Monday, March 2, 2009

TC: Caps/Panthers

Last nights Cap's loss to the Panthers wasn't pretty. Its tough when the best thing to cheer for is in opening and closing seconds of the game.

“There are no excuses for what we did today,” said veteran Caps forward Matt Bradley. “Every guy was not prepared and we didn’t play a tight game at all. It’s disappointing when you have such a good game against Boston yesterday and come back with an effort like this. So we’re all individually going to have to look at ourselves and how we prepared and why we weren’t ready for the game.”
Not only that, the Panthers seemed to surround the Caps goal the entire first period. Fans even booed goalie Jose Theodore during the Panthers penalty shot. Though he made a great stop, the team went into the 2nd period down 4-1 and Theodore was replaced by Neuvirth.

The rest of the game was pretty much filled with Panthers power plays and disappointed Caps fans. A woman sitting behind me wasn't frustrated at the play, rather she was mad at the fans around her for the choice words they had for the referees. She did however, seem to cheer up every time the Caps were penalized because it gave her daughter a chance to see the guys up close. You can hear her cheer at the :13 second mark in this video.

Besides the tough loss there are a couple cool things going on in the next couple weeks if you are a Caps fan. Friday night Elliot from DC 101 will be hosting a celebrity bar tending event with Mike Green at The Front Page in Arlington. This should be a pretty cool event with a portion of all sales going to the So Kids Can program. Also, next Friday Green will be signing autographs at PSGameGear in the Dulles mall. If you want to meet the Caps defenseman, check it out.

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