Monday, March 23, 2009

Dear Dennis

Hey Cooley,

Your a f***ing douchebag.  How you gonna talk shit about Cleveland like that?  I hope we do trade for your ass just so I can boo you during home games.  Grow up and be a professional.  You never know we're your gonna end up this is the NFL so talking shit about a city you might end up in is kind of idiotic.  I used to have a good impression of you and be a fan.  Now I see what a faggot primodonna you are.  Peace hom0.


I'm glad that I have a chance to respond to you, as well as the many other outraged Cleveland fans that have commented on this site.  I was nothing short of amazed when the comments to the trade rumor post soared past the 200 mark, but embarrassed for multiple Browns fans with their outrageous remarks. Dennis, you and many others accused me of talking shit about the Browns.  The comment that I made was "I would be pissed if I got my ass shipped to Cleveland."  Now if I would have made one negative statement about the Browns organization, the players, the team, or even the city I would have agreed with you. I clearly did not.

Dennis, by your brilliant writing style and obvious intelligence I should be surprised that you took my comment out of context, but I guess you just never know.  So for you I will clarify, really all I was saying was that I do not want to leave DC.  Any team or city could have been interchanged and I would have made the same statement.  "I would be pissed to go to San Diego, Baltimore, or even New England." Nothing wrong with any of their teams, fans, or cities, I'm just happy where I am.   Your, wait, (you're) kinda idiotic.

Oh! I almost forgot.  John Elway wanted me to ask you how it felt almost getting to the Super Bowl?  That must have been awesome!



To everyone else who commented on the fantastic comments.  First class, all the way!  I had no clear opinion what amazing fans you guys were, but now I have a definite jealousy of anyone wearing that beautiful orange helmet.  Gooooo Browns!

Thanks Extreme Skins

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