Monday, December 29, 2008

Fantasy Football Champ 2008

When Fred Smoot said this about Matt Ryan, "He's nothin'...he's a pair of shoes" I'm sure he had no idea that he would be facing Cooley's Zornado, led by the rookie QB, in the championship game of the first annual Cooley Zone fantasy football league. But thats exactly what happened and luckily for Smoot, his words rang true last Sunday. The Falcons lost and Ryan scored only 8 fantasy points helping pave the way to victory for the DC Lumber Company.

Cooley had this to say after his 3 point loss in the title game

I felt confident going into the game that I was going to go home with the trophy. I mean who expects Tampa Bay to score -3 points at home against the Chargers? That just doesn't happen. Plus I had Adrian Peterson and DeAngelo WIlliams! I am just frustrated right team let me down...
In the consolation match up, it was the battle of the Manning brothers. If you don't remember from the draft video, Peyton was selected by the girls in the first round. It was a pick that surely paid off as Peyton scored 25 points in the final week leading to an victory for Team Better Halves 90-63.  

So after all that we need to thank Fantasy Trophies and we'll surely do it again next year. 

Fantasy Football Champ from Tanner Cooley on Vimeo.

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