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True Skin Fans support the team no matter what! Go Skins!

All that needs to be said!!! NO MATTER WHAT!!
AS Cline says, "Stand by your man." In our cases, "our Men, Our Team!!!!"

Cooley, you far as the other 50+ guys, I am not so sure.

Very true Bryan you are the truest fan of all, eff you Bryan . HTTR!!!!

I don't know about anybody else, but it looks like you guys didn't even care last game. You looked defeated emotionally and it's a little worrying to see the team like that so early in the season. Keep your head up, guys. It's a long season.

HTTR- one snap and clear.

Next week, I'll be yelling at the TV for the Redskins!

Im a big fan I beleive your the best tight end in the game. I been a skins fan for 28 years and never been as ashamed as I was sunday. If you guys want to win play james madison university. I am hoping this isnt another lousy season now I know how raiders fans feel.

i've been a skins fan my entire life. yesterday was embarrassing and heartbreaking and blah blah blah. no matter what, i'm a skins fan for life. you guys just keep at it. add a little more heart, a little more rough-and-tumble defense, and a little more aggressiveness and you'll get it. you have way to much talent on that team to fail. and let zorn know that there are definitely still skins fans out there that want to see him stay and succeed in washington. hail to the redskins!

I will go through the rigamarole a first time blogger does (like it really has any credibility). I have been a Redskin fan for 37 year, as if that makes me an expert LOL.
Reading some of the fan comments on different sites. It seems like they don't want to point the finger at anybody. I hope you don't mind,but I will. First the media in D.C. I would say for the past 10 years or so, they seem to try their best to put a negative spin on everything. I think it is because your in D.C. (the political interview approach) The last few years it has been getting worse. Now, they interview a player and then when they interview Couch Zorn. They say that a player said this "___" about the team. Of course Zorn try's to bypass the question and says something nice. I watched the interview and they didn't say nothing of the kind. I just want to slap them for asking such a stupid question and lying about it. I think the media is your worst enemy right now.
Now to talk about my (non) expert, very (non) credibility opinion. I have watched the first three games and I don't see it the way the media does. Take the last game with the Lions. Sure the team came out flat in the first half. But, what ever was said at half time. You all came out in the second half and played some good football. If you don't believe me, take a look at the first half stats to the second half stats. The Offence came out and scored 2 TD and the Defense held them to 1 TD and "what" under 120 yards. That's very good. I just wish the team would say "screw the media" (the real fans are behind the team). I do know every player on every team screws up an assignment every week. So, the team can dwell on the negatives of missed assignments or what ever negative spin they want to put on it. Or, they can look at the positive side of the game. How you came out in the second half (let us be honest, the Redskins controlled both sides of the ball).

Right now, the Redskins are 1-2 "So What" I guess that means if they loss 3 more games. They will end the season at 11-5.

Build on the positives and screw the negativity from the media.

This was the most painful thing to see my favorite team endure in a long, long time. And I have been a fan for 30+ yrs. As mad as I am today,tomorrow,the day after,the day after that,the day after that, and the day after that, I will still be swillin' my beer that next day and yelling at the t.v. like y'all can hear me, cheering y'all on!!!! I know this one stung but fuck it....

P.S. tell the other 8 to 10 guys on d-fense to play like L. Fletcher. (with heart and passion...with a bit of pissiness)

I'm as die hard as the next fan and I will love the Skins till I am gone from this earth, but bad calls need to be called out. Game was lost in the first quarter. Not kicking the field goal on the first drive and not letting them kick the field goal on their following drive. Game was over, and the Skins showed it emotionally. But hey! Long season still. We can still go 14-2.

Boo, F'n Boo. The Cowgurls got Booed at halftime...I guarantee they dont bitch and bellyache tomorrow...

CC, please go play somewhere else and have a great career. Theres no sense in wasting your talent with this organization, get out while you can...

michael strahan said you guys gave up on the the fox halftime show, Rodney harrisonon sunday night football says jason campbell is nothing more than a back up qb in this league. Normaly i dont listen to the so called experts but when two former pro bowl maybe even hall of fame players say these kind of things you have to listen.

Listen to whatever you want. This team is 1-2 not 1-15. If they get to the latter, I will re-think this statement.

