Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Special Thanks

Hello from Wyoming. Everything is going great out here. Sorry for not getting part 3 of the drive up yet. We lost the video camera in the move. I will get it up tomorrow. The reason for this post isn't to tell you about our trip however. It is to thank Craig (Christy's uncle) for staying out our house. It is awesome knowing a special ops guy is looking after the dogs and house while we are gone. So whoever is driving up to our house at 1 am, just know this, Craig sleeps with his gun by his side.

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For real. I know Craig myself, and I've personally seen him kill and skin a snake, then make a meal of it.

Axe... what kind of snake we talking about here? I was able to rattler with a canoe paddle, so if we are talking anything less then a Anaconda... :P

Why is it a smart idea to try and rob a guy who has lots of money, is loved by millions and plays a violent sport? Like the guy who tried to blackmail batman.

Is that an american AK?! Thats pretty fucking badass.

Stop being RA-TARDS and leave athletes alone. They're regular people. If you worked as hard at burger king as you do scoping out houses, you might actually have some money...BOOM. Vote Republican and let those people fucking starve...(they might actually start working for what they get! WEIRD!)

Chris is not regular....he's a dork with a big bush!

Don't mess with CC47. nuff said

Um. This would be way funnier if Sean Taylor was still on this earth. I fail to see humor in home invasion scenarios any more.

Chris, your Yorkies are adorable and all, but you definitely need to invest in some pitbulls for your property for sure! :)

I think chris took one to many blows to the head LMAO

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