Thursday, April 16, 2009

The New Pool

It was almost a crying goodbye knowing Juan and Manuel and the rest of their friends won’t be hanging out behind my house. I’m going to miss the rock pounding, sawing, painting, digging, question asking, truck driving, loader driving, excitement filling my home life. I felt like the Great Gatsby throwing a party everyday for the last three months, my driveway never short of 15 cars. I may have taken for granted the random workers peering in windows from the deck. It’s tough to remember to keep your clothes on in the living room/kitchen area.

Seven months of work in the back yard have led to an incredible amount of anticipation in my life. Patience is not one of my strong suites so the waiting has been so tough for me. Now peering of the back of the deck I see a gleaming tribute to a half a million dollars. Hundreds of lights shine everywhere, the spa is bubbling, waterfalls flow over intricately stacked stone and I could not be more excited about the project being done.

Of course here will be specific rules and regulations for the different areas. I feel like since I did foot the bill for the project I should be able to have final say on the attire worn in the pool and spa. Some will be allowed to wear bikinis, I imagine there will be a one-piece clause and of course there will be a mandatory topless bylaw for 8+. I feel that in order to keep the balance I will also provide long sleeve 2x t-shirts, sort of like a jacket rule in a fancy restaurant. These shirts will be worn almost like a trophy from the McDonald's customer of the month types. As far as the men’s regulation policy, we will just try to keep Speedo’s away from many of our African American friends.

I've even started making a preliminary guest list for the first pool party. Invites will go first to the entire Caps team after they win the Stanley Cup, which should coincide nicely with the Nats getting their second or third win of the season. Next, I'm talking at least three Victoria Secret models and maybe even one or two of those Fredricks of Hollywood girls. We'll even ask if Tom can even bring Giselle. I wouldn't mind having a couple politicians show up either. Barrack seems like a pretty cool guy and I'm sure he could bring an A list group with him. From there we'll need a couple of actors. First two on the list are Paul Walker and Jessica Alba. But in order to get on the list, they will have to reenact their "Into the Blue" roles. Christy says the Backstreet Boys are a lock and if I have to give in on letting random guys show up I have no problem allowing a couple of their groupies. Keep in mind the 8+ rule. Finally no party would be a party without someone to tease, so we will be inviting Tony Romo and his voluptuous girlfriend.

Also, Crown Royal wants to provide products for any party that I throw, which is a major bonus. Great success.

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