I love how everyone blames campbell and zorn. Sure theres some questionable calls..but if they are successful no one questions them. Look at belichik going for it on 4th and 1 on their own 29. They made it...if they didnt all the analysts and media would be saying "belichik showing a rare questionable call on 4th and 1". That was zorn playing to win and making a gamble, didnt work because the running game was nonexistent the first half... Is it Campbells fault that portis ran for -3 yards in the first half? Is it Zorns? Dan Snyders (maybe, for spending millions on defense instead of fixing the O line)? Is it Zorn and Campbells fault the defense let a rookie quarterback drive 99 yards for a touchdown?

You know what, Im ok with another year (2010) of Zorn and fact id prefer it. I'm dont want to start from scratch again, campbell has been making progress...he got me 42 points in fantasy this week! If Snyder fires zorn and lets campbell go..guess what...we get a new rookie qb (picked by cerrato and snyder) and a new head coach (think Cowher will want to work under a meddling owner? shanahan hasnt done anything since elway retired, gruden won a superbowl with dungys team, and mike holmgren won consistently in the worse division in football).

I'm good with these least after a third year we can really see what its all about (took favre 3 years to really flourish in the offense, same with hasslebeck) and what do we waste? a rebuilding year with yet ANOTHER head coach? I dont want to be like the Raiders any more and have a revolving door as a head coach... all consistently winning teams have consistency in the head coach. I hope Snyder takes a lesson from that and forgets about the quick fix (which has NEVER worked in the past for him) and lets these guys develop.

and hey...skins ARE undefeated at home... HTTR!

I think OldSkinsFan put it nicely. All we have to do is play a complete game and we will able to dominate. TB will be a good test to see if we can do that. Hail!

It was a tough loss, and nothing that a little work cannot fix, but I got so frustrated that I may have cried a little It's just so upsetting that I all my yelling at the TV did nothing more then make my dog pee on the carpet and give my wife a headache. GO SKINS!

OK ENOUGH BULLSHIT. You are not a bad fan if you are pissed about this!!!! In fact you are a better fan because it shows that you care about this team too much to accept losing to the LIONS. We need to stop drinking the damn Kool Aide. This needs to change, and as fans we need to do our part by hurting Dan in the wallet because that is the only way he will change how things are done. After 10 YEARS it is clearly not working. Unfortunately I will support this team no matter what, I just can't bring my self to become a stupid Ravens fan even though it would be more enjoyable. I know that at some point in my life the Redskins will return to glory but they don't look anywhere close right now and it hurts because I love this team so much.

Michael Strahan needs to shut his mouth with his nasty teeth! They didn't give up...but I hope this ship gets turned around quick! I truly believe we can!
Good interview Chris...your definitely one of our team leaders both on the field and off!

It is what it is. The talent is there, this team just needs a spark. Hopefully it will be next week.

We are 1-2, so are the Steelers. Let's go light up the Bucs and take it from there. Anyone who played football knows that you can lose ugly to a lesser team. Carry it past the game and into the next week will be your downfall. As fans we need to do the same.

Heartbeaker Chris. But as a true skins fan, as are a good majority of the people on this site, we support you and the team 100%. Shake it off, and get focused on the rest of the season. Goodluck guys! HAIL!

The people that make comments like "a true fan supports the team even in bad times" sounds like the people that make sports leagues with no scores so that a fragile little ego doesn't get hurt. Personally, I've been a fan for 21 years. I'll always be a fan, no matter how badly the team is doing (late '90s anyone?), but I have every right to be upset about the way things are going right now.

Now it may not be so bad in DC, but down here in Texas when the skins lose I have to dodge all the Cowboys fans and their looks. When we lose to a team like the Lions I have to call in sick to work all week. That's how bad this is.

I traveled to Detroit with my family and endured the mockery of a few thousand Lions fans on the way out. At least I showed up. The Redskins did not.

The Lions hit harder, worked harder, were more focused, better prepared and took nothing for granted.

The Redskins play like overpaid pseudo-stars who expect others to tee up opportunities for them to shine instead of creating opportunities for the team. There is a weird passivity to the Redskins, as if everybody is waiting for somebody else to lead and make it happen. What the hell is that?

