Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Put your money where your mouth is

When you put something out there on twitter and facebook and get over 100 fan photos in under an hour, it shows that the fans care. To thank you, we are going to give away Chris's game worn Eagles jersey from 12/21/2008 contest in which the Redskins pulled off the sweep of the Eagles in 2008 along with plenty of other game worn and autographed items.

So here are the rules:

To become eligible for the jersey:

You must send a photo of yourself wearing an article of clothing that you bought in our store. Either here or here. That is your entry fee.

We will pick the finalists based on creativity and location of where the photo is taken on Wednesday, September 23. That is three weeks away which should give you plenty of time to order a shirt and take a photo if you don't already have one.

For those of you who sent in photos early not knowing the full details, you are automatically in the running for 1 of 10 other autographed or game worn items (gloves, cleats, photos, etc.). If you don't have the money for the new products but already have Cooley gear, send us a photo ( You will be entered to win the other items.

The rules here are that you must be wearing anything Cooley. It can be store bought or handcrafted. The finalists for these 10 items will be chosen the same way they are for the jersey, creativity and location of where the photo is taken.

Once the finalists are picked, we will let the fans and readers vote for the winners for one week. At the end of the week we will mail out the prizes. Thanks and good luck!

Email all submissions to

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Can we call it an instant win if I streak across the field Thursday in Jacksonville, with only a CC baby tee on?

I would vote 'no' on that one...since you're a dude...but that's just me.

I sent a pic of my 2yo daughter on the crapper in a 47 jersey. I like my odds.

Hey Chris I dont have a pic but i want to tell you what happened to me at target last sunday.First let me tell you Im a father of 4 living in eastern PA so im swarmed with eagles and giants fans.Ok I was in target late sunday morning,I had my wife and kids with me.I spotted a guy wearing a blue #92 Michael Strahan jersey,and I remember thinking how weird is that the 2 teams playing in week 1 are being represented in this store.As we got closer to this guy he was uncontrollably staring at me,doing double takes,triple takes before just straight up staring at me.My wife and oldest son whose 12 are ahead of my daughter (9) son (7) and baby son (8 months) when this guy walks by and says hey you guys SUCK and starts laughing!!!! Now this wasnt a quiet mellow laugh he said it like he was ready to fight!!I was pretty shocked and quickly laughed back and said you guys will be 0-1!! So Chris please come through against these New York losers for all of Redskins nation.Also I went to high school with Shawn O'Hara and he wasnt the nicest guy in the world either!!I know this wont win me the contest but I wanted to let you know how classless giant,eagle and most cowboy fans are even outside the stadium!! Kinda like Randy Moss I guess!!!Well good luck man you are a tremendous tight end and a great overall player!!

Chris, I am a mother of someone you know, I recently read about your mother and breast cancer, I too, have fought that hard fight and I wish your mother a cancer free life.

I just wanted to drop by your website and say hello. I wanted to tell you that it meant a lot that you were able to score today. I met you back at your signing at PSgamegear during the summer. My youngest son has been in the hospital and he was born three months premature. He is still @georgetown, but I can tell you that it was great to see you guys play and even though today was a loss, it helped to be able to think about something else for a little while. Thanks again and best of luck to you and the rest of the team.

BTW, my oldest son loves to say your name. I recently bought one of your Cooley shirts and he is only a little less than two, but he says your name every time he sees a redskins shirt, hat, or jersey. He just goes crazy and say COOOOWEY,COOOOWEY (We are working on his L sounds). Take it easy and Hail to the Redskins!

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