Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TC: Injury Report

After a very long night and day for Chris that was filled with pain, doctor visits, and x-rays, the medical staff has decided the best option for Chris to have a speedy recovery is to place a few pins in his fractured ankle. This was information that I learned after receiving a call from Chris as he was leaving the doctor. Figuring that there were few other people that were privy to this information, I told Chris he should tweet the news. Before we hung up the phone, I was already getting texts from the local media asking me about the news coming from twitter. I thought, "Wow, that was quick." Oddly enough however, it wasn't Chris that put out the news, it was Adam Schefter! Bringing me to my main question: How do you get scooped on your own injury report?

All kidding aside, Chris is ready to get this thing taken care of. In his six years in the NFL he has never missed a game and has only missed two practices due to injury. A pretty impressive resume if you ask me. Injuries are shitty in general and this one, though it is minor, is no exception.

I will try and update the blog tomorrow informing you all of Chris's progress. Thanks to those who have already sent warm wishes and those who will do so in the future. It means the world to Chris to know he has the fan's support.

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Stay strong Chris, I know you'll make a swift recovery. You're a true Redskin bud, and I'm gonna miss seeing you give it your all out there on Sundays. Tell the team not to give up on this season, there are still lots of us out here that support you guys. Its always the negative voices that get the loudest, but know there are ten times that many who are just waiting for the team to believe in themselves again. Good luck with the recovery and stay positive!

Hands down one of the best football players in the NFL. He is one of the main reasons I am a die hard skins fan and will continue to be. Chris Cooley is not only the definition of a true Redskin, but also just a great dude in general. The way he interacts with the fans, supports the community, and contributes to important charities make him a great person. It is simple to see why his jersey is one of the best selling jersey's in the NFL. I know that all true football fans will be rooting for the best of health to Chris and a speedy recovery.

Have a safe and speedy recovery! Thank you for the amazing effort you display every game, and also for trying to provide humor to a team where lighter moments have been tough to come by this year. I will be looking for you healthy and ready to go in 2010---Miami Pro Bowl will be a lock next year for you Chris.

This is very good news and an answer to our prayers!

Go CC47!

Great news. I was at the game and did not see how he got hurt. When I saw it on ESPN I thought he could be out for the year, it looked that bad. We will miss him. It will be strange not hearing Coooooley from the fans. Good luck CC!

This is good news. Get better soon Chris!

It broke my heart to see you injured. Get well soon!

Hang in there Cooooooley. Glad to hear that it was not as bad as originally reported. Looking forward to seeing our best weapon back on the field soon. Wish you all of the best for a speedy recovery.

That hairdoo you did is what caused it its a jinx bro. until you get your hair back to the way it was your life will suck, SUCK I SAY. It will be like the madden curse but 10x worse. run away from it chris run away..... wait you cant cuz its ur hair... the hair curse strikes again.


I'm not a Skin's fan (Go Panthers), but I enjoy reading your blog and I follow you on twitter. I hope you have a speedy so all of us can see you back on the field soon.

Chris, I wish you the best recovery you can have and send my thoughts and prayers. My heart broke for you when you went down. You are the true definition of a player who is in it for the game and love of the game. I don't know if you ever hear this but I appreciate you and everything you do for the organization and life in general. No matter what happens or how long you are out (we do pray for a short recovery) you are still the heart of the skins and an amazing person. Don't overdo it when you come back and allow that ankle the time it needs to heal. We need you. Love from a die hard ride or die skins fan. Thank you again for everything you do for the organization and fans.

Get better Chris!! I am so glad I missed that play!

hey man shit happens all you can do is get better and look forward to next season come back bigger and better than ever get well soon bud

My heart broke when I saw you get hurt. Get well soon. DC's rooting for you and we need you!!!

Get well soon CC. The skins NEED you back on the field. Hail <3

ALL OF NFL NATION MISSES YOU, CHRIS! GET WELL SOON! (I'm a rabid Giants fan, but you're one of top five all-time faves...and your wife and bro are way cool, too. Love you guys!)

Check out Eric Karabell's latest ESPN fantasy football article, Chris. He links to your blog. (http://insider.espn.go.com/espn/blog/karabell/index?entryID=4598784&name=karabell_eric_football&action=login&appRedirect=http%3a%2f%2finsider.espn.go.com%2fespn%2fblog%2fkarabell%2findex%3fentryID%3d4598784%26name%3dkarabell_eric_football)

EVERYONE, PLEASE READ MY COMMENT ON LAST BLOG ENTRY ABOUT THEISMAN. What he said today about Chris on ESPN 1050 radio was unforgiveable! Send him and ESPN local radio management your opinion.




