do that Chuck Norris can't?


T from Miami, FL


JC- Are you familiar with the, Madden Theory when playing with the Redskins, on third down pass triangle?

Captain Chaos if you feel the need to re-tell your story about that before the question I guess go for it.

17- Are you familiar with the Madden Theory that on third down always pass triangle?

Jason: with Clinton Portis suffering from MPD back in '05 (Southeast Jerome, Sheriff Gonnagetcha, etc.) and #47 being known as Johnny Whiteguy and Captian Chaos, what nickname/personality would you adopt for yourself that you would like to stick with the fans?

Would you rather take a punted football to the face from three feet away, or let yourself be tackled by a flat-out running safety? (think Sean Taylor vs. Brain Moorman)

Jason -- With the game on the line, if you could throw to any receiver, past or present, high school, college or pro, who would that receiver be and why?


What NFL team do you/would you most enjoy beating?


Is your girlfriend hotter than Christy Cooley?

-Jason Z.

Would you ever pose in a Stetson Cologne commericial like Tom Brady did?



JC: You're in the DeLorean, about to hit 88mph... where are you going and what are you going to do there?


Is your girlfriend hotter than Christy Cooley?

-Jason Z."

Ha that was my question too, dont you date "Ms. DC"....If so, does she have any friends?

Jason, have you ever smelled the back of your left hand (the one that's securely lodged under the center's sweaty butt crack then entire game) after a game? I would imagine that hand would have to go through a thorough decontamination process after every game and practice.

JC, what the strangest product you've ever been asked to endorse?

Campbell i notice you ware Doug Williams old number 17. did you have to ask to ware that number? or did he call you and tell you that you could ware it? i know he thinks very highly of you. and i would (as sure many of us would) like to hear about how you got to ware his old number.


Who is your daddy...and WHAT does he do?

JC do you think carrying a man purse (Tom Brady) is the secret to getting a VicSec model to date you? Would that motivate you to carry a man purse?

Would you ever wear the Cooley Short-Shorts? And if you did, who do you think would look better in them?


What teams did you grow loving down in Mississippi? Was football your favorite sport? What was your fav if not Football?

You are great?



Since you've been a Redskin for a couple of years now, I'm sure you're used to die-hard fans "worshipping" the Skins. Is the following Redskins 'prayer' I made up that my friends and I say before each game taking it too far?

"Our Savior, who art J. Campbell, hallowed be thy name. Thy touchdowns come, thy will be done, on the run, or in the pocket. Give us this Sunday our weekly win, and forgive us our fumbles, as we forgive those who blitz against us. And lead us not into early vacation, but deliver us to the playoffs. For thine is the Quarterback, the Leader, and the Savior, AMEN."

- Nick

What would it look like if you and Tony Romo got into a fight?

Jason - Have you ever needed to tell a player to shut the f up during a huddle? If so, who and why? If not, who made you come closest and why?

Do you ever wish Cooley would wear the short shorts during games to help make you focus more? If so, please describe in detail what his hind quarters mean to you? If not, is it becuase you wish you could be the one in the short shorts?

Jason, Where is the food better, Cooleys wedding, Or a Randy Thomas back yard BBQ?

JC: Tell the truth, are you Eriq La Salle's (Dr. Benton from ER, Daryl "Soul Glow" Jenks from Coming to America) illegitimate love child?

Would you ever date:

a) Romo's castoffs OR

2) A Redskinette?


You seem pretty shy. Do the antics of some of the other, shall we say, extroverted Redskins, ever embarrass you?

Assuming ideal conditions, how many yards can you throw a football? Do you have any idea how fast you can throw a football (or baseball)?

Jason, whats the worst thing you ever got in trouble for doing while growing up? Also, has Zorn broke out the slip and slide yet? I dont know if i ever recall seeing you slide in a game after a run.

What are your thoughts of Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan?

Campbell, Did being the youngest of three siblings have any effect on you as a competitor? How about dealing with receivers when they bust on your shoes and start calling you country?

