Friday, June 5, 2009

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Over sleeping is a situation?? LOL

Good Interview. Would you say you have a Plethora of Pinatas?

AT LEAST Malcolm Kelly was TRYING to get healthy.

More like the 3 blind mice see how they run, if these guys get 30 catches combined id be shocked

Not just catches... TOUCHDOWNS! Yeah, baby. That's the ATTITUDE we want...

Fun vid... MAHALO!


Chris and Tanner,

I obviously don't know the guy's personality as well as you guys do, but if he wouldn't mind I think a Brian Orakpo interview is in order!

Chris, thank you for finally interviewing a GROUP of guys. This was cool, and I mean, we all know these guys' talents, it's cool to see their drive to live up to it though. And I'm glad they're close, seem like they have a good chemistry. They seem cool as hell to chill with too. Anybody else get the vibe that they're DMV boys now? Awesome! Now we just gotta get video of a Redskins Madden tournament, and see who really is the best! Maybe get some of these assholes online to see if they can compete with the Redskins fans! Glad to see the team bond there, got hopes for the offense but don't wanna jinx anything! Let's just stay medium!

They have to get on the field first... Hopefully the line can protect long enough to complete a pass downfield... But I like how confident they are even though they haven't done anything yet.. Typical Redskins

first of all we need to line up in two tight and motion You (cc47) or davis to the slot to create some miss matches and Kelly and thomas need to both beat out twan so we we can a tall receiver in the mix EVERY down.

GOOD Luck Red Shirts and HAIL SKINS!!!!!!!

Have not been here in a while, new format of the page is really great! These guys sound ready for the season and I finally have season tickets, so I am super excited!!!

This is a sick video, keep them up Cooley!!!


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