Monday, December 29, 2008

New Blogger!

We are proud to announce that we have a new contributor to the blog. His name is Rob Lunn or FTG (Fat White Guy). He is a college football player for the University of Connecticut. You can read his blog and find out more about him here. He is going to be a regular here so we hope you enjoy what he has to offer.

What do Jesse Jackson, Doug Flutie, and a few Home Alone Quotes Have In Common?

Time to go bowling (I'm not taking it bowling, I'm not buying it a beer…). University of Connecticut v. University of Buffalo. Seems that everywhere else around the country, teams are going south. Shit, even Notre Dame made its way out to Hawaii (Charlie Weiss in a bathing suit…yahhh). Of course, we turned down our bid to the St. Petersburg bowl, and will be making our way north (Who wants to spend Christmas in a tropical climate anyway?). That's right, watch out Doug Flutie, the Huskies are going to Toronto.

What's not to love? The exchange rate, the people, the lung searing cold? Truth be told, I'm actually jacked up for this trip. Playing in a bowl game is a tremendous experience. And it's a practical home game for me (that's right, I grew up two hours south…in Rochester New York). And as if fallen snow and Canadian Mounties weren't enough, Jesse Jackson is going to be our key note speaker. I can't make this up. Do you think hes a FWG fan? I hope.

One thing I'm noticing is that the story line for this game seems to be centered totally on the University of Buffalo, which is fitting. For years UB was the laughing stock of D-1 football (excuse me, Football Championship Series). Usually ranked about the worst team in America. I mean, they were bad. Not "We'll get 'em next year- bad.", like "Here's your team issue socks, shorts, and number for the suicide hotline-bad." Lets put it this way, Duke might have given them a run for their money.

Enter Turner Gill.

Things changed at Buffalo, and in recent years (according to a friend on the team) they've been "one or two wins away from turning the whole thing around." And guess what? 2008 is not 2007. This squad is very talented. Drew Willy (who kind of looks like that guy from a Knights Tale) is their Gunslinger. And I mean Gunslinger, something like 5 interceptions in over 400 attempts. That's near statistically impossible. Kid is a machine. A fucking machine. So they don't turn over the ball at all, which is what our defense has made its name for, so it should be a great match up.

I know that this game is being sandwiched somewhere between irrelevancy and unimportance (the Army All-American game has gotten more press), and with the BCS games a week later, January 3rd (The International Bowl)probably isn't the first thing on anyone's mind (except for about 200 players from UConn and Buffalo). But here's a few reasons to tune in.
  1. I'm playing
  2. Buffalo's first bowl game*
  3. UConn's second bowl in two years, 3rd in the past 5
  4. Do you really want to watch a bunch of high schoolers?
So tune in, ESPN 12:00pm January 3rd


*The University of Buffalo turned down a bid to their last bowl game (50 years ago), because the Orlando High School Athletic commission (Who?) refused to let their black teammates play. The team voted unanimously to stay in Buffalo and in doing so gave a big screw you those racist assholes.

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