Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back to Real Life

I have a wine festival, a Foreigner concert, and two Redskin OTA's under my belt and it feels like I just stepped off the plane from the greatest week I can remember. Pictures and one bad ass suntan are the last memories of the honeymoon. For a week of doing almost nothing but laying around it seemed to go by extremely fast.

Christy and I left the Lansdowne Resort the morning after the wedding at 6:00 to head out for the Bahamas. That was pretty early for a guy who had danced his ass off in a nothing more than a tuxedo vest only six hours earlier. To my surprise I was the one dragging her out of bed. On the way out the door I laughed, Lansdowne had given us the beautiful honeymoon suite and I had only made it from the door to the bed. It would have been nice to enjoy a relaxing morning, but by 8:00 a rough looking woman named Betty was showing us how to fasten seat-belts.

I know I might be popular in the football world, but to my surprise I was greeted as "The football player Chris Cooley?" upon our check in. We even had a "Madden" PlayStation discussion on the way to the room and I learned that if you're playing with the Washington Redskins then throw it to the triangle on third down. (The triangle is Chris Cooley) I mean, come on, everyone should know that though. Maybe Jim Zorn can take a vacay down to Atlantis and learn exactly how to throw to the triangle on third down.

We started every day in Starbucks. I stuck with the Vente Iced Americano and a blueberry muffin which is, in my mind, the best way to start off any morning. We wandered to the beach for a couple hours most mornings after coffee and lounged around. I even managed to finish off three books, the most reading I've done since college. By the time it got too hot we would head off for the best part of the Atlantis resort, the lazy river. I could have spent all day in that thing. I mean huge waves, water slides, rapids, and a beautiful bride on my tube was all I needed for the vacation.

We spent a little time in the casino. Lost at blackjack, won at roulette. If anyone wants any lucky advice, we played the same twelve numbers every time. 3,5,7,11,17,20,21,23,28,33,34 and then combined the 10-13. There is part of our life behind every one of the numbers and Christy and I spent about an hour deciding on the perfect ones. It might seem a little boring to keep the same bets, but in one stretch we won 8 times in a row.

Other than our projected 2 hour plane ride home turning into 6 the trip went perfectly. Christy's mom and dad picked us up and we were on our way home to open the presents. The most original was from Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. A cheese cutter so every time we "cut the cheese" we could think of him. Thanks Dan!

So I guess its back to real life and with training camp around the corner hopefully being a married man will help me be a better football player. It sure has been a fun and exciting couple of weeks and I couldn't be happier.

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Congrats again - the Atlantis is awesome. Good luck with OTAs

Being married improves all aspects of your life. I bet "the triangle" has a big year.

Hey Chris! Congratulations! My husband and I got married May 10 up in Frederick, and it seems like our reception was a lot like yours (lots of drinking and crazy partying). The only difference is we didn't leave for our honeymoon until Monday, so we continued the party into the bridal suite (imagine people shotgunning beers in a heart shaped hot tub). Good times. Being "back to real life" is nice, but I'd rather still be on the beach. Have fun finding places for all of those wedding gifts!

I got married in April and my fiance booked our honeymoon flight out at 6 AM the next morning too. I wanted to KILL him. We barely made the flight due to my party-induced morning sickness. Like your situation everything was well worth it. There's nothing like escaping everyday life-glad you enjoyed it. btw My best friend and bridesmaid Erin Pauling cheered with Christy and sends her congrats to you too!

I'm glad you had a good time! Sounds perfect to me!

Congrats again!

CC, sounds like the wedding was wonderful and the time away was refreshing. Best wishes again to you and your lovely bride! My experience in 27+ years of marriage (not long enough yet!) is that sharing your life with another is "twice the joy and half the sorrow". Glad to have you back, working to ready for a great season. I'll be looking for throws to the triangle on 3rd down all year. HTTR!

Coolbreeze...congrats on the wedding. I just came across this site monday and I have been cracking up from the get go. I have all my buddies at work reading it now too. Good luck with OTA's and mini camp. I sure as hell don't miss that part of football!

Big congrats on the wedding.

