Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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you two are an awesome couple!

not lame when you are wasted and just looking for a little entertainment before bed.

The videos are awesome dude. Glad you guys made it safely.

You are the bigeest Donkey! But you're still great!

Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Christy is awesome- doing crosswords in a moving truck... whoa.... carsick already just thinking about it.


enjoyed going on vacation with you guys... looking forward to more... btw chip was just a little stressed, you might get a dog valium from the vet to help him relax...

I have those same pajamas, blue and white stripped polos--good choice.

Videos are far from lame...glad to see your wife knows that the yorkies come first!! Safe travels back and no more fast food..we need you kicking butt come September ; p

videos are nowhere close to being lame, keep it up.

you're a genius. diesel dude.

Woo Hoo! Minnesota saves the day once again.

cooley listens to ben folds...nice

Dill pickle Spitz RULE! I thought that I was the only one who loved them being that I can't find them really anywhere other than 7-11 here in NV.

Glad you posted the rest of the trip. I agree about the no more fast food, we dont need you getting compared to romo for being outta shape. haha oh yeah and if you didnt know in Wyoming, the king of pop died, crazy.

Your boy Johnny Chick from Utah St. is from Gillette, WY...waive on the way back through!

Wow... two tickets. I hope your trip back is a bit less uneventful! Thanks for sharing the trip with us, I personally thought it was fun to watch!
Wyoming looked beautiful! I have been on both sides of the coast but not much in the mid states.
Hope you 4 have fun!

Please, Chris CLEAN YOU'R WINDSHIELD. Please for the love of god I can't see the scenery and you can't possibly see like that..

Glad you made it safe and sound. I am sure you're not the first to put gasoline in a diesel...
Enjoy the wide open spaces of Wyoming!

Taco John...the cornerstone of any healthy offseason training meal!

Chris, seriously, thanks for posting those vids. Pure entertainment. I wish more athletes/celebs would record their trips to share with their fans

nothing lame about these videos Chris, I think as you can tell your friends and fans enjoyed them immensly. The most enjoyable for me is to see 1 of my sports heros being a real person that anyone can identify with and you do that better than any other, Thanks dude

C&C, thanks for posting the vids! Feels like we were part of the trip w/you guys! Hope you two have an awesome time and get some rest after that adventure-filled jaunt across country!

so the big question is did you have the Taco John's Potato Ole's??? I used to pwn those things back when I was at UW (originally from Laramie but live in Burke now). Way to represent the WYO and it's nice to see you can take the 47 out of WYO but you can't take the WYO out of 47.

thanks for taking us along on your trip out west. BTW, you can get Arnold Palmer iced tea at Harris Teeter for 99 cents also!


The vids are NOT lame at all! What an adventure, and thanks for sharing it with all of us. My family and I did the same thing (video and all) when we drove from VA to TX and back. Memories you can forget over the course of time, but you'll always have that video. The baby powder was priceless man!! Enjoy yourself, and be safe coming back.

Next time Fly.That drive looked exhausting

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

everyone check out and watch "the obama deception" on youtube!

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awesome! I have been a skins fan for over 20 years, even more so since youve been on the team. I live in Sioux Falls, SD. stop at the flying J truck stop on your way back through Sioux Falls!! i'd love to have my number 21 Cooley pro bowl jersey signed. Or i will meet ya at taco johns! ha ha

What are they, a bunch of Communists in Wyoming? Why didnt you just tell the douchebag cop that who you were and to give you a break on the speeding ticket? And dude, is that gut you have to protect you from the hits or is it gonna be gone after training camp? Just askin.

Do you have larger than stock tires on your truck? If so, that would be one of the reasons your speedo is reading slow (81 when showing 75). Grab a handheld GPS and you can see if that's the problem.

Wyoming State Patrol has a zero tollerence policy on speeding. I got pulled over and checked out for 66 in a 65. They have been known to ticket for that too.

hey bro, how about wearing some flips for the drive man? So if I bid on a pair of your used cleats will they also be rank like your road trip shoes?

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