Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tell Me Something Wednesday: Rock the Red

Minutes before going to the Caps game yesterday, I was sitting in Donald Brashear's downtown apartment talking about how crazy this season has been and what has got the team to this point. Though he wasn't going to suit up, Brash seemed just as nervous/anxious/excited as anyone I've ever seen. Just before we headed outside Brash said, "Wait til tonight, it's gonna be crazy." Then we were off.

As we walked down H Street, chills ran down my spine. The only thing I can compare the atmosphere to was that of a Nebraska football game. It was a sea of red running through the streets. The pep band, C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS chants, dudes on stilts, and best of all, showing love to #87 who, as we all know, was suspended for the game.

After parting ways with the Enforcer, Kirsten and I met up with Mr. Devine and his family and friends. Their group was filled with some familiar faces, yet plenty of new ones which seems to be the case for us every game. One of those familiar faces however, was Jason Campbell.  The QB was just as excited as anyone to be there, including the group of folks in the red rain ponchos behind the Rangers bench.

As far as the game goes, all I have to say is I am gay for Varly. The guy is ridiculous. He owned the first 40 minutes of the game giving the team the chance to finally come to life in the 3rd. And did they ever when this happened

At that point everyone including the team loses their mind. I mean LOSES it. From the high-fiving, to the feet stomping, to the screams it certainly made for a magical moment. From then on it was all about hanging on to the lead. As time ticked down the Red Sea rumbled. CAPS WIN GAME SEVEN.

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