Ever thought of asking George Lucas if you can be Lando Calrissean in the next Star Wars? Or at least get to be in a Colt 45 commercial.

JC, If you were to host Saturday Night Live, who would you want the musical guest to be?

Jason, what's your favorite type of Campbell's soup?

JC, Do you hang around the D.C. area in the offseason? I remember back in the 80's when players actually lived here and it made them feel like they were part of the community. I think they felt how much people in the area live and die for this team by living amongst them. Do you think the players still get that feeling and know how important it is to these fans or it that hard to do since players come and go with free agency?



Royal Rumble, offense vs. defense.

a.) who wins?
b.) who do you stay away from at all costs on the defensive side?
c.) who is the offense's finalizer?
d.) what's your special move?

I'm drafting you and Cooley on my fantasy team this year, so please toss 50 tds, 25 to cooley. Thanks.


Which would you rather see-
Jessica Simpson in hot pants with the Dallas logo, or Coach Bugel in a pair with the Skins logo?

How many nathans hot dogs and buns could you eat in 12 minutes?


Considering that he gave you permission, how much pressure do you feel wearing Doug Williams # 17? Big shoes to fill.
I know you you guys can do it. And w/ Captain Chaos signing on for several more years, how do you feel about our chances of getting back there so you can try to outdue that amazing performance?

Always a fan, regardless.

WHen did you realize you made it- When the Skins drafted you in the first round, or when you were selected to be in an Eastern Motors commercial?

Also, when do you think Cooley will get a chance to be in one of those? Or are they looking for someone more hip like Ethan Albright?

Jason, how did you meet your present girlfriend Mercedes Lindsay?

Mr. Campbell,

Your senior year at Auburn I was convinced you were Lionel Richie's son. I know your arm strength secretly comes from those lips ... That being said, what's your favorite Lionel Richie song to karoake to?

- Brandon Picchierri; Ocean City, MD


How would you compare what you've seen of Jim Zorn to Tommy Tuberville's style of coaching as well as Joe Gibbs?

whats the weirdest thing you've ever seen chris cooley do?

What are some off the craziest things other teams fans have said to you and what's the funniest?

To piggy-back on what tj had asked earlier in the blog- what would be your alter-ego nickname or take on persona.
Chris - you'll have to get some "fantastic four" shirts made up once Jason discloses his super-hero persona. Great blog - I can't wait to see the results of the questions.


Which Redskin could beat you in an arm wrestling contest (assuming that you just watched Sly kick serious ass in 'Over the Top'?


I got my nickname "Yeastie" thanks to a problem that a crazy former girlfriend had. What kind of nickname would you have if you had to take something from a crazy chick you used to date?


Boxers or briefs?

Liza; Ashburn

If you could have any current football player snap the ball to you (regardless of position, just based on hotness) who would it be?


Through out your college/pro career. Is there one hit that you took that stands out the most?

will you guys wear your burgundy jerseys at home this year? please?

Hey J.C.,

Be honest. Is that trick you did on Fantasy Files for real? 2 receivers, 2 balls, one simultaneous completion. I heard that you did it for real in 2 takes. Whooooooo!! By the way, I think you're going to mass produce in JZ's west coast rocket ship!!


JC-17, do you know all the words to "Hail to the Redskins?

How often do people tell you that you look like Lionel Ritchie and which one of his hits are your favorite?

Jason, by the looks on Bill's face when he watched Chris take his drug test, he's hung like a horse. My question to you is how many time's have you caught yourself looking at Chris's junk and amazement?

Dear Jason,

If all of the creatures in all of the seas jumped out of the water at exactly the same time (assume it's possible), and you were standing on the shore, would the ocean level drop noticeably?

Sincerely, Josh Tate


Is there any team in the NFL that you would refuse to play for?

JC, Do you play any musical instruments? If not, which one would you like to be able to play?



Can you get me Colt Brennen's autograph?




Best. Question. Ever.


If you were in a bar room brawl, which Redskins (besides Randy Thomas obviously...) would you want to get your back?

And, which Redskins wouldn't you want on your side?

