Friday, July 17, 2009

The Cooley Car

The class I run in races every Saturday night starting at 7pm. It’s basically one of the beginner divisions for kids making their way through the ranks of NASCAR or guys like me that just want to go out and pretend that I’m a big time race car driver. Anyone from the age of 15 on up can participate. This year we had a guy win and as soon as he got out of his car they gave him a breathalyzer test…he failed…yep. He won’t be back anymore. That was a good wake-up call for me, from that point on I saved the margaritas until AFTER the race. We’ve had cars flip, catch on fire, and every other type of crash. If you don’t leave the season without being involved in a couple of wrecks then you haven’t been trying.It's nothing short of the real thing. Girls throwing themselves at you, alcohol and drugs as prolific as a rock star, not knowing what city I'm in from one weekend to the next. It's the life I've dreamed of living. Okay, maybe not but it's more fun than sitting on my ass at home watching Jerry McGuire for the 7th time.

My goal now is to get Chris in this car before the season’s over…ssshhh, don’t tell Z. I might have to put in a bigger seat.

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Only let Chris drive it unless he wears his complete uniform (helmet included, obviously).

Hmmm... makes the chainsaw kids play by comparison...
Can't take the worried mom out of the fan... sorry!


As much as I love racing, I love Cooley and the Skins more! hopefully Chris never gets in that car! We don't need any Big Ben offseason moments over here ...

Thats good stuff, Gibbs Racing meet your match.

Love the fro on the back of the car. You should also paint a chain saw on it! :)

dude you should totally come out and autox! i'll even let you rag on my car :]

The first paragraph of this blog for some reason didn't make it on the site so here it is. This will answer some of your questions.

Four years ago I set out to win a race at Old Dominion Speedway in Manassas, VA. This past Saturday night my goal was achieved! Let me start out with some background. My name is Craig Oglevee and I’m Christy’s uncle. Growing up I always wanted to be a race car driver and would visit ODS (Old Dominion Speedway) and think ‘I can do that’. So a few years ago I bought a car and went out there and tried….holy crap was that a wake-up call! Never did I realize that being turned around in front of the entire field would be so freakin' scary. I was hit by two cars and then the wall….I seriously think I had to change my shorts that night. Well, after 3 years of racing and 4 cars I finally won a race out there. My sponsor is If you make it out there come down and take a look at the car, Chris painted the hood and trunk himself. I’m doing my best to destroy it. I think I’ve hit everyone out there this year. Not on purpose…usually. Rubbing's racing, right?

let him drive it, that would be very cool , we are the biggest redskins fans here in florida HAIL TO THE SKINS !!!!!!!!!!!

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