May the saddest day of your future be no worse, than the happiest day of your past!

Officiating my sister's wedding this weekend (Thanks online church). Maybe the "Rev" will do some shirtless dancing... Maybe not!

congrats man. I hope you explain some day what "method" you used to pick those numbers. Unfortunately I always lose playing roulette and win in blackjack. We can share our trade secrets haha. Anyway, who doesn't know about pressing triangle on 3rd down on madden anyway. Duh..

***Maybe Jim Zorn can take a vacay down to Atlantis and learn exactly how to throw to the triangle on third down.***

Dude, by far the FUNNIEST thing I've read in a long time. I'm in tears as I type this.... AWESOME.

Thanks for the candid insight into your world. Here's to CAPTAIN TRIANGLE! LOL Maybe you should hold up your index fingers and thumbs to form a triangle upon your first TD this year. BTW, you are the Y or the "yellow skittle" on XBOX360

Congrats man I wish you all the best. I hope you know about the xbox y button. You had 221 receptions this year for a grand total of 3123 yards. A 14.1 yard average. Your unstoppable. Congrats on setting every receiving record In my 2011 season. JC also had 7000 yards passing. Carry that over to The games.

Pass to green triangle. Testing...Testing...Testing...Testing... It WORKED!

Sounds like a great honeymoon. Can't believe you were up on roulies and down on blackjack.

Good luck in OTAs.

My husband and I got married at Lansdowne last year and we had the EXACT same experience with partying all night and then the 8am honeymoon flight. The room was amazing and my husband doesn't even remember it! Love the blog and the SKINS :)

God she is hot. How about posting some naked pics of your beautiful new wife

a dats good u got married and i hope it goes well so know when u killing the field(cowboys)dat in the stand will be your wife iight hope we have a good season i cheer u on through the good and bad-derrick-lorton VA

what did Dan Synder get you and your bride for a present?

Just found out about the blog.. Love it.. :)

Congrads on tying the knot! Best of luck with the OTA's and the up and coming season!
MSG Kevin Bittenbender

Now...this is pretty cool.
I do some blogging myself...but am nowhere as famous as Captain "K".

I have been married for six million years...as of yesterday...The best advice I can give you is; invest in a nice dog house. You may not need it all the time, but it sure is nice to have friends over when you've "been bad."

All the best and congrats.


Keep it up, us Aggies are proud of you!

Hey Chris my man. Congratulations on your recent wedding. My wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on the 22nd.

Just found out about the blog from the Redskins website story on you. Now in my favorites.

Look forward to more about you. I tell my wife and daughters all the time that, if they got me a skins jersey I want it to be #47.

Hail, my skins brother.

Billy Stewart

your X on my ps3 and i say 3rd down hell!! i use you every time that don't at least shift a safety to yor side on that game. and yor yards after the catch always get me a first down yor a tank!!! ever think of doing a ps3 skin of the pic of you on yor homepage? i would buy it. oh and could you ask Moss do me a favor, the next time you play the cowgirls? make Pacman Jones look bad. or you could just lay him out with a down field block for me.

Hey, congratulations! I found out about this through the Yahoo wedding post. You guys look really happy, and your wedding looks beautiful.

Wow Ryan S...just wow.

Cooley, are you actually a Jays fan?

Chris, I just want to say I am happy for you and Christy. You all didn't allow rules and regulations to keep you two apart. I also want to let you know that I had a chance to experience you and Christy out on a date. It was at Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant in Tysons Corner. It was 2006 After the Home loss to ATL on Dec 3. You were with Christy and I believe it looked like her mom but it could have been yours. I don't know. But I remember that day so vividly. You and I looked at each other, gave a head nod and went on with our meals. I knew that you wanted to share sometime with your loved ones while you ate. I wanted to respect your privacy. I am just glad I was able to witness the beginnings of the relationship you had with Christy. You are one of my favorite players. You never give up on a play. You go 100% every play. Keep doing what you do and one day you will be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Peace

Hi Chris,

I just want to congratulate you and your beautiful wife on your marriage and wish you a long, happy, healthy life together.
As a long time Redskin fan, I wish you and the entire Redskin organization continued success.