What is the truth behind your NFL.com fantasy file commercial?


Who is the best dancer on the team? I'm betting Yoder is in the running.

Jason... What is your favorite curse word and could you use it in a sentence.

I'm very interested to see what kind curse words this mississippi guy can come up with.......

Luv ya chris! You're awesome!


Have you ever sat down with an ex-NFL QB and quizzed him on reading defenses/film? ie Joe Montana, Phil Simms, Doug Williams

I hear you got quite a few balls batted down in the red zone drills. Do squatting down like Zorn wants you to make it harder to see over the defensive linemen?

Hi Jason... I have another question for you. Do you have any weird superstitions or "rituals" that you follow before a game or after a win?


You are going to line up under center, and the center is any chick you want in the world. Who's going to hike the ball to you, and are you going to smack her a** a little before you say hike? I'm taking bets on who you choose.

Wow, amazing to me that you have time to work on a blog. But, here is the truly amazing thing to me about people that are a success. That is the reason that they are a success. They push themselves to the limits. So thrilled to see your blog and see your perspectives... KC

Wrestling match between you and Chris - jello or pudding {your choice and flavor}, and how long before a pin occurs?

Jason: Who do you think would win in a footrace between Laron Landry and Santana Moss? Oh and who really won from the Portis/Landry race?


How much do you hate Alabama and what is it like having Samuels blocking for you? Do you guys get after each other when the Iron Bowl is played? War Eagle.

Havre de Grace, MD

Will you be sporting the short shorts on Cc Short Shorts day?

Have you ever had a center fart on your hand when you're at the line?

Can you just give me like...500 thousand dollars? Yall are all loaded. It would change my life and you would forget about it in two years.


My people contact your people?


Whats the time variance in making a good read and throwing the ball? It seems you can throw too early or more easily throw too late. Would you rather throw against man to man d or zone d. I assume the pro's throw alot of combo d's at you, how hard to recognize?

What's your feelings on 2004? How bad were yall screwed?

And what's your thoughts on UGA with the black out last year? Did it sting? 2008 National Champs for the Dawgs?



How hard is it to take a small man seriously? I mean, some dude is 5'8", 150, looking up at you, talking... do you even hear what he is saying? Do you just do it watch their little lips flap in front of their little chiclet teeth?


How is your diet? Do you eat healthy? If not, tell me about how much fast food you crush. I'm a popeyes man -- fuck KFC -- but I'll hit up BK or McD's or whatever. You? I bet you casually crush three or four whoppers, no big deal.

I think it is so cool, that a sports player will keep a blog regularly updated. Keep it up, and good luck on the season

That's because COOLEY is COOL obviously...

What kind of car do you drive?

When you ride by an Eastern Motors, do you sing the song?

How do you get your hair so perfectly symetrical? Would you ever get dreads like Heyer?

JC, can you get me a date w/Colt Brennen?

I’m from Seattle and am a huge Seahawk fan, that being said, I love Cooley, who brought me to the FF promised land, and now that Zorn, and Stump are in Washington too I’m developing a huge “man” crush on Jason Campbell, and find it interesting that y’all drafted Fred Davis, as many draftniks picked Seattle to pick him. So my question is this, I know not many Receivers picked in the first round much less after typically produce in their first year, however with Santana Moss, and Antwaan Randel El, and with Devin Thomas, and Malcolm Kelly, and Fred Davis now in the fold, and with Zorn’s QB tutelege how does this effect your overall passing game. Should I be picking up Jason as my starting QB somewhere in the 4th-7th round? Oh yeah and no offense ya’ll but I hope we whoop up on ya on Nov 23rd, but good luck tya'll on every other one and may you go 15-1.


Now that Brett Farve is retired, do you think he will invite you into his home rather than ignore you at the gate?

I'm thinking you should go for the "Patton" look! Put on the 'ol kevlar helmet and a set of fatigues and start barking orders like Captain Chaos! The cowboy hat reminds me of Cal Worthington from Southern California who used to sell cars.

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