Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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hahaha...yoder is the man. I guess he's stoked nothing got in his mouth or anything.

Why am I not suprised all your clothes are crumpled up in a ball in your locker? Great site, It's nice as a fan to have a player and person like you that is so down to earth on the SKINS!!



Chris, why does it look like you have 50 towels in crumpled up in your locker?

dangit, Chris, it's very rare that I have to type the overused LOL phrase, but your freaking blog makes me LOL a LOT more than normal.


I had one of those before. It was kind of weird considering it was on my right butt check and I had to have my mom pop it for me.

Dude! That is just gross. Why did you need to put that up there? At least Todd was demonstrating only using props. Dude, no.

Man, I went to your homepage for the first time today and seems like the picture that you on the front page has your fly open. hahahaha. nice. keep that there.

Loved the video and your 20 questions. Hope you do more in the future. Can't wait until you have cool things in the store. Everyone at extremeskins loved it to. http://extremeskins.com/forums/showthread.php?t=243879

This blog rules. Any chance you'll grow out the honky fro again, and maybe grow a sweet 'stache? You'd look at least a little bit like Todd Christenson then, which would kind of suck but would also be kind of cool.

Thanks for being the kind of NFL player I wish all of you were. Rock on white chocolate!

ha! too funny. You should do like a day in the life of type of video so we can see the funnier side of you guys. That would be cool!!!!

Captain Chaos, you're the greatest!

Is Todd Yoder aware that he looks like a Virginia State Trooper? What does he really do in the off season? 'cause I think I've met him on Rt 7 before

Hahahhahahahhaha to the last comment

Seriously, dude, you should start making fun of yourself a little bit in this blog. It gets pretty boring when all you do is make yourself look like the freaking man all the time.

Thats pretty foul, bro. My best friend hooks up with undesirables occasionally. Long story short, he shows me a golf ball sized 'sore' on his groin full of puss. We're both fisherman by trade, so the inside joke on the VHF is, "You should have seen the size of that boil." With Chris being a fisherman himself, he should get it.

Excellent video !! However, there is a discrepancy in the story. Captain Chaos said that the pus splattered Yoder in the face and chin and it was only the core of the boil that missed Yoder's face. Todd says that the pus flew across the locker room and little might have hit him on the chin.

I am going with Captain Chaos on this one.

Zee is a douche, chris cooley makes himself look like the man on his blog for the simple fact that he is the man. I mean.....NFC pro bowl tight end and a fiance thats been on the cover of MAXIM? What the hell else could you want? That is the definition of being "The Man". You're and Idiot Zee.

While I agree that Mr. Cooley has official "Man" status, in order to get the added "The" to "Man" one has to pull of something so off the wall extraordinary. It has to be something only few can say they have ever done, like take down a grizzly bear with a knife, or go over the falls in a barrel.

Something so manly that only "The Man" can be affixated upon his title.

Once we see that giant afro in bronze and those short shorts in a glass case in Canton then maybe he can get "The" status for that. But it may be easier for him to just go to Florida, wrestle a gator and be done with it.

Kidding he is "The Man".

Seriously though, Captain did you ever feel like you should file a lawsuit against Will Ferral for copying your likeness in Semi-Pro? Fro- check, short shorts- check.

Well, my oatmeal isn't nearly as appetizing now..

Wow, Nolan, ever heard of sarcasm?

Yodes deserves to be zitted on because he bowls like a girl. That's right Redksin Fans. Todd Yoder is a terrible bowler and his wife has to carry him. Still can't beat the Hipps.


Zee, I agree with Nolan. Typing on a blog is not the place for ill stated sarcasm

Mr Cooley,

Huge fan here, and I'd love it if you checked out my rock and roll band Flakjacket, at www.flakjacket.info...

or myspace.com/flakjacketmusic

I predict you get 11 TDs this season. Rock on my friend.

Lastly, I was amazed when you didn't pick yourself on that Fantasy Football show...crazy. You've done well for me over the past few seasons. Thanks Chris!

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