Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ghosts Don't Exist

"A ghost hunter losing faith in what he believes is about to retire, but decides to take one last case when a potential client guarantees he'll provide the proof he's been looking for. Upon arriving to the home, the client announces that he himself will make good on the promise by contacting them from the beyond, then shoots himself in front of them."
On Thursday night we had an investor meeting for our movie, "Ghosts Don't Exist."I finally met the other Executive Producer, James P. Mercurio, who enlightened us on how this movie is going to be made and be successful. He really got me excited for what we are trying to do and the only thing we need now is great people who want to help make this thing happen. Director Eric Espejo and the rest of 19th and Wilson are great to work with and what we are trying to do for them is help this project grow. So if you are on this list please contact 19th and Wilson. If you would like to help with the project click here.

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