Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TC: Ghosts don't Exist...or do they?

As we have mentioned on the site, Chris and I are producing a movie. On Saturday, a bunch of us made it over to Brentsville, VA to check out the supposedly haunted jail and courthouse. We started our private tour in the courthouse by interviewing the guys from DCMAG. Eric asked them to tell us their scariest experience on the job. This is John's

The scariest thing that ever happened to me was right here in this room. Early in the night I had gone up the steps to set up the camera. When I got up there I set the camera, my flash light, and a spool of fishing string on the railing then went downstairs. After doing a few things I went back up to start recording and noticed that the fishing string wasn't on the railing. "Whatever" I thought and just blamed it on a busy night. I thought I must have misplaced it...until, later on, we were standing by the staircase and all of the sudden, I get hit in the chest with something. When the item hit the ground I knew immediately what it was, the spool. We flipped on the light and checked around, but John and myself were the only two in the room and the spool was lying right there on the ground...
The only thing I thought after hearing this was, these guys are good story tellers, not that ghosts are real, and to the jail we went. The first thing we did was check everything out, taking pictures and after everyone had had their tour, we dove into the real stuff, an EVP session. We all stood up in the room where James Clark was shot and John tried to get his spirit to talk (I am a huge skeptic of all of this, not scared, and totally amused at what is happening in the jail). So twenty minutes go by with nothing and John goes to get one of their female team members. She comes up to try the same thing, talking with the ghosts (which was amazing...she actually started crying). But the results were the same, nothing.

So as we were leaving we thought our night was a failure because we didn't hear or see any ghosts. But before we pulled away, the ghost hunters told us that EVP's are generally heard upon reviewing the recordings after. They told us it was likely we got some good stuff while there. And, we scored. They actually recorded two EVP's that night. One is a response the John's question. You can clearly hear "No." And the second, I have no clue what it is saying, but it is there. Check 'em out.

Now even though I am not convinced that ghosts exist, everyone can to decide for themselves. Tell us what you think! Is Brentsville jail really haunted? Either way I consider the night a success. I mean who wouldn't want to do a ghost hunt with real Ghostbusters!

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