Joe DelVecchio

Congrats to you both! It looks like you & Christy had a beautiful wedding! The "triangle" is sure to have a great season this year as always!

Hail to the Redskins!

Welcome back to reality Cooley! Congrats again, I'm so glad your wedding and honeymoon turned out great. The Atlantis is awesome isn't it?! Hey, did you guys do the dolphin swim? Good times!

Cooooooooley you should blog on politics, esp since we are in Washington d.c. It would be great to hear what you think of McShame and Obama....might even bring a little more traffic for you. Who knows you may not even find it important to vote, but it would be interesting to hear an athletes thoughts on the process. Just a thought...congrats on the wedding

I wish you and Christy all the best. Thanks for letting us, the fans, see a little piece of your wedding.

I don't care how corny this sounds, but you are my favorite Skin, and yours is the only true jersey I own. The others are knock offs.

I too have a blog on here, if you ever get bored. I started it because I am in a wheelchair and am pretty much bed ridden, and I am trying to find all the positive things in my life. Everyone that has read it says it is neat. You probablly will never get that bored.

Well, #47 and wife,
Tracey Furr

Congrats on the wedding and the great honeymoon. I got hitched on May 25th and got my ass handed to me on the roulette table! Fortunately my younger brother went a Craps run of epic proportion for his first roll ever and kept the dice for 55 minutes...unbelievable.

Chris, congrats on the marriage to your beautiful wife christy.

Congrats on your wedding. I have been married for 9 years in april and my wedding day was the best day of my like until the kids came, then they took the top two spots. cant wait till the season starts. i'll be cheering from section 420 LOUD AND PROUD go #47 COOOOOOOOOOOLEY

What three books did you read?

i got married in december of 07 and its been so great all my friends ask how is the married life and i say great its better than i ever thought congrats chris and you are the best tight end the redskins have ever seen looking foward to seeing you play this year
best of luck

Chris I could not be more happy for you and your bride, may God bless you both. I have been a Skins fan since Sonny came to Washington and have seen most of the great ones and you are definitely one of the top 20 all timers. You remind me a lot of 'Kid Shaleen' in spirit and attitude. Have a great year, I'll be watching.

Just wanted to say... Congrats on the blessed event. Best wishes and happiness to you and MRS. COOLEY. I'll Always be rooting for you and the skins. hope you'll always be happy with the skins organization and i hope they take care of you. I'm looking forward to this year, I'll get to see you and the skins play the 49ers. Can't wait to make it back to D.C to watch another home game. You're my boy blue, Capt'n Chaos!!!

1 found out about your blog through the local paper. i couldn't wait to read it. because i have been a redskins fan since birth, i enjoy the inside information. it's fun! congrats to you and your new wife. you both look wonderful together. i'm sorry i couldn't have met you sooner, lol...best wishes on your new marriage and the upcoming football season. I can't wait to see you on the field!

Hey, Chris, great blog.

Congrats on the wedding. Best luck for a great season this year with the skins.

If you are ever out cruising for BBQ during the offseason or on a BYE week, you've got some ribs coming to you on us.


- Park Avenue Pork

I know it's a lil late, but congrats. You're my favorite player, since Monk and Greene, and I'm glad you found a regular girl to settle down with. I actually went to Atlantis for my vacation after my senior year in
'99, and it was amazing. Good luck and here's to a winning season (3-1 as of now). I know you're multi-talented on the O, but we need to go to you more for the big plays. You make s#*& happen! Knock on wood -'08 could be our year. I've only been sayin that since I was old enough to type...again, congrats. Lets bring the title back to DC for the best players and fans n the league.

I know it's a lil late, but congrats. You're my favorite player, and I'm glad you found a regular girl to settle down with. I actually went to Atlantis for my vacation after my senior year in
'99, and it was amazing. Good luck and here's to a winning season (3-1 as of now). I know you're multi-talented on the O, but we need to go to you more for the big plays. You make s#*& happen! Knock on wood -'08 could be our year. I've only been sayin that since I was old enough to type...again, congrats. Lets bring the title back to DC for the best players and fans n the league.

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