Sunday, September 27, 2009

Picks of the Week 3

Sorry we missed out on the picks last week. We had a large crowd in town for the game and really we just slackers. Anyway, we are still looking for someone to pick 100 percent so we can send out some mini helmets. We will take any and all picks for this week as long as they are in by half time of the Redskins game. (

Also, we have a very special guest in our pick em challenge. Ryan Zimmerman joins us for the fun. Hopefully we can get him on board as a regular.

Good luck and thanks for sending your picks!

And don't forget to tune into NFL RedZone on DISH Network this Sunday to see us play the Lions. You'll get all the action from the game in HD

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Yall suck! there is not team morale on the Skins..Us fans demand changes ASAP..Playing call sucks! Fire Blanche, Zorn, Campbell and Rogers...Hell fire the damn owner Snyder spending all this money and still cant get a championship team together..They need to go NOW!

Last week I was defriended on Facebook by Tanner because he'd posted a photo of a car which read: "Redskin Girls Do It Better". I replied after the game that at least they can score. Cute huh? And I got de-friended for that??? Seems to be pretty thin-skinned individuals playing on this taem or surrounds this team. Maybe that is a better nickname for the team.

As Joe asked above, "Can we Boo now?"

I hate to act like a half-skins fan, but can you answer this question in your next post? what went wrong during the game...I think our defense could not make stops and once again our offense could not convert. BUT, good game Campbell, almost won it for us. How much pressure is Zorn and Campbell under. I am looking for answers, it seems as if Jason is the only one that wants to play, against the Rams, 2 dropped td's. Come one, he is playing like he wants to stay here and everyone else is not...please make me think i am wrong. I will stay a fan through good and bad...
~Persian Baller

I love when people accuse fans of not being a fan because they criticize the team. Are you the same ones who still said George W. Bush was doing a great job 3 years after invading Iraq???

Congrats Chris!!! You and your over paid buddys just became the answer to a sports trivia question. Cant wait to open up a can of BOO next week.

OKAY OKAY OKAY.... getting rid of JC its not the answer... getting rid of Vinny serote (vinny cerrato) and Greg blache IS the answer... and Zorn too... bring the other West coast offense next year (aka mike shannahan) ITS THAT FUCKING SIMPLE OKAY...

Wow. That loss was inexcusable. Chris, I guess that letter you put up in the locker room did absolutely nothing.

How can Jim Zorn not be fired this week after this debacle? It must happen.

good done with the skins until snyder is gone.


I didn't come on here to bash or blame the Skins for the Lost today. But as a fan, this is embarrassing to you guys, to us fans, and to Washington DC. I think people now thinks of D.C. like Cleveland...this city can't just can't win. Other teams don't take us serious anymore and we stay predicted as the 4th best team in the NFC East. I feel their is no hope anymore. With this lost to the Lions, I feel people are going to want Zorn and Campbell to go even more now and personally, I think Snyder is they worst owner in the league. He doesn't give you guys a chance to build chemistry and when you lose to a team like this, thats when he starts firing the whole team just to do it all over again! Chris I feel for you and the other players and I can only wish that this is going to be our last lost of the season as a fan. At the same time I think someone on this team needs to be a leader who can stand out and support this team mentally and physically. Until then, I think this negativity in D.C. is going to be here for awhile.

Stay positive Chris, and as a hardcore Skins fan: Hail to the Skins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am disgusted at the so called "fans" that continue to sh*t all over the Redskins. The team didn't play great today, with the exception of JC and Moss, but that is life. Any given Sunday it can end up like this. Detroit wasn't going to lose forever, they played good, we didn't play good enough. You fake ass fans talking about "opening a can of boos" are really not wanted at FedEx, so stay home! I am and always will be a fan regardless. I have my thoughts on how things should be changed on the team, but I am a FAN. Take your hatred/sh*t talk elsewhere for real, go buy yourself a Lions jersey. You guys should be ashamed to talk about a team you supposedly "love". We as fans are here to support our team, not run them into the ground. So HAIL TO THE REDSKINS and don't worry about your REAL fans, we aren't going anywhere!

Chris, If looking terrible while beating the Rams is like owning a Van Gogh, what's your optimistic simile for the Lions game? How about: "Losing to the (at the time) worst team in the NFL is like getting turned down for a date by Khloe Kardashian - even though the neanderthal said, 'no', at least you had the guts to ask her."

