Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fishing in Wyoming

We just had our last fishing day in Wyoming and caught a ton. It was a great trip but I am really excited to get home and get ready for football season.

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Nothing like drinking a brewskie from a fishes mouth...dude you are sick.

Yeah, drinking beer from a fish is pretty funny and gross all at the same time! Also, I wanted to know when did clip on sun glasses become cool? I always thought this was a "geek" thing but I suppose if anyone can make these cool, it's Chris. Have a safe drive home!

Give it to us... rrrraw and wrrrriggling...

WOW!!! Guys & lady hubby & friend fish a 40 mi off Hatteras & we eat tuna as soon as they get in nothin better.. have a safe drive home we want to see you play this season

Ok, the Johnny-5 sunglasses rock.

Have you gotten any better at Smallmouth fishing? It's time for an update.

Nah, he bought the bucket of fish from the store...

dude I bet that beer wasn't bitter at all! Nice, an to think no one probably even dared you to do it...haha

Well, I guess you drink like a fish. Or even better, from one. Nice catch guys and gal.

Glad you've had some good relaxation and time with the family and friends. Can't wait to watch you destroy the NFC East this season!

Hellyea dude fishing in Wyoming is the best. Buffalo Bill resevoir is a good spot. I live in Sheridan you should hit up the Big Horn Mountains sometime if ya come back this way. Oh by the way i saw you in Deadwood at Saloon 10. I was pretty gone by then dont remember what i said, anyways keep it real man...


You need to learn to fly fish. It's a whole lot cooler and more challenging. Plus the way to a man's heart is through his fly. I'm from DC but currently guiding in Aspen for the summer. I'll be more than happy to teach you when I get back and you're available.


Chris Siess
Knot the Reel World Fly Fishing LLC

nice share...keep it up...

Big Ocean Fish

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