Friday, September 11, 2009

The Curse and Picks of Week 1

I will start by addressing the fact that the power of the Madden curse is amazing. That thing has been a serious stand-by for predicting either a terrible season or a major injury . Madden must shell out crazy money after the career crushing effect it has on players year after year for guys on the cover. After watching the game last night, Polamalu is lucky he is a freak ant that his body can contort in such ways after that lineman, I mean Alge Crumpler fell on him. Almost any normal person would have been looking at all kinds of knee tears. I also wish the best for Fitzgerald!

More importantly, picks of the week are back and strong this season. I feel like last year I was the foremost expert on the subject, as I should be, so I will continue this season to include my picks as a post every Friday. There will also be a couple twists added to the picks of the week:

  1. Todd Yoder, Tanner, and my cousin Ryan will be weekly panelists.
  2. A different player or prominent member of the football media (probably from the Redskins, but hopefully the occasional movie star/singer/radio host.) So anyone super famous reading, just email us your phone number and we will go ahead and give you a call and add your picks.
  3. My wife will be the final panelist. What's funny about this is that she will probably win the whole thing.
We also want to include the fans. So please send your picks to in the exact order the games are listed below and anyone picking 100% wins an autographed mini helmet. Pittsburgh is a freebie this week, but we need your other picks to be sent in noon on Sunday.

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so 12 noon west coast time will work to? just asking bec i live in socal:)

I want a mini autographed helmet period.

COOLEY?......hey man as a fan I just wanted to wish you guys the best this year. Its great being the little man, watching from afar and witnessing the stories of the season. I hope you guys can make some history this year. HTTR...


That is real nice of you to offer autographed helmets for the winner. I will be going to the Tampa/Dallas game to root for the Bucs, then to the house for some good ol' Redskins football.



do you want them to be emailed in the order of the above schedule, or the order that you guys picked them?

chris you are the man!!! What other player (let alone pro bowler) would have a blog like this and pretty much include the fans in almost everything you do?I picked you last night in my fantasy draft in round 4 (i took clinton 8th overall) but anyway you are the man and thanks from the biggest skins fan in pennsylvania maybe the entire world!

This is great, just emailed my picks! Thanks for including the fans, you're the best.

I'm so confused, where's the pick list for week #2

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