Friday, February 13, 2009

My Pro Bowl Top 19

I learned a lot of fun new things this last week in Hawaii.  Here are some quick observations.

  1. Even though Jason Witten plays for the Cowboys and I still can't stand to see him catch the ball, he is pretty fun to hang out with.
  2. Karaoke only gets better when Dixieland Delight comes on, and I know this may sound a little weird but, but it really gets better when Whitney Houston's - I wanna dance with somebody is playing.
  3. Remember the time when salt got  rubbed in our nose before the shot of tequila and then after, some lime got squirted in our eye.  That was crazy.  I mean it definitely wasn't me doing that, but I learned how it could be done.
  4. Don't give any football players your room number at the JW Marriott. It's really not that hard to anonymously charge to rooms. 1709 Jared Allen.
  5. Wes Welker is awesome.
  6. I can hit the absolute piss out of the new Taylormade Driver.
  7. Colt Brennan is the Tom Brady of Hawaii.
  8. Do not watch that new movie with Dustin Hoffman. The one where his daughter doesn't want him to walk her down the isle. Do not!
  9. Don't try to rent a scooter without a drivers licence.  It wont happen because the scooter shop could get closed down. If you try to give a fake licence make sure that you do it before you tell the guy that you didn't bring your licence, it's more believable that way.
  10. I really wouldn't recommend the prostitutes in Waikiki. Although there are many, I wouldn't plan my trip around it. (Just a quick observation here, by no means can I justify by experience)
  11. Doing football things every day in Hawaii sucks. Yea, yea, that's why were there but, waking up at 7 and 8 every day for practice or pictures or meetings is stupid. Have a two-a-day on the first day, then meet the day before the game and get it over with. I would rather pay for a va-cay than work for it. (I know, I'm a baby)
  12. I know that Jason Mraz song is pretty popular here, but let's talk about playing the shit out of a song.
  13. I'm ecstatic that I don't have to play special teams in a Redskins uniform.  I don't know how closely anyone watched my missed tackle debacle, but apparently I need some practice wrapping someone up. Practice I don't want.
  14. A bagel, some fruit and a picture of coffee costs 47 dollars when you order it to your room.  Seem like kind of a lot.  Best plain bagels in the world though so, I guess your gotta pay!
  15. Who wouldn't have a glass container constantly filled with pineapple pieces and Patron?
  16. Definitely watch Zach and Miri make a porno.  Please respond to the double dutch rutter.
  17. NFL players don't really like to do interviews conducted by other NFL players.  I tried and was embarrassed nearly every time.  "Please Payton, just one more question."  Also, I'm no George Michael.
  18. Winning an extra 20 thousand bucks in the game is a good plan.  Even though the trip is paid for, it's not even close to free.
  19. Hey Jared "143, 447."

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