Tuesday, September 8, 2009

October 20th Art Show

Finally, I have gotten enough balls to show my stuff and have combined that with the right people to put together a Chris Cooley art show. Over the last six months I have been spending a lot of my spare time to painting, drawing and throwing pots. The collection in my house is now over 15 finished paintings and somewhere between two and three hundred clay pots. I also have about 25 different sketches I will put out. I have now become Serious Sam about this project, I mean, I'm talking about my own hard wired kiln in the back of my house serious.To backtrack about a couple things - this spring I spent a couple weeks visiting schools speaking on behalf of education. I discussed with high school kids the importance of an education and what it has meant in my life. I then donated 5,000 dollars to eight different schools as well as eight 25,000 dollar scholarships to seniors attending those schools. This is a project that I really enjoyed and would love to continue in the future, but it takes a large amount of money. Thus the art show.

Now, I don't want art to jump out as something completely off the wall so I will briefly explain. I could have put together a golf tournament or luncheon, but how unoriginal would that be? And damn if I want to do something lame for charity, so I figured art would be awesome. I was an art major in college and I thought doing something I love and am interested would be so much more real for the public.

Every single dollar raised from selling my art will be donated to back to the Redskins Charitable Foundation, subsequently going into my education fund and scholarships to underprivileged kids. The event will be Oct. 20th which is a Tuesday night. We will begin to sell tickets on my site as well as the Redskins site sometime this week at 100 dollars a ticket. The night will include hanging out with my friends at the Ritz in Tysons Corner, eating and drinking all night for free and hopefully taking home some of my art. We will also have an auction run by the players for autographed items. This really means a lot to me so please help out.

Also, I would really like to thank the Ritz Carlton. They have been unbelievably accommodating and completely cut the charge of the room. The only cost is an 8,000 dollar charge for food and drink. (Again, if you buy the 100 dollar ticket it's open bar.) If any business would like to partner with us on this and sponsor some or all of this cost we would really appreciate it. Please contact us through our email. (cooleyfans@gmail.com)

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VERY nice! As the mom of 4 very talented artists (ceramics, painting, photography and music), I SALUTE YOU!

Thank you for promoting appreciation for the creative side of life.


Love it!! A man with many skills (and a big heart) HTTR!! :)

pretty nifty there cooley....good luck with the Art show dude.....digging the fact you are being a charitable dude....keep rockin on....HTTR

Fantastic! So nice of you to donate to local kids. Best of luck with your art. You're a man of many talents....

I'm an art student, can we donate pieces too?


Two things

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2) I was hoping we could use your ‘scribing’ talent for our website.

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The new adventures of old Christine is one of our featured shows. We’re hoping to round up a few people who can occasionally contribute perspective (via an article/blog) on the shows – maybe a recent episode, future direction, plot shortcomings etc.

What’s in it for you?
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I'm a huge fan and I love this side of you. It's great how you show your creative side and give something back to the community! Keep on rockin' Cooley!

You should put some pictures up of your drawings and paintings.

What is the dress code? Tux? Suit and tie?

That's great Chris!
Now, go smack Vinny for cutting Daniel! I knew the best QB that the skins have come across in years would get cut. See him as the starter in New Orleans next year. Stoopid Redskins. DAMN!

It's hard to be a skins fan with Danny boy at the helm. What morons.

whats up chris just wanted to say hope u have a great season and i really thank we got a great team this year i have been a skins fan ever since i could walk im 30 now been awhile right anyway keep it real and holla back at me my son would love that and tell jason to do work this year and one more thing tell sellers he really does have a bigg ass head lol later stomp the giants

hey really like the i hate dallas shirt i can see me with one since my wife likes those losers it be awesome to put on right after yall do work on those sucka cowboys yeah i know got that from chris paul lol later coooooooooley

from one potter to another--glad to see you creating! Sounds like a great project you are working on. Wish you luck with the art show.

Will it be possible to purchase the art pieces for those unable to attend the art function?

As a current Austin, TX resident (and life long 'Skins fan), I obviously won't be able to make the function, but would happily pay top dollar for a piece of art Crafted by Cooley.

Awesome I'll post this on my pottery blog and help get the word out about your good work!!

man great game u had i know you rather win man i this one has to go to campbell man if he would have steped up in the pocket he would've had time to get rid of it the o-line did great defense only allowed 1 td team did pretty good the play calling sucked should have passed alot more it was working really good u and randle el did work all day campbell lost this game with a little help from the play caller anyway yall will get them next time

I have always been a fan of yours but had no idea you were an artist! From one artist to another I think you are amazing. I know how hard it is to part with a piece of work. Seems like a lot of heart has gone in to your pieces, to part with all of them and then donate the funds to charity is truly amazing. Keep making!!

-Mindy Hirt


I'm an art teacher and huge Redskin fan. I read an article in the Washingtonian where I first learned of your love for art. This is so fun for me to share with my students...thanks!

You should try listing your work here. Might be amazed at how well it will sell. I'm working on doing a site for my wife's work.

Well don't know if you really have the chance to read this ...but if so...here goes!

Your art & your contribution to education...goes hand in hand! We're all creatin somethin...you have so many talents that my clients work toward...football,art, livin life...but the difference is that you have a network to work it thru!

I wanna bring my clients with disabilities to your show...I'm workin on it...tryin to raise the money to get them there...there are 4 who love your football...who love your art...they would be so inspired to see it in action...so we plan on comin Nov. 30 and I'm gonna buy a pot that you made or a sketch...and I'm gonna remember that it came from a guy who people look up to...but who's like me and everyone else...a guy who has support from the team, from the community, from his family....I'm gonna bring em to your show...and show em what a network can do! And hopefully my clients will understand what it takes to make art...dedication, commitment, support, acceptance, and a network to move it through. I'm gonna show em life and how it works ...through you and your art!

Go get em Cooley...what you're doin is what life is all about...it's about not only livin it...but sharin it!

Gooooo SkiNs! We applaud your efforts for education...cause we all got somethin to learn!

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