Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bowling OTA's

Today the team was surprised with an exciting trip to the bowling alley. Although most of us were expecting some kind of field trip from clues left around the locker room and in playbooks, no one could actually confirm that we would spend the day off the field rolling balls. I know it doesn't sound like much, but to get a day where we can all hang together as a team and not have to be playing football is really cool.After the trip was announced, we were informed that 25 captains had been selected and we would be having a draft. Obviously, the captains selected were the guys that have been around the longest. The draft was a lottery style with all the names drawn out of a hat. Some crazy shenanigans must have been involved, because I was the last team to pick. The one bonus was that we did it like picking a fantasy football teams, so the order went 1-25 and then 25 back through 1. There were also a couple other rules to spread the teams out. An offensive player couldn't draft another offensive player in the first round, and the same for D. Only coaches and staff were to be available in the second round and then in the third round you could draft whoever you wanted.

I took Hunter Smith with my first pick, specialists were not exempt with the offence rule and I figured any punter must be a good bowler. I turned around with my second pick and took Z-man who was the first coach to be selected. Z is good at anything he does so I figured it to be a safe bet. For my third pick, after waiting for 50 other selections,  I had to take the last name on the board, Jaison Williams. I was hoping for Mr. Irrelevant to be a big time sleeper.We then bussed as a team over to the Sterling Ameri-Bowl and practice quickly ensued. I felt like we had a pretty good team early on. Hunter and Z hit a couple good rolls, but Jaison had a crazy hopping, no fingers in the ball technique. So we were skeptical about his potential. As soon as things began, the schedule was to bowl two games and keep team score - we were team Cooleywins! Z threw that in for me.

I actually bowled better than I have the last couple times. In two games I rolled a 165 and a 147. Solid! Z's high game was 134 and Hunter hit 144. Although Jaison had his crazy technique, he did hit one strike in the second game. After that, he collapsed to his knees in celebration for a solid 20 seconds, which was hilarious.

I'm sure Cooleywins will not win any awards, we weren't good or bad enough to be memorable, but it was sure a great OTA!

Just to finish up. These were some of the notables from the day.

  • Todd Collins rolled a 205 and when asked how he did so well he said "I just aimed at the middle arrow."
  • Randle El actually brought his own shoes, ball, and towel - I beat him in both games.
  • Smoot rolled a 212, and I'm sure that he kept his excitement to a minimum.
  • The entire team was given white Redskins bowling shirts.
  • To end the day I rolled three strikes in a row from behind the chairs, a solid 20 feet behind the line. Redskin blogger documented this on video.
  • Anyone over 300 pounds is terrible.
  • More than 20 guys rolled games less than 100.
  • Only 3 guys rolled over 200.
  • Over 100 members of the organization went to the bowling alley.

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Man...thats wassup...I love the Skins!!!! Except for Snyder...lol

Sounds like fun! Randle El would have his own shoes, ball and towel Haha

what did LaRon Landry bowl?

Just chillin at the alley witcha boi's

Hey Chris...you ever need a good bowling teammate let me know.....

Tell Tanner to get a hold of the stalk of corn!!!!!

Awesome! Sounds like it was fun!

Haha, that's badass dude! Rocky McIntosh was on Twitter gettin' ready for bed for a rough long day, and you assholes go bowling!? Hey man, team chemistry is the sh!t! How did Jason [Campbell] do? I'd assume he'd be a guy that can bowl, no idea why though. And that you had a badass selection situation should really form some bonds. Glad to see we're actually focusing on team bonding.

Why do I picture this going down like the bowling dance sequence from Greese 2?

i feel that Z would have a pretty good showing

I'm sure Matt Terl loves that you just refer to him as "the redskin blogger" ... Nice Shout out

What's with the black guy sitting at the back of the bus?

all of Shaun Suisham's attempts were short and to the left.

oh dude that is hilarious about Suisham. Sad but probably true.

So it turns out Todd Collins is quite the bowler. But unfortunately this doesn't mean he's a good QB. He's had a good long career as a journeyman backup-and is a standup fella-BUT...What is it going to take for Colt Brennan to surpass him on the depth chart?
Hopefully this preseason will reveal who should really backup J. Campbell

Just watched the video on Redskins.com, got some funny sh!t on there, haha!

What fun! I sure hope this turns out to be a magical season! =D

Good thing you all didn't go paintballing again.

Zorn looked like a old geezer launching that ball down the lane

I thought Big AL Haynesworth was a semi-pro bowler?

Todd had the best quote of the day, such a quaterback after the game quote... "i just aimed at the middle arrow." ... -Hail

I just came accross your blog, I think it is really cool that you are doing this. I Love all sports, bugt specially football.

daymnit, i was trying to find out where they were bowling

I bet your as good at bowling as you are at football.Keep up the good work. Eric

I haven't bowled in a long time but I'd be willing to bet that I could beat any 'Skins player on my Nintendo Wii bowling game!

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