Friday, July 17, 2009

Dan Patrick Show

I was part of the Dan Patrick show this morning. This is ESPN radio's summary of the conversation.Chris Cooley discusses benefits of blogging, Redskins' offseason.

Chris Cooley feels he can be more himself when he's writing his blog.
Jeff Fishbein/Icon SMI
Dan asked Cooley about Cowboys WR Roy Williams deciding not to talk to the media this year. Cooley said that's a mistake.

"I've watched it backfire in terms of Sean Taylor," Cooley said. "In his first couple of years he had a hard time with the media. He was portrayed as something he didn't want to be. It took for him dying for it to come out that wow, Sean Taylor really is a good person. Look at all the good things he's done. And that all came from not talking to the media.

"Our game is run on fans. We're playing this game because people love it and people like to know about us. So I think it's cool to put yourself out there and say this is exactly who I am. This is what I want you to know. This is who I am. This is the type of person I am. This is why you should root for me."

Cooley said that the younger guys coming out of college are all over new media. Cooley said he didn't know what a blog was when he wrote his first one.

Cooley said that the Redskins have called him and asked him not to do certain things. He had one example of putting together this video of burning a horse. He can't understand why the team didn't want him to do that. Cooley said he's not worried about getting fined. He doesn't believe he writes or says things that deserves fines.

Cooley says that he's not a fan of Twitter. He says it's a good marketing tool, but that's it.

On a real football note, Cooley said that Redskins QB Jason Campbell had a rough offseason with the team looking at other QBs. Cooley said that Campbell stayed close to coach Jim Zorn and weathered the storm.

Cooley said he was glad to see Campbell was fed up when the team expressed its admiration of Mark Sanchez around draft time.

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Chris has it nailed. These are the times and you are doing it right, imho.

God Bless Walter Cronkite- hero of my youth. Can't help but feel he would have been a blogger in this generation.


Chris, I started following the Redskins just because of Jason, and I am really proud of the was he handled it. Unlike..cough...cough...Jay Cutler. Can you check out my blog, I am 14 yrs old and trying to get it to become more popular. Anyone can check it out, thanks!


I checked out your site, even though I am a Vols fan, it looks good.

chris thanks for stoppin by the 10 last nite.. i hope ur wife likes the hoodie.. thanks for takin the time to sign autographs, my son is mad cuz i forgot to get u to sign one for him he plays high school fb in florida, .. i wish u the best for the season and we look forward to seeing u at the 10 and in the black hills soon

Hey Chris
Good luck this year! I got your new Tee Shirt with the 47 and Cooley on the back and REDSKINS on the front really cool! I just need you to sign it either in NC, MD or GA when I am there to see you and the SKins WIN! HTTR!
God Bless you and Christy and the SKINS TEAM and Coachs!

Good interview, Chris....Dan is with Sports Illustrated, no longer ESPN. I'm sure SI would want credit for the recap.

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