I'm kidding. I kid because I love.
I saw you limping during the game, I hope it's nothing serious and you're ready for Tampa Bay next week. Good luck!

I have been a Redskin fan my whole life and I can deal with tough losses. But what I have a hard time dealing with is watching a team that does not seem to even care when they get beat by an inferior team. Watching the players on the field laughing and cutting up with the Lions on the way to the locker room was depressing. I sit on the couch and feel like I got kicked in the sack and you guys are walking around as if its just another game. We need to get some players that hate to loose as much as the fans hate it.

Did anyone else realize we had the 0-19 announcers as well as the 0-19 replay booth for this telecast. Come on I bet there were only 10 replays all game. Mabye they were just being nice to us Redskin fans by not showing the plays again.

Chris, for your sake, you need to get out of dodge. Or else you could be Tony Gonzalez when he played for the Chiefs. A great player playing for a terrible team.

Chris you should spend more time on football and less on art

hey, walkoff2, the redskins have just about as much talent as anybody in the league, that is a fact. what i don't know is why we don't use that to our advantage

Hey everyone on the NFL got there because they are good and above average not because they won some kind of contest. As far as I see it the Lions had to loose to someone. It was a shame that it was to us but they played they're hearts out there and they deserve the win.

Come Sunday I am going to the Tampa Bay game and the skins can expect me to have their backs 100%. If you feel the need to boo then please do not call yourself a skins fan because you're not. There is no room for people like you in OUR team. Stay home your tickets to true fans.

I have full faith that my team will make an awesome comeback! Hail to the redskins!!!

It is not the players... they played a great game. JC threw for 340 yards, Moss had a huge game, had some nice pass blocking... It seems everytime the skins get close the 20, Zorn's nuts tighten up. Grow a pair coach or you are out! Good game Chris.

Guys im as mad as everyone else with this loss. But its not the players that should be blaimed. Coaching all the way, you have to kick the field goals and take the points when you can...that changes the whole 4th quarter if we had 3 more points. Also for those of you that think that Zorn is gone, it aint gonna happen. They would have to replace the qb coach, head coach, and the offense cordinator...just aint gonna happen. I think Zorn is a good coach but we need an offensive cordinator to play call!!

Hey chris can i get a mini helmet for sitting through the punishment of watching one of the worst teams in league history beat you. I deserve it no?

campbell should call all the plays, not just two minute drill

i think that one problem we have is that on 4th down, EVERYBODY knows that we will run it with Clinton Portis, qb sneak it or pa boot, we need to think calls more through. the reason we did not get a td on the first drive is b/c on 4th down, the whole defense knew portis was getting the ball, play action...easy 6

Booing the redskins and talking about how much they suck is not going to help the team get better guys. I mean shit if you booed me and i was on the team i would be like "fuck this and these asshole fans Im going to bed."

But if there was something that scared me is that when I saw deangelo hall say "i haven't seen that much film but we know there good" right now your probably thinking what im thinking.... THE FUCK?!?!?? One more thing idk what happened but be honest just because the crowd was not large did you guys fall asleep i saw a defense just fucking around you guys finally woke up after the 2nd half and actually were like "hey guys i think we should start trying we may lose this one." As for Albert I give props for the guy i honestly think he is the only one trying on that defense to tell you the truth. one man cant do it alone.

The offense did okay but the defense did garbage like in all honestly complete trash I think Virginia techs D is better right now. What the redskins should do is just go no media for this whole week and focus on Tampa bay which seems like a trap game atm. we got 13 more games to go and were 1-2 just chill out guys and stop bashing on them it dosnt help one bit.

Good luck next week cooley.

I love the skins but you guys blow d for a living

Ok Ive been blaming campbell for a while and I still say he holds the ball to long and he always looks worried. he plays hesitant, like he is on a short leash. Oh yeah, peace Zorn.

lol @ the excuses week to week. Week 1 "it was the giants," week 2 "we still won the game" what's next? Lets face it the skins blow and it all starts at the top, which trickles down into players waiting till the clock hits 00 to collect their fat paychecks and laugh straight to the bank.

Tony Dungy made a great point tonight. The Skins just keep assembling big name talent and there is no chemistry. We have all these "pro-bowlers" but the team is not gelling and hasn't in a long time.

And for anyone to say that Detroit had to win against someone eventually, please STFU. That is the dumbest arguement I've ever heard. The Lions are a terrible team and there is no way the Skins should have lost that game. I'm sorry. Its unacceptable.

