Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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Your dedication is an inspiration to all of us. And the deep orange sheen on your skin will look great with the home white jerseys.

Once are The.Man.

From Bikini Girl to Carrot Man!

"Thank you, carrots." Awesome. :)

WOW. I'm eating large amounts of baby carrots right now, because the bag just hit its "Best by:" date, and then I stumble onto this?


You look like a cross between a oompa loompa and snooki from the jersey shore.

Carrot man, I waited for an autograph but then I noticed that you were busy with Bikini time, please come over to the NON-VIP fans. HTRR!

LMAO I like the part where they were throwing carrots at your face while you were catching balls. You definately can tell you ate a few bags before the Buffalo game! You had some great catches!

looking good, I freaking love you!

Watching you guys play the Ravens & came across this video. Wow, your body rocks and I love the way you wear your shorts:) Oh and Im gonna start eating carrots!

funny how the beta-carotene doesn't affect your underarms.

A buddy and I were discussing your fantasy worth during the game and he replied with "Cooley can suck my coolie". I didn't appreciate that type of response so I just wanted to bring it to your attention. I can provide as much of his personal info that you may need. Just let me know.

I'll give you all the organic carrots in my garden if you sign my Cooley jersey.

You are and have been MY Redskin for quite some time now, although I must admit that I still have and always will keep my #21 jersey (may he RIP); however, your story reminds me of when I was pregnant with my now 19 yr. old son Jamie (also a Redskin fan with approx. 11 Jerseys in his closet (only never got my hands on a 47 before I became so ill and my attorney was thrown into prison for embezzlement, and a slew of other charges, meaning that I will spend the rest of my life in bed with pain even you guys probably could never emagine, after an accident at work and a rear-end collision only 5 weeks later, and no way of ever recovering what I have lost monetarily. But what's money, when you have to "give" your health for it? It's OK, he will receive what is coming to him! Yessss, you just caught a nice TD in the last 8 mins. of the game vs. those dreaded silver/blue team. In any case, yessss, another 2 pt. convert. Gee, can I ever get my story in. LOL Well, I ate raw carrotts as if they were going out of style while I was pregnant and when my son was born they [docs and nurses] thought that Jamie was either bi-racial or extremely jaundice. Heck, he was neither! Now guess what the ONLY vegetable is, which he ate from the time he was 6 months old :) Yup! Carrotts! And other than being nursed, he would not eat any other solids. Todate, carrotts are what he likes best LOL, of course, he doesn't nurse any longer, at least not with me involved (grin). Well Chris, we used to come to all of the home games from '98 to '01 (my boss, an attorney had season tickets). Unfortunately, I became disabled in '02 and haven't been able to leave the bed since. But I still watch every game on TV and wish you and your colleagues the very best for the next few games, as well as a wonderful, calm, happy and healthy Christmas Season and am looking forward to see you guys make it all the way in the 2012 season. May God Bless you and your loved ones and may he be with you everywhere you go. Sincerely, your Fan and Friend from Germany (in VA since 1993) Birgit and Jamie LeBlanc
P.S. 50 secs. left and we have the ball after the Cowboys just scored a FG. C'mon guys, just run it in for one more TD and I'll be as happy as can be... 20 secs left and my fingers are totally sweaty, aside from the pain I already have in them... Oh no, picked off!!! That "boy" jumped right in front of you... It's OK Chris, you are still my No. 1 ;)

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