Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Touchdown Time

It seems uncanny that in my most productive start to a football season I only have 1 touchdown. Even crazier, the touchdown I caught wasn't even from our quarterback, it had to come Randel El on a reverse pass. As well as Jason and I have done statistically this year, we have not connected for even one touchdown. Weird.

Over the past four seasons I have averaged a touchdown pass every 8.5 receptions, compared to 1 in 40 this year. At least I'm not on my own fantasy football team. Oh wait, I'm on JC's, so that doesn't add up. Also weird.

Now, by no means am I complaining, I'll take the scores any way this team can get them. I'll also celebrate the wins whether I even touch the ball or not, but I have to wonder why I can't find my way into the end zone.

First of all we have been kicking all kinds of field goals. Back to the fantasy world, Suisham is on my team, so I can't be too upset. While this team has done an outstanding job of getting the ball down the field, we have been average at finishing drives. That's something that will continue to get better as the season goes on. Also, the times we do get down inside the 10 Clinton has been running it in on first and second down.

Second thing to consider is I'm out of the game plan when we get in the red zone. Completely untrue. Our offense installs the red zone plan every Friday morning and week after week I walk out of the meeting thinking I'm gonna not only score, but maybe get two or three. The third thing is that while I've been consistent, I haven't had a play over 28 yards. If I had a Santana Moss spin move I would have for sure broke a big one, I might even have as good a touchdown dance as Tana up my sleeve, but I guess no one could really know?

So at this point nothing would surprise me in the red zone. I could score 8 touchdowns in the last 8 games and I guess I won't be surprised to only get one or two. One things for sure with Zorn, I'm going to catch a bunch more footballs, giving all kinds of opportunities to get in to the red zone.

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