1) From henceforth you fools better never claim to be the “best fans in the league”.
2) Jason Campbell played well; get off of his ass; armchair quarterbacking from some nerd (or fat-ass) that spends his day playing Madden 10 all day is annoying.
3) This is the NFL (for you jokers that don’t understand, the statement means: highly talented professionals who know what they’re doing – and so do their competition).
4) Get a life, and stop crying like you’ve lost your job (if you actually have one) after the team loses.
5) Get a life.

-Kyle Meade, Oklahoma City, OK

I hate the Cowboys

i'm a life-long skins fan, and always will be...but it gets OLD always having to make excuses. i don't understand why we can't win games (convincingly) with the "talent" that we have.

i'm getting sick of all this "true fan" stuff too. just because i LOVE the skins doesn't mean i have to keep my head in the sand when things aren't working.

p.s. i completely disagree with at least most of how zorn saw the game (in the post-game interview). to me, he sounds clueless. maybe that's part of the problem. i must have been watching a different game.

People here sound like crappy fans. Stand behind your team, no matter what. Even Browns and Bengal fans endure the tough years, and the Browns pack their stadium every week.
Go skins.HTTR!
Prove these fair weather fans wrong.

Heya Guys... I have been like a Redskin fan since like 80 years and I just want to say I cheer and smile at you when you sign me autographs, but if you lose a game... that's it.. I won't be a fan no more! It's obvious the Redskins are the only paid players to play in the NFL! I am a smarticle fan and I like to complain a lot. You Chris are lucky to have me here! I can tell you and your team all you need to know about how to win! Again be a winner guys and I am with you all the way... Go Redskins.

The above is all I hear... that and Bla Bla... Bla.. Bla.. Bla. Why would Chris even bother reading all your cry baby crap! Maybe you deserve better... how about Jim Fossil as coach with Jeff George as QB!! You know Jeff said he still wants to play.

We are 1-2 with 14 games to play. I say GO Skins and turn things around! If not.. guess what.. I will still be a proud fan of the Redskins either way.

Tough Tough Loss. Got a long season to go, and hey, last year we started off red hot, and lost it at the end so you never know what this season could bring (not counting on that to happen, but hoping). I have one primary concern with this team right now. After an offseason of trying to replace Campbell, who like anyone else has his downfalls but is all-in-all a solid qb, it seems to me that there's still a discomfort between campbell and zorn. In the 2 minute offense, where i feel Campbell has a lot less of zorn in his ear, Campbell looks like an all-pro. But in the regular set-offense, he looks stiff, and doesn't look like he feels like he can play his own game, more like zorn's game. If Zorn would just take off his leash on Campbell, i think this offense might explode. We have the tools on offense (other than the OL), we have the players who care (CP, Moss, Cooley, Sellers), these guys want to win, they want to win for themselves, but they really want to win for us. I just feel like Zorn is the one holding us back. Keep on truckin Captain.

Kyle L. Meade

You seem to be very upset by the comments on here so im going to assume you are a player or connected to a player in some way. Nothing that has been said on this blog is any different than what the media as well as EX NFL players are saying about this team. Just like a actor or a entertainer of any kind when you bomb the Paying customer is going to let you know about it.You can cry ,kick and scream but nothing you or any redskin player says is going to change the fact this team is playing like a bottom 5 team. In a market like D.C. a bottom 5 team is not acceptable my advice to chris or robert henson or any other player who cant deal with the boo birds would be to demand a trade to a more laid back market maybe like jacksonville. Dont bite the hand that feeds you

4 things this team needs to exhibit that I haven't seen yet:


none of this "talent" or "flash" or "money" or getting this guy or that guy more involved. this team needs swagger, go out there and knock some people out. play angry, play furious, play like you've got a pair of balls.

Chris Cooley,
Can you relay this information to Jason PLEASE?

Tell him to take his starting O-line out for dinner and have a real man to man talk about the game and what is needed to be done. This is a f'n team sport, not a corporation where you don't care about your other co-workers. Please SPARK SOME CAMARADERIE. PLEASE!

Na, not related to anyone in the NFL (that I know of), nor friends with any; I'm just not a jerk. I find it interesting that you think someone with a different opinion than your own is automatically a "player of friend of one".

Here's how I see football: it's a GAME and I won't be crying myself to sleep Sunday night if the skins' lose. I'll then wake up and go to work on Monday morning without having to take a sick day.

