Monday, February 2, 2009

TC: Washington Post's Coverage of the Caps

It has been well documented that the Cooley's love the Caps and as of late that's all we have to do. Since Chris is in Hawaii and my wife was working I had to go solo to the game on Saturday and I got to witness one of the greatest things ever. At the end of the third period the Caps had a 4-2 lead and also had two players in penalty. But do they give up a score? Hell no! They stuff last year's Stanley Cup champs and end up winning a huge home game in front of a sold out crowd. Amazing. 

Shortly after the game I snuck (literally) into the locker room to make a second unsuccessful attempt to steal Ovechkin's stick. While there I ran into Mike Wise from the Washington post and apparently there is a rumor going around that the Post "gives the Caps too much coverage." With no preface to the question, Wise asked me if I thought that was true. He did the same with others at the game on Saturday and got a similar response. 

After giving some thought and research to the question, I have a new answer. HELL NO the Post doesn't give the Washington Capitals too much coverage. The only media outlet that does give ample coverage is Comcast. And that is only because they air the games. With that said, I am proud to have been on the Caps bandwagon since the start of the season. I will continue to ride it all the way to the Stanley Cup finals. I hope to see you on board. 


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