Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cuatro Siete

Ocho-Cinco? If I was going to take all the legal steps for a name change I would go with something way cooler than a Ocho-Cinco. I guess in my case it would be Cuatro-Siete, a little bit cooler but really kind of boring to put on the back of the jersey. Yea, it's different, but I think after the hype of change wears off Chad will regret not trying out a few different nick-names before the change. Although I don't know the legalities of multiple name change, maybe Ocho-Cinco could promote a new last name for every season. At least he would be selling a lot of Bengal's 85 jerseys.

I think that if I was in the process of a name change the first thing I would get rid of would be Chris. My first thought was to just exchange Touchdown in the first name slot, and then every time I catch a pass "Touchdown Cooley" would be announced. I also figured I could throw Cooley in the first name slot, which would allow me to incorporate many classy ideas into the last name position. Actually yes, Cooley is going to be my first name from now on. It would really make no difference in normal life since that's what everyone calls me anyway.
Now with Cooley as a first name I think a lot of fun options would open up for the last name position. Just running down a list I will go with every last name as one word.

- Cooley FishinginWyoming (I took this idea from TroutfishinginAmerica, an actual name).

- Cooley FedExFields
- Cooley CatchesRunsAndScores
- Cooley HatesDallas
- Cooley HatesPhilly
- Cooley CaptChaos

And, as you can see, I am open to just about anything. So any suggestions that you (the general public) has for me to play around with, let me know.

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