Friday, April 11, 2008

Chris Cooley Workout Part 1

The Redskins off season weight lifting program begins in the middle of March. There are about twelve weeks of intense work spent with the team. Most players choose to spend the time with the Redskins strength and conditioning staff because they do a tremendous job preparing the training and workouts. Many player contracts are laced with an "off season workout bonus," which is also strong incentive to be there. Workouts are four days a week, everyday involves position specific drills and lifts for maximum improvement. Through the blog I'll try to provide a four part series of what I'm doing to get ready for this season.

A workout for me at Redskins Park usually lasts a little over two hours. We spend close to an hour on the field. Some days our work on the field is conditioning, and others (like in the video below) are working on speed and quickness. Typically, a little more than an hour is spent in the weight room.

  • Part 1: Speed and Quickness
  • Part 2: Lower Body Lifting
  • Part 3: Conditioning
  • Part 4: Upper Body Lifting

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This stuff is great! Keep it up!
You gonna be at the draft-day party at Fedex by chance? You could pimp the blog.

Very good stuff to expose to fans. Thanks for sharing. Get strong, quick and as fast as you can because by all accounts, you're gonna be busy in this offense. Good luck, and best wishes in advance for your upcoming nuptials. Best wishes always. HTTR!

So Chris, when do you run over the guys dressed in Cowboys uniforms to practice for the regular season? I gotta admit those are some of my favorite plays of yours.

This video is the essence of why so many of us are fans of Chris Cooley. He's not one of those flashy NFL stars with all the gold chains and diamonds. The only thing diamond-like is how freakin sharp those cuts are in the route running. I also want to add that while watching games on TV, I always kinda wonder how it is that Chris gets down field so quickly. But now its pretty clear that Chris Cooley is way faster than he looks. Even with a dude tethered to his back.

Personally, I wish you'd wear more gold chains. Also, I know it's early, but have you thought about your wig for the season? Mullet, Hawk, Fro?

Thanks for posting this Chris, and thanks for all of your hard work.

In a future post, I'd love to hear the differences between this offseason and year's past when Gibbs would all but demand full participation.

Also, who isn't around right now, I think that I heard that Daniels is working on his own, but I'm interested in who else is missing and if you think it's a big deal.


Thanks for the inside look. Do you and Jason Campbell work out together on routes, timing, etc during this time or is it mostly strength and conditioning?

I am interested in the facility being all the way out in Ashburn? Do you wish that it was closer to the city or does it not matter?

Nice video posts Mr. Cooley! Really appreciate the inside look to some of your off-season work. Give our thanks the the Strength and Conditioning staff for helping with the vids and commentary.

Awesome of you to keep this blog going! Look forward to parts 3 and 4.


You are the man. I hope to finally get to meet you this year. I am so glad we got you!

ES Member LoveDaSkins172645

How often do you train? and do you do all four workouts each time you train?

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