Monday, June 29, 2009

Cow Fire

We were cruising around on our new land in Wyoming the other day and we found an old dead cow. So we decided that we would get rid of it by setting it on fire. Needless to say, it was a success. I will post the video of it soon, but for now here are some pictures.

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I hope you dont get any backlash from this. The media will do as it does and make it out as a horrible deed.

That is horrible. Who would be so disgusting as to burn a cow?

i dont see whats so horrible or disgusting about burning a cow thats already DEAD

Relax, the cow was already dead for Christ sake.

Did it smell like tenderloin?

burning it helps stop disease from spreading

People stop losing your mind about burning a dead cow, what do you think you're doing everytime you throw some beef on the grill?

PETA will not like this....

People for the Eating of Tasty Animals....


Meat is Murder!!!
Tasty, tasty murder.

Nice way to spend your vacation. Too bad it wasn't a dallas cowboy.

Haha at the "Too bad it wasn't a dallas cowboy."

How else are you supposed to rid a 1200 lbs cow off your land? This is pretty SOP for ppl with land.

^--- I agree.

Sounds like a pretty normal procedure to me.

Get over it. You people who don't live in the midwest who don't "get it" need to stop being so close minded.

Figure it out.
#47 isn't Michael Vick.

Kinda funny people care more for the burning of a dead rotting cow carcass then they do for children being abused and starved in their own communities.

If PETA has a problem with it, they can drive their asses out to WYO and haul the carcass off themselves. This is how you get rid of stuff like this.

Only one stupid dumb retarded person said that burning a cow was horrible. I wanna go to a cow burning.

From FB

Christie Lopez at 7:47pm June 29

As the Director for adoptions for a rescue, an animal rights activist, a Vet Tech and a member of the HSUS this is not an act of cruelty. It all rights burning the corpse of a dead farm animal is the right thing to do to stop the spread of disease.

As an animal lover yes it is hard to see it but it was the right thing to do to save the other animals around.

Way to go putting up that last post Christie!

i wonder what christie lopez would wrote to michael vick a while back.

amazingly sir, are one of my top 5 favorite people on the internets!!!

My inlaws had a calf die 2 years ago.The Vet. recommended either burning the calf or burying it.We opted to bury.

I would be more concerned on why the cow died. You might want to get the water tested. If you are looking for more land, my parents are selling 150 acres in Northern MN, wooded farm land, with a pond on one side of the it.

Someone should coin an official term for this practice. I submit that it be "Cremootion." That is all.

Thats not chris cooley in the pic its a photo of todd collins from the 70 s when he was kewl.

This is how you buy LAND:

Who in the hell would have a problem with cremating a cow?

If it's good enough for Uncle Festus, it's good enough for a side of rotting beef.

*smacks forehead*

Cow musta been loaded with TnT =P

That's horrible. I hopethe police get involved in this.

Not sure about Wyoming laws but this is not legal here in Iowa.

Q: "Can I burn Dead Livestock?"
A: You may incinerate dead livestock in an engineered incincerator. Homemade incinerators may not be used. OPEN BURNING IS NOT PERMITTED.


Once again Cooley posts something stuipid on his blog.its Funny how all the little ES cooley peen suckers are defending him....yeah it keeps down diease but why post pictures? or even a video? Its just gonna cause controversy. good job Chris! Fred Davis ftw!!!

Dear Anonymous-
Newsflash! Different states have different laws. Although I'm sure all 5000 people reading this post would love to read Iowa's laws on the matter, no one cares. In Wyoming, things are different and they mention the burning of carcasses. It's a shame the world gets so worked up over petty stuff like this. Human carcasses get cremated everyday as well. The thing is dead and it is part of a procedure to prevent disease.