Hope you have a speedy recovery Chris. Hang in there. Get back so you can catch some TD's against Dallas!

and i bought a ticket for you to serve me a drink on the 6th

Cooley please don't rush back and risk further injury. C'mon getcha some rehab and come back full strength. Besides, it finally looks like Fred Davis can remember plays. Now if we can just get him to stop trying to hurdle every defender...

Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery!!! Take care.

Man... if it wasn't bad enough to watch some of these games.

Get well man. Going to miss watching you on Sundays.

Captain Chaos... you ARE the highlight every sunday for redskins faithful. Your absence will not go unnoticed. Sending you nothing but love and positive thoughts!!

Damn Cooley, get well soon dude! Everyone is saying season ending, I'm seein' reports it could be a couple weeks... man, I hope you just get well and come back stronger than ever for us.


You are my favorite Redskin! Broke my heart to see ya down. Don't listen to all the negativity everyone is saying. Skins are still the best. I have faith and confidence and believe in my team. Keep your head up and don't give up - the season isn't over. All your real fans are still here for yas and believe you can do it. I wish you a speedy recovery. Can't wait to see ya on the field again soon. Will miss ya until then.

Your #1 Fan!!

get better CC47. don't rush back dude.get healthy.

Get well soon. You're the most consistent part of our offense. We look forward to seeing you healthy, and not only catching passes but lighting some dudes up with your blocking.

Thank you Chris for giving it your all every Sunday and every practice. Your dedication even in dark times is a shining example to the rest of the team. Get well soon, you will be missed until your return!


Hey Cooley! I am glad to hear that the injury isn't as bad as they thought, but don't rush it. Allow your ankle to heal because we have many more years of yelling "COOOOOLEEEEEEY!" at games. Thank you for being a player we can count on for putting it all out on the field. Get better soon! You will be missed greatly!

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Chris--as hard as it will be for us to be missing you on the field I know it will be a thousand times worse for you to be watching from the sidelines. For now, your role has shifted and hopefully you can inspire the rest of the team to leave it all on the field as you have always done. Thoughts and prayers for your speedy recovery! HTTR! HTCC!!

Wishing you a speedy recovery Chris !!!
No need to rush the healing, take it slow so you can come back strong !!!!

this team and this city are nothing without you. heal quick but heal RIGHT! we need you back but we want you back healthy!! wishing you a speedy recovery!

all i can say is WOW chirs i am sooo elated to hear your injury isn't as bad as reported during & after the game. U are the ultimate "REDSKIN" i have been a fan since befroe the "GLORY YEARS" we had i watch everygsme (with a 4am wake up)

PLEASE PEASE tke all the time u need to heal we will miss u but better be 100% than try to come back & end up worse than before..You will be missed..My prayers r with u n recovery. Hail 2 U & the team

The one bright star in this miserable season is dimmed for a few weeks...for God's sake, teach Davis how to block while you are getting better!

Love me some Chris Cooley. Such a great player and all around good guy. Hope he is back soon!! Wishing him prayers and a speedy recovery!!!

Hey Chris,
Good luck with the surgery. I broke my fibula once playing rugby and had 6 pins and a plate - it wasn't much fun. So keep focused and optimistic and the rehab will go well. Recover soon and all the best from sunny Spain!

Chris, you're the only player I really follow besides anyone on my Bengals. Get healthy, rehab right, and get back on the field safely. Glad to know that it's not a season ending injury :)

Hey man, everyones happy to hear the injury isn't as bad. But take you're time, I know you guys are gonna try hard to win every game, but we need you more in the future then right now in this season, so take your time on recovery dude. Get well! You're the truth man!

come back quickly chris! youre our only hope! Besides wanting you to recover quickly and bless our team with great play....i need you for my fantasy team! I picked up sleepy davis!

Get well soon Chris!! It could have been alot worse, so happy its not.

Get well soon Chris!! Can't wait to get you back on the field..you services are requiredin Fantasy football bro.

Glad your surgery went well. You will be missed.
I would recommend taking full advantage of down time. Make sure to milk the injury and have everyone wait on you hand and foot (no pun intended).

Glad to hear its not too serious. I look forward to seeing you back on the field soon. Until then take it easy.

Good to hear CC will be back sooner rather than later. Makes me wonder about the dope who said he'd be out for the season though.

This story reminds me of an old NFL ESPN commercial where a player (I can't remember who) was watching ESPN at his home when he accidently fell down. He looked up at the TV and all of a sudden John Clayton came on and said the player was now listed as 'questionable' after an accident at home. LoL.

To Alien039, wow I'm impressed! If you can make yourself come across like a big dick on this blog site, you must be a HUGE dick ib real life!