Chris, less blogging and more focus on football, seriously. I know you're trying to help out tanner and give him opportunities and what not, but you are a f ing proffessional, so start acting like one. Enough with the internet bs because it's not fair to all the skins faithful who cheer for you and love you and support you and the team every week. It saddens us to see the team struggle like this and not put forth the needed effort. Whether you know or not it affects the fans and the city.

Mike do you really feel that cooleys blogging is the reason they lost? Cooley was open for 2 touchdowns that i saw. I didnt see cooley fumble the ball and i didnt see him giving up. Cooley never got looked at the whole game and he continued to play his heart out. If he was only looking to collect his check then why didnt he check out more ofton. Nice blocking this game Chris, it takes a team player to block on a weak side!

A. Dave, you couldn't of said it any better. I think it was Dan Patrick who said Snyder treats it like a fantasy league.

WOW ... Chris I promise not all of us fans have gave up, It's WEEK 3 people, it's surely not time to panic yet. When shotty was our coach we started out 0-5 and a big play against the panthers and we won 5 straight. Im not saying im happy about the loss but talk of bad coaching and bad players is crazy. The Detroit Lions were probably the hungriest team in all of football. Cincinati beat Pittsburgh to put them 1-2, how come nobody is talking about fireing Mike Tomlin or Mr Rooney. Patience people, patience.

Again.....Dan Snyder NEEDS TO GO! Chris, what do you think needs to happen? For the past few years I had a whole bunch of excuses to why the Skins didn't do good this or that year, and I know its still early in the season but if it keeps looking like this then I don't know what to say this time. As a fan, I really,really,really,really miss Sean Taylor and Greg Williams on defense. I don't think we've blitzed since LaVar Aarington was with us playing. Chris don't be mad by us bloggers this time. We're fans and you and me both know how tomorrow in D.C. is going to be! I really think the offense will do better if the other coach (Dan Snyder) will let Jason Campbell call the plays.

P.S. I'm pissed off about what Rodney Harrison said about Jason. He called him a second string QB who was forced to start and they all laughed about the Skins...we have no respect in the NFL!

Chris will never acknowledge these questions. But, he might post a video of him and Rabach acting like kids in the locker room. Don't get me wrong, I like what you do on the field Cooley, you're one of the players who performs up to par each and every week, however; as part of being a pro you have to be politically correct because you do not want to hurt your chances of getting more money. So Cooley would never say anything negative about the team other than we'll keep trying. I wish we had a Tim Tebow on the team, who could provide something in the locker room as well as on the field. Oh yea I don't know anything about the locker room do I, Cooleys? I know enough to know the Redskins are a failure.

chris u guys absolutely broke my heart today. i was born and raised in dc and bleed burgundy and gold. disappointed and embarassed is a huge understatement of how we(skins fans) feel. honeslty you and santana and jc had a pretty good game but no one else showed up. its like the team doesnt care and is not motivated to win. what do we need to do to pump u guys up? i thought our defense was pretty solid coming into this game. needless to say i feel differently after we let a rookie qb pick us apart. what is wrong with our team? we have not given up, its only week 3 but we're getting a little desperate. someone needs to light a fire under someone's ass because these results are not cutting it. i think you guys should hold each other accountable as teammates. maybe that will get some results? i know we obviously cant win every game but theres no doubt in anyone;s mind that the skins have far more talent than that detroit team, but we have no heart.


What a train wreck. I really hope people stop going to the games. The skins put out a shitty product.

You guys need to chill out bigtime. By no way does Chris running this blog have anything to do with his onfield performance. He does this for us the fans. Not so we have a place to VENT about a bad game. Tough times are ahead of us that's for sure. And the fans aren't making it any better by booing the crap out of the team whether they deserve it or not. If I played for the Redskins I'd be pissed off at the local community for not getting behind them.

Keep up the good work Tanner and Chris.

Free autographed memoribilia can be sent to me if you would like.mwuahahaha

I still love you guys.

And chris I saw you limping on the field, I hope you are ok for next Fantasy team is on a bye next yeah...get well soon buddy.

Come on. Admit it. The NFL is fixed, isn't it? LOL!


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I think what sickens me the must is all so called skins fans making these horrible posts... I thought is was bad enough when we booed our own team in our stadium..have we turned into philly fans?? I love how most of the posts address the problems you guys have with dan and the coaching, why dont you guys find a web site for them aka-washington redskins site, and leave this hate. I cant understand how you people week to week come here and bash Cooley when I have never seen him play with no heart! Yes its frustrating, but its not the end of the world, and if it seems like it to you, you should re-examine your life. As for me, I will continue to support the team I love and help cheer them on to victory next week...