Give these guys a break, man. Sure, they get paid well for what they do, but that doesn't make them your indentured servants (there are CEOs on Wall Street and politicians on the hill pissing away our money (tax dollars) every day and I don’t see you out there protesting their high pay). Worse things can happen that would upset me, like if one our players were to have been badly injured during the game, or if Republican’s were to take back Congress.

Mr. Meade,

Your t-shirt is in the mail, thanks for echoing the sentiments of 2% of our fan base.

Yours Truly,

Zorn, Campbell, and the boys

"It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you play the game!" I'm sure St. Louis and Detroit would welcome you with open arms Meade.

Kyle "L" must stand for "loser" because clearly you have no competitive nature Mr. Meade. Uno, Monopoly, and maybe even Tiddlywinks could count as "a GAME" however football is a sport for men and competition, sweat, and bloodshed are what it's all about. You truly are a douche.

Hilarious. When your comebacks are 'douche' and 'loser', you've already lost the debate.

Cooooooooooooooley. I love saying that shit. Smoooooooooooot. That's cool too.

HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!! Quick question for anyone who wants to answer it. I have been playing Fantasy for years now, and I have always gone by the code that I would NEVER draft or pick up a Dallas Cowgirl. I really liked Choices smell the other night although I hate the team. I am third in waivers so I am going to try and pick up Glen Coffee, but if he gets snagged Choice is my next best option. I think he will be useless in two weeks, but should I go agaisnt my moral code and try to pick him up ? I need some advice from my life coach!!! By the way all you haters talking smack about the skins should eat a big fat D@CK!!!!

First and foremost I am a Redskins fan through thick and thin....I will always be a fan even if they do finish 1-15.....However If I am displeased with the product I am seeing on the field then it is my right to complain and even boo....I spend thousands of dollars yearly for games, parking, outings, clothing, etc. on the Redskins and much like when I go to dinner at a resturant or by something from Best Buy if I am not happy with the product then I complain as well I see no difference.

I think some of these athletes need to refocus on there true priority and that is making the fans happy....with out us you would have no job....think about it no one watched arena football and now it doesnt exsist with no fan base you wont matter how fast or talented you are. You guys just dont notice how bad the fans base is truly getting becuase we still have sell outs....But people are selling there tickets like mad on the web....In the 80s and early 90's you could get no oen to sell you a skins ticket now I can buy a luxury box on EBAY if I have the money....people are keeping there tickets purley for tradition not because they are interested in the team.....the next phase of that will be what you saw in Detroit 40,000 fans in a 90,000 person stadium....then will it be time to paniac???? Or will this franchise continue along this unsuccesful path even further?

So remember you are only here because of are here for our entertainment and for us to be apart of something larger than ourselves....without us you got nothing. So the next time you wanna fan bash you might wanna look at that royalty check from your jersey sales and remember why you got it in the first place.

Why didn’t we get Dirty Sanchez?! We wined him, dined him, 69’ed him, and then we didn’t trade up and draft him. Not only is he unbelievable as a quarterback, he will win the super bowl with the Jets this year!..

proffireman0118 u said it man! ive never been so embarrased to wear my jersey the other day!! when i leaving the bar!! you guys looked horrible!! and dont get pissed off at us or the media for the critism you are getting!! you are getting all that critism for a reason..and its because you are not performing to the standard potential of the washington redskins. we always had a winnning tradtion and 18 years without something to brag about its not right...
you have lost soo many fans! and you going to keep losing fans if u dont change it around! Cooley you are my fav player but man this team sucks!


I heard your interview with Elliot from DC101. It got to me when you were saying about how there's only so much you as an individual can do. Football is a TEAM sport, everyone needs to work hard. There's no doubt in my mind that you are working hard, Jason's working hard, etc.
But I feel, as a fan, that this team is lacking the passion that myself and my father grew up watching. Why? Well I think only the team can answer that question. I cannot speak for the team, I only watch them play.
Now, I am a fan and always will bleed burgundy and gold. Am I mad that we lost to the Lions? Yes! Am I going to jump ship and go root for another team? No. Am I afraid to admit my favorite team isn't so hot right now? No.

Just my two cents. HTTR!

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