Tuesday, August 19, 2008

20 Questions - Nicknames

I know, I know, the 20 questions from everyone got a little bit neglected, but they haven't been forgotten. One of my responses was to the nicknames post. When I first looked at the question I could only figure a couple of the guys that had real nicknames, although after walking around the locker room pre-practice I was amazed at how many guys actually get called by a nickname. I realize that some of the nicknames are no brainers, but I wanted to give a pretty honest look at who gets called what. Of course I didn't list anyone who goes primarily by a first or last name. I also excluded any media or fan nicknames; yea believe it or not none of my teammates call me "Captain Chaos," and no one calls CP "Southeast Jerome." Really, that would just be some stupid shit.

- Ladell Betts – Buttsie
- Santana Moss – Tana Man
- Fred Davis – Boozie/Booze dog/Anything that you can incorporate with booze.
- Ethan Albright – Red Snapper
- Shawn Suisham – Shizam
- Khary Campbell – Moo-Stash/Mu-Stash/I can't figure the better way to spell it.- Shawn Springs – Blue Foot
- Fred Smoot – Fredlacio/Smoot is notorious for making up new nicknames for himself, this can change on a daily basis.
- Mike Sellers – Fat Boy/He has "Dat Boy" tattooed on his arm, but Fat Boys is way cooler.
- Marcus Washington – Mwatt
- Carlos Rogers – Los/Like I said, there would be some no brainers.
- Dometric Evans – Meat
- Ryan Boschetti – Greasy Meatball
- Warren Simmons – Rennie/The tight ends call him "Sweets."
- Colt Brennan – McGarrett/Dt. Jack McGarrett
- Derek Divine – Calves
- Stephon Heyer – Wookie/Chewey/Just making the Wookie call- Todd Yoder – RRRRRRNNNNNYoder/Roll your r's, add some n sound and then Yoder.
- Brian Kozlowski – K-O-Z Lowski/I know he is gone, but he is my friend and I love that nickname.
- Todd Collins – Rainman
- Chris Cooley – When I first came to the team everyone called me Archie. I don't even know why, but it started with the coaching staff. I actually think Joe Bugle didn't know my first name until last year. Cool-Dog is also an old standby.

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