Bring back Gibbs as Team President. He is the only guy who could control Snyder and Cerrato.

Is anyone else wearing a paper bag to the game next week? FAIL TO THE REDSKINS

Ay for the people saying why we are blogging about this...r u serious!? We see it for how it is...listen to dc radio this morning, everybody in dc is talking and saying the same thing we're saying on here! No one is bashing Cooley at all! People on here need to stop acting like this isn't a problem. Yes, this only the 3rth game in the season. But its the LIONS! DETROIT LIONS! NO IS TAKING US SERIOUS IN THE LEAGUE RIGHT NOW! WHAT PART OF THIS FRUSTRATION DON'T SOME OF YOU FANS GET!?

I love the Redskins, always have always will, yesterday was disappointing yes, but I love the team maybe even more now. These are the losses that separate real fans from the rest, You can say all you want about how bad we've "sucked" for awhile, but nothing makes me happier than watching the Burgundy and Gold running around on Sunday. Thank you Chris and Tanner for making real fans feel even closer to the team through your blog, Hail to the Redskins - Forever.

I almost forgot,what can us fans do too voice our opinions? It seems to don't matter anyways. For example, we wanted Greg Williams as head coach when Gibbs left again, the players wanted Greg as well but no big Snyder doesn't listen to anyone but himself! He trys to be Jerry Jones and he needs to stop ASAP! In my opinion, no one on here is bashing Cooley or the team because now it looks like the offense can get the ball up and down the field but we can't score 6 points so its obvious everyone is mad at the play calling of Jim Zorn and if we have another disappointing season then everyone will point their fingures at Dan Snyder and Vinny! Again, at the beginning of the season I had the Skins going 11-5 and I still do, we've only lost 2 games and as of right now we are 1-0 at home so lets keep it positive and go out and when the next one. Plus my only concern from yesterday and what I have been posting is that if we keep playing like this to team we are clearly better than, then yes we won't go ll-5 or better and like Carlos Rogers said "We're the team we thought we were".

Offense is getting better each game we just have to score now.

Defense, Greg, please blitz more it will help. Keep Orakpo as DE bcuz it seems he is more productive when he plays that position (ex. he gotta sack!)

The best line i heard yesterday was "We are who we thought we were!!!"

Thanks to whoever texted that to comcast sports net

Does anybody on the Redskins study game film besides London Fletcher? How about you invite your teammates over to study game film? You guys think you have such great talent and you can win by showing up. Everyone in the NFL has talent. You obviously don't want Campbell to be back next year. You would think you guys could be unselfish and try your best for Jason Campbell. All your talk about "we think Jason is great" is horseshit. Jason Campbell will be sure to kick your ass when he is a Carolina Panther next year.

I'm sure you and your brother sit around the house in your Ed Hardy shirts and Tanner's white docksiders fist bumping while watching Entourage. Can't wait to see you on Sunday, I will be one of many fans with a paper bag on my head.

How come every time you post the Ram hunting video you lose to a team that has lost at least 10 straight games? Dan Snyder has assembled a worthless team of great players. Campbell is terrible. He can't adjust at the line for shit. Zorn would be better back there.

Chris, lifetime Redskins fan here. I'm not sure I can express the pain and heartbreak I feel. You are the best player on this team. Every game you play with all your heart. I just don't see that in the rest of this team. PLease man, we're all dyin here. Help us out and get it going. I'm sure I speak for the rest of the fans when I say we're tired, worn out, disappointed, dejected, wrecked, humiliated(again), sick of Dallas and Giants fans' abuse. Please man. Please.

honestly, i'm mad. i'm mad that the team i've followed for more than 30 years is this lacklustre collection of sad sack uninterested people. i'm mad that i love the skins so much i'm not gonna boo this team. i'm mad cause i want so much to have pride based on more than just memories when i talk about the redskins everyday, which i do. i'm mad because i am tired of being taken for granted by an owner who is playing fantasy football, albeit with his own money, but ruining the high point of my sporting year. i'm mad because i have to wait until something like this or worse (1-15) happens for him to take his head out. i'm mad cause i'll probably spend next Sunday falling into a foul mood watching some lousy play calling and lackadasical play from a team i love.... dang

A REAL FAN never gives up on their team. Good luck next week! We will be cheering for you guys!!!!

