Monday, April 20, 2009

A-List Screenwriting

Here is a cool opportunity to spend a couple days with one of the executive producers of Ghosts Don't Exist this Saturday and Sunday. Jim Mercurio is one of the reasons we were so excited to be part of the film. He is an enthusiastic guy and it's obvious he knows and loves movies. He is teaching a screenwriting/story class at the Grand Hyatt in Washington DC on April 25-26 (Saturday/Sunday). And he is giving a free talk on film financing on Friday night in Georgetown.

At one of our investors meetings, he opened with a joke: "An Eagle, a Giant and a Cowboy jump out of a plane; who hits the ground first?" he asked the crowd. No one answered. Then he delivered the punch line: "Who cares?"

And if that's not enough, he's giving away a football autographed by Chris to one of the online registrants.

Sign up with the discount code COOLEY by Tuesday and save $100 (save $50 after that).

Here is the official information.

Jim Mercurio is kicking off a nationwide series of classes under the A-List Screenwriting banner with A-List Screenwriting: The Lecture on April 25-26 (Saturday/Sunday), 9 AM -6 PM) at the Grand Hyatt in Washington DC. This class focuses on story and scene structure; film analysis; and screenwriting principles. Whether you are a beginning storyteller, a professional, or somewhere in between, the class will accelerate your growth as a writer and improve your craft.

Jim is one of the country's top screenplay consultants with students and clients ranging from beginners to A-list filmmakers whose films have done billions in box office.

Jim is also giving a free talk on Friday night at Center for Digital Imaging and Arts of Boston University (Georgetown) - Washington DC Campus, Studio A. The topic is Film Financing 101 (The DIY Basics) and the Craft of Storytelling. For more information:

A-List Screenwriting: The Lecture
Washington, D.C.
Saturday and Sunday, 4/25-26, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Online Registration: $279
Sign up now.

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