Goodk luck with the surgery Chris and I am hopeful for your smooth recovery so we can see you back on the field. Take care

Get better Chris. My 5 year old wears your jersey proudly. I wear my cousin Dave Butz' number 65 proudly along side him.

Get better and tell your team mates we love them and the team despite the misery of this season.

Don't give up guys, keep fighting.

Chris - Best wishes for a fast a full recovery. You make Cache Valley Proud. God's speed my friend! Coach P

Chris you must be the toughest guy out there !

Great respect, we all thought that the your season were over! Great to hear that you be back!

Good luck with the speed recovery..

Sorry. Guess this is what happens when you become a blonde... ;-)

first i would like to state that in my opinion we have the best tight end in the game today and without captain chaos its really gonna be a battle. hurry back bro all of the real redskins fans (the ones who would never boo their beloved skins) wish you a speedy recovery.now on to something a bit weirder, i have a co-worker who grew up with you guys (Tanner and Chris) back in Utah and she is trying to get in touch with your mom but has no way of getting her info. Anyway she knows that i frequent the site and gave me the ok to post her info out her in cyber space with hopes that one of you will get this and email her your moms info. so here is her email address patience.gaydos@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.

The old Hogs of legend did it with one thing and one thing alone a dominant and bullying Offensive line. No matter who was under center or in the backfield butz,may,jacoby,grimm,warren,bostic and starke would always make sure that running holes weren't flooded and that passing lanes would "REMAIN" open. get some studs on the O-line and im sure we will see better results. aside from stabilty and as always HTTR!

you're my boy blue...we need you!

@diehard: Totally agree, though Dave Butz was on the D line. We could use him on the O line today nevertheless!

Get well soon, Chris. I have had pins too as a result of breaking/dislocating my ankle in 1994. I hope you heal completely and continue a great year. In the meantime, good luck working with Fred Davis. I think this is going to be good for him and the team, and it gives you a chance to contribute in another way. Take care.

nicolas Couldn't o said it any better we all still believe in you

Best wishes Chris, Youre a beast out there. Get healthy and tear shit up next year

chris i really hope u get well soon, we'd suck if u got placed on IR, and please chris please, get ur ankle better and get rid of that blonde hair, it looks terrible...funny but terrible

Some friends and I were sitting in a bar watching the game and when you went down Chris, we all started shouting. Get well soon man. Take the time needed to make a full recovery and come back with a vengeance.

At least there is an upside, nobody can talk crap this season about you posting things on here and "not focusing on football," lol. Seriously though, we will miss seeing you on the field. Best wishes.

Please get better soon Chris! You are our only hope.

On a side note I think it is hilarious Snyder banned having banners in the stadium. Whats next?

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Hey Chris,
Everyone on the eastern shore of Maryland is rooting for you!! You are the BEST tight end in the NFL and I hope you have a safe and speedy recovery!!

My thoughts and prayers are with you! Please get well soon the team and Fans need you! We love you and want the best for you! HTTR... No more yellow hair LOL....

God Bless you! :)
Your #1 fan in NC

Chris...please don't take offense that I dropped you from my fantasy team. It was a tough decision to hit that submit button...but it had to be done...I hope you get well soon...i'm going to miss you.


These things happen to even the best. Don't let it drive you insane by not being able to play a couple of games. I know that you want more than anything to be out there helping the Redskins to get this thing turned around. Now you can have your wife run around the house to get you things and have a legit excuse to do it. Get healthy soon and look forward to seeing you back on the field this year.

Steve from Richmond

Praying for ya Chris, hope you have a fast and complete recovery.
Hail to the Skins baby! Die hard fan of you and the team win or lose!
God Bless!

Chris, we all love you and hope ypu have a quick and succesfull recovery. Can't wait to see you back in the Burgandy and Gold and back on the field.

Hey Chris!Man this sucks! I live in NJ and have been a long time Redskins fan. 30yrs, I'm 37.Not since the days of Art Monk have I been a fan of ONE guy. till now. Well, not now, but since you have donned the burgundy and gold.
Arggghhhh, alright so as a team, we're not playing well right now. It hurts.
To watch you go down Monday night, is down right DEPRESSING! I love watching you play and your antics are incredible! I spent the entire following tuesday in a sense of mourning.
I'm looking forward to supporting both you and your brother's cause through CC47. Good Luck dudes! Very reassuring to see Coach Z get involved. Hope people can recognize that much. Your vids are a great tool , giving us fans a chance to see that your down to earth and live on the otherside of the spectrum.
I wish you well brother, get well and get back soon! Be smart though. You have a long career ahead of yourself. Heal up and we'll see ya soon.
PS. I see the PS3, if you have Madden, which I'm sure you would, befriend me and let's play ball! My name is ONESHOT.182 God Speed!

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