Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FWG: Interview With Patriots Covergirl

I have known Ryann Murray for 5 years. She was on our dance team, I used to date her best friend, and we have been close friends ever since. Ryann is also a Patriots cheerleader, and was on the cover of this years calender. She's a big fan of Thoughts From a Fat White Guy, and said she'd be happy to an interview. Enjoy.

How did you know me at UConn?

You are one of my oldest friends at UConn, Rob. My roommates and I met you and your friends freshman year and immediately we all became close friends. I think us girls were instantly won over by the big tough football players, more specifically you, who knew all the words to the Elmo Christmas song. We also got to see each other often being that you played football and I was on the dance team. You were always someone I could count on to share a good meal and hysterical conversation with!

Whats the best part about being a Cheerleader?

Honestly there are so many great things about being a cheerleader that it is hard to pinpoint just one. One of the things I love about cheering in general is the opportunity to perform in front of crowds of people. Whether their team is winning or losing, cheerleaders are there to keep the crowd entertained and enthusiastic about the game. Cheerleaders have the chance to smile at and perform for their fans, and just hearing everyone cheer back at you after you do something great is the best feeling in the world. More specifically, being a professional cheerleader gave me the chance to take all those great things and multiply them by 1,000. Compared to my past performing experiences, the crowds you get to dance for are bigger, louder, more positive, and especially with the New England fans, they really make you feel loved!

Would you ever date a fan?

If by this question you mean do I put Patriots fan as one of my top three qualities in a man, then no.(FWG INTERJECTION: Of course not, she's a giants fan).I am attracted to guys who have great personalities that can mold to fit many different situations. For example, I like when a guy can be outgoing and humorous, but also laid back and easygoing. I am also very attracted to motivation, and enjoy being with someone who is willing to overcome a challenge or two to get where they want to be in life. Usually a highly driven person also translates to someone who is busy and independent, and that fits well with my lifestyle.

I know you are a Giants fan at heart, hows that go-over at Foxborough?

Yes I am a Giants fan, but I do not really think it is anything that I should be afraid to share with my New England fans. I am from New Jersey, grew up in a family of all Giants fans, and lived my whole life about 30 minutes from Giants Stadium where I got to see my first NFL game. The Giants are a great team, with no cheerleaders though, and are not usually considered huge rivals with the Patriots. I could see if I was a Jets fan it being a bigger issue. I also don't think it would go over well with my family if I was cheering for the Cowboys or Eagles!

I remember I made the mistake of asking some family at my first promotional appearance, "So are you guys big Patriots fans?" You would have thought I asked if the sky was blue, and despite the fact that I was in Maine, the fans were just as die hard as those who live in Foxborough.

So yes, I am officially now a Giants AND a Patriots fan and proud of it. I think people would have to think less of me if I suddenly dropped being a Giants fan just because I am cheering in New England. Besides, being a Yankees fan causes me a lot more grief up here than being a Giants fan!

What are your pet peeves?

When people make fun of New Jersey, but all they have seen of NJ is the parkway!

Is it true that I once broke a chair in your apartment simply by sitting on it?

Oh yes it is! It was junior year of college, and my roommate and I had just gotten settled into our new apartment. I was a little bit obsessed with buying furniture for our place and bought this chair that I could put together myself. It was a wood frame, with a cushion seating that kind of rocked. Many people were successful when they tried sitting on it, and I was very proud of my handy work. And then you came by to see our new place and to visit. Two minutes later, you were lying in a pile of wood and the chair was demolished. It took me awhile to get over that. In fact, thanks for bringing it up...

How did it feel to get on the cover? How does your boyfriend feel about you posing? How about your dad?

My family and boyfriend were aware that I went for a week to shoot a swimsuit calendar, so I think they were at least prepared to see me in a bathing suit in a calendar. But each of us was truly stunned when we found out I was on the cover this year. When we had our photo shoot in Punta Cana last April, it was one to two hours long for each girl, and hundreds of pictures were taken. We were able to see a few photos off of our photographer's camera right after the shoot, but that was about it. Then months later, it was revealed to us which picture and pose, out of all the ones we took, was going to go in the calendar. This was the first shock, as I hadn't previously seen the picture they chose. I couldn't believe how nice everyone's pictures came out.

Then a few days later we were all contacted with who the 2009 cover girl was going to be. I was actually alone in my apartment when I received the message. I was in total shock and really never thought I'd get such an amazing opportunity. I truly believe that any of the ladies' photos could have been the cover shot, as they all came out gorgeously. I suggest you go get yourself a calendar!

I immediately saw that my picture was posted on the cheerleader homepage as well, and knew I had to call and tell my family before they stumbled on it. My parents were somewhat shocked, but were so happy for me. My mom focused right away on the minute details, like "ooo I like your earrings". Like my parents, my boyfriend had a similar reaction of being shocked at first, but then told me he loved the picture, and said how cool an opportunity this was for me.

If you could be one superhero what would it be?

Thats a tough question. I have always wanted to fly, so my superhero would definitely be able to fly. I'd have to say probably Batman because none of his powers are supernatural. He has strength, can kind of be invisible, and can fly, all without having to worry about some un-natural blood running through his body. If you asked me 15 years ago, Kimberly the pink Power Ranger would have definitely been my answer, even though my sister always got to be her. I always played Trini because of my naturally dark hair, but I did always want to be the gymnast one.

Whats one thing that every fan should know that they dont't?

Some other quick interesting facts are: my sister is a professional NBA dancer for the New York Knicks, Derek Jeter was born in my hometown (check his baseball card!), and I have legally had my name changed. I was born Ryan, until my mom added an extra "N" a little while after, to make it look more feminine. Oh yea, and my dad looks pretty much identical to Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) and frequently gets stopped for autographs.

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