We have yet to hit ground zero. The good news is were close. We are going to suffer through this season and then blow up the roster. Just like the Falcons and Dolphins successfully did. The uncapped 2010 is a blessing. We can wipe out the mistakes and get a new identity in the house. Smash mouth shit talking knock out football. That old school RFK hogs, fun bunch, capital defense richie pettibone style of football. This is of course contingent on Charlie Casserly coming back and Cowher joining the staff.
Good luck with the rest of the season broseph. It's gonna be a long one.

Chris, could you guys SHOW us how good you are, instead of just TELLING us? Dim wits only know what they see...


I hope you get a chance to read this, because I am sure you and your teamates need some real encouragement instead of all the reactionary bullshit that litters your blog from your readers. Take solace in knowing that the same half-baked, meaningless, and ultra-negative babble commented on this particular entry, was written by the same people who praised you when you won the Carolina game in overtime or when you scored three touchdowns against the Boys. (Remember how mad Keyshawn was? LOL)

Remember that you are the same group of guys that have had success together as well as failure. You can not do anything about what has already transpired, you can only go out and change for the better or execute what you already know you are capable of doing. Remember that it is only 3 games in a 16 game season. You beat your divisional opponents and we can take this division!

We already know that you fellas are not going to lie down and take a beating, you are going to stand up and fight... it is in your character. We will always be fans here in DC, and guess what... we will make more fans too! Remember that all of this anger is just people taking their own life problems and turning them around on you. The loss just intensifies their reactionary anger. I wonder if the fans are still angry about the Seahawks playoff loss... hell they wouldn't know the score if there was no internet.

I am having some trouble with performance at my work too (when i have had a lot of success in the past). I find it helps me to have a very short memory about yesterday and focus on a new way of being successful if the old one may not be working. After all, the definition of insanity is: doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. I know what i am capable of and so do you.... just go out there and play some football. It is what you love to do and what you do well. If all else fails, blame it on the economy.

Know your history, but don't allow it to affect your future actions. Bucs this Sunday... It's payback for the bullshit Alstott TD call a while back. Let's get it on! (not like "get it on" I mean like play football. No homo.

Chris Lee (for all the haters)

It's not like this underachieving began this year. "Real Fans" don't give up on their team, trust me you can be pissed, frustrated, hurt, mad, and still care about your team. It's not giving up on your team to get frustrated with mediocrity. The emotion and the pain shows that you still love your team. I'm tired of the state of denial that seems to permeate through the press conferences and updates we read every week. Truth is, the Redskins haven't been the team we've been promised, and we have hoped for. Campbell might not be the problem but he sure as hell doesn't appear to be the solution. I hate to beat a dead horse but Zorn looks like a deer in the headlights everytime he has to make a tough play call. The defense needs to put some damn pressure on a quarterback, especially a rookie quarterback. Chris, I'll still cheer you guys on every Sunday, but I can't help but feel let down with the results we've been given lately. If that makes me less of a fan in some people's eyes who gives a rat's ass. I'll be a fan till I die, it doesn't mean I have to agree with everything going on within the organization.

Chris, Tanner, and EVERYONE else,

I woke up today, the sky hadn't fallen. Hell has not frozen over. (Or least from what I can tell, didn't look like Jerry Jones was too cold) Pigs are not flying. But we did still lose to the Lions. It happens, there are 256 losses each year. I would have to say emotional value, this might be top 10 for the year. But here's the silver lining, we are STILL merely two games back, with 5 divisional games to play. If we play the next 13 games like we played our last 2, we will be talking about the difference between Sam Bradford and Eric Berry. But I seriously don't think that is going to happen. We approached the Lions game with a "don't lose" mentality. That has never and will never be a recipe for success. But this loss has done one thing, hopefully:

It has made every player on this team look at himself and ask 'What can I do better?'

It has made every coach go back and watch even MORE film and correct play-calling that can be improved.

