Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Awesome! Glad to see the show turned out well after the first cancellation. You should have gotten the paintings scanned so people could buy replica prints on the online store, I totally would get the football field X's and O's piece (you could even donate a portion of that, too).

Those pots actually are not that bad even though i have insulted you many times in the past by offering 20 bucks for the entire collection. They actually look professional, Not bad Chris . I remember I had a art class in High school and made one Lopsided tube shaped pot/ashtray/mug which my Older brother crudely named the "Dick Pot" for obvious reasons.

The show was awesome - I'm so glad I got to buy before it was all snagged up. It was certainly a pleasure meeting your wife and mother as well. When is the next one?

Yeah, when's the next one?? You should do this every month or so....

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