^ You my friend are an idiot. How is this stupid or controversial? The reason people are defending Chris is because it's NOT. And Fred Davis, some fan you are. F yourself

this might have been the right thing to do but maybe posting it on your blog for others to see was a little far :(

How "green" of you. Should have buried it, lazy douchebag.

the cow was dead.

as for why he would post it on here... the whole point of the blog is to be able to follow cooley through his day to day life... this is something that happened on his vacation, so he posted it.

its not like this kind of post is out of the norm for him, and he just decided he wanted to post this... he posts everything that happens.

i can't wait for this to be a story on i'm sure peta will picket his house or something.

Whaaa, there's smoke going into the air, boo hoo. Take your "green" and and shove Captain douchealot.

That's illegal without an air quality permit.

# Dead animals from animal operations are considered "trade waste". Trade wastes from any industry may not be burned as a method of disposal, unless these criteria are met:

1. the operator has an air quality permit allowing him/her to burn the trade wastes as a disposal method;
2. or, the operator has a licensed incinerator in which to burn trade wastes.

I just have this to say: "One's wisdom is the stupidity of another..." Disease will stop spreading to other nearby animals by incinerating the carcass, sounds credible. The good thing is that the accounts of this cremation are being told by the originator. More power to you Bro! Captain Chaos Strikes on the field again! But please keep the matches and the accelerant off the football field!

wow all you panzies out there... gawd... how do you even find it palitable to watch football!

CC - You rock dude and while I find the burning the dead cow hilarious, you have to consider how batshit those PETA folks are.

I burn cows every weekend. Unfortunately, I like them medium rare. Gotta lay off the suds.

Rich, I'm still laughing at the Cremootion comment above! Hilarious!

It's weird though, all the sudden I'm craving filet mignon...

You realize that it is a violation of federal law to have an open fire like this, and that the law mandates you dispose of this carcass in an enclosed space, RIGHT CHRIS?

Hope you don't get popped. Go 'Skins!
"Know your rights" - Joe Strummer from the Clash

@Anonymous, Chris doesn't have "animal operations" so that law is out the window.

@Alex, I would love to see this supposed federal law. Perhaps you can link to the US Code on that.

If it was a Christian Cow, it should have received a Christian Burial. If it was a Jewish Cow, it should have been buried within 24 hours. This Cow was most likely a Hindu. Cremation is the norm in that culture, so this was just fine.

exactly what the damn "cow"boy deserved

The only thing missing was the rotisserie...

Now if you are talking religion, I would doubt that was the reason.. Now since it had horns and Chris is from the NFL, I would call it a Viking funeral...

I grew up on a ranch in Texas, and this is what my dad did whenever an animal died under unknown circumstances. You burn the animal to prevent the spread of disease. There might be state laws regarding burning the animal, but really, there is no rancher who is going to pay $1000 for someone to come out and pick up a dead animal for incineration that was only worth $500-600 when it was alive(provided you could pick it up without it exploding - the expanding gases in the abdomen will explode if jiggled around too much, and who wants to be covered in rotting cow guts?) The other alternative, renting a bulldozer and digging a trench large enough to roll the animal over into and then cover up isn't cheap, nor is it always possible.

Anonymous quotes a Wyoming law/statute, but I would bet that the "animal operations" it refers to applies to feedlots and auction houses, not ranches. They are held to a different standard.

hahaha ground beef, hahahah... i thought it was funny. p.e.t.a= people eating tasty animals. yum!

My goodness, it is a standard procedure to get rid of an animal carcass that can otherwise spread diseases to other animals and/or humans that may come in contact with it.

Anyone who would try to present this as inadequate behavior is an obvious moron.

Fuck Animals. They're delicious!

it's one thing to light cow poo on fire and put in to someone's porch...Chris took this to a whole new level...How could you possibly top that. What a good ol' country boy. Way to go Chris.

how many beers does it take to say, "i wanna burn that cow."

so is a pig roast illegal too? idiots...

Too bad it wasn't an Eagle (as in Phila Eagle)!

Too bad it wasn't an Eagle (as in Phila)!!

Tony Romo got rid of a cow last week also.

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