It has leveled fans expectations, and I believe this is a good thing. Every year we should HOPE for division titles, super bowls and things like that. Until we get there, I don't want to have my heart broken at 1-2 after three weeks. I am proud to say that Chris Cooley is a member of the Redskins, I am proud to say that Jim Zorn is my coach. I have spent hours watching and following this team. I have spent thousands of dollars on merchandise, tickets and other fan needs. I know that everyone wants/needs us to win 16 straight games every regular season, but I don't. Give me hope, hope that in week 17 we will have the opportunity to play our way into the playoffs. Give me hope that we are getting better not worse. I am excited to see you guys in person against the eagles on Monday night. I am even more excited to travel down to dallas to see you guys in the new stadium. But all I ask of you, knowing that you owe me, as a person, nothing, is to just give me, and the millions of fans hope. That's all we want. I appreciate the work you put in Chris, and please tell the other 52 guys in the locker room that they still have just as many passionate fans as they have always had! Good luck against the Bucs!!


Tommy Gibson

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Hey Chris. I love you man. You're one of my favorite Redskins. I'm sorry though that I feel the need to add my two cents on the state of the Redskins. As a fan,I almost feel that it would be bad for team morale for me to say anything negative about the team,directly to you. I feel like I should instead be providing you encouragement. Of course I still support you personally. Anyway,it's not like you haven't already heard enough criticism from fans so it's nothing new to you.

I don't have any problems with you personally. You as an individual player have been great for the Redskins. It's just the whole team in general sucks. There are so many problems all around of which I'm not going to go into detail about here. I like individuals on the team including you and it pains me to see those like you suffer through the malaise of this dysfunctional franchise. I would hate to see the Redskins lose you and see you go to another team,but at the same time,I feel you deserve better.

It's just that I honestly don't see anything good going at all for the Redskins right now in any area and no hope at all. Everything is a mess. There are good players on the team,but they're in a bad situation and their talent is going to waste such as with you for example. I'm not going to name any names on the Redskins. I don't think it would be right of me to call out any of your teammates, directly to you.

I just think the Redskins as a team in general and talent wise has been overrated and over hyped. I also think there is a serious problem all around with the coach(es) and the play calling. The players aren't always being utilized to the best of their abilities. I know Gibbs had some problems in his comeback to the game,but boy do I miss him.

I also think there is a deeper problem with this team with regards to the ownership and management. The very reason wny this team has problems with their personnel on the field in terms of talent and the coaching, IS BECAUSE OF THAT. Those smaller issues are all symptoms and a product of that larger issue. The Redskins franchise is suffering and has been run into the ground over the years because of two incompetent men who are running this thing,Snyder and Cerrato.

Those guys are the ones who took a once proud franchise and destroyed it. I don't have a problem with naming their names here. It has been a recurring pattern over the years and people may say the Redskins can clean house and bring in some new guys next year to help the Redskins, but the reality is that the vicious cycle will continue. As long as those two guys remain with the Redskins, the same mistakes will likely continue to occur. Snyder is one of the worst owners in team sports.

There isn't any one single person alone who is to blame for the pathetic state of the Redskins right now as their problems are just so widespread and deep, but it is those two guys who are ultimately the ones who need to go.

The deluded Redskin fans refuse to see that. Of course there will be the sycophant Skin fans who will trot out their ad hominem attacks in making claims that you're not a true fan if you say these things about the Redskins. NO! A real fan would criticize his/her team and objectively look at what the problems are and demand those changes instead of going into denial.

The fans who angrily complain and demand those changes and the fans who boo are the real fans because they actually care enough to apply the pressure for those demands. That is the mark of a real fan. The pseudo-fans will just hide their head in the sand and continue to take it in the ass. The fans are the customers after all. That's just the same as how it is in the politics and government. God forbid someone actually criticize the worshiped American government. If they dare to do so they get accused of being anti-American. They should just instead remain asleep and be be good little docile sheep in being blindly loyal to their "team".

Anyway, the Redskins have major problems. This was nothing personal towards you Chris. I just felt the need to use your blog to have this interaction with you and to voice my concerns and vent.

changing subjects here,I would like to add that I was proud of the way you guys played back in 2007 after the passing of Sean Taylor. That was inspirational the way you guys played for him. He was a great Redskin. It was sad what happened there,but the way you guys came together and stood strong was one of the proud moments of this team I'll never forget. Thank you for that.

Well, good luck this Sun. against the Bucs. It sure would be nice to hear Cooooley again. Hopefully it gets better for you guys.

It's official. Dan Snyder has taken a shit on the legacy of the Washington Redskins.

But I'm at peace. Then again, I'm one of the lucky ones who lived (and partied!) through the glory years, four Super Bowls in 11 years. That's what will always keep me a fan. Lord knows what you 20somethings have to hang onto.

In the meantime, it's time to shake out my Art Monk jersey. Always in style.

Josh - wonderful post. Well said.

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