Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tanner Cooley: WJFK to 1067 The Fan

In the past year Chris and I have been involved in tons of crazy things that we may not have done prior to starting the blog. One of the first things we ventured into was our movie, Ghosts Don't Exist. After weeks of trying to get Elliot to talk about the movie with little success, our director, Eric Espejo, got us on the Big O and Dukes show. My first thought was "Who the hell are Big O and Dukes?" In that moment I was introduced to one of the best shows on the radio. So it is bittersweet for me to see them go after the station announced yesterday they were changing formats from all talk to all sports.

It is bitter for me that two shows that gave me countless hours of entertainment while I studied for my MCATs are no longer on the air. Both these shows were more than generous to me, and they taught me a lot about radio so I am very sad to hear them go and wish them all the best.

However, the change from WJFK to 106.7 the Fan is also sweet. Because now that I have a radio show (The Sports Hub), I feel like it may have a better shot of taking off in the all sports format. What better way to spend some spare time between now and medical school than talking about something I love, sports.

With that said, after yesterday's announcement I had a chance to get Chad and LaVar's thoughts on the change. First I listened to Dukes explaining the flip on JustinTV. Though Chad is torn because he will no longer be on with long time co-host the Big O, he said this opportunity was too good to pass up.

I always thought that Oscar and I would get that show (afternoon drive) but radio has changed. Just like Kodak, they can develop pictures great but now days everything is digital. People can get the scores and hear who won the game anywhere and anytime they want. People want to hear from guys with strong opinions. Me and LaVar both have that. If they (CBS) wanted an uptight golf shirt guy they wouldn't have brought in ol' Chub Dukes.
Chad also mentioned that he and LaVar have done some test shows and he feels that LaVar is great on the air. This is something that LaVar confirmed when we talked.
They (CBS) weren't just going to go live without us ever working together. I know I have a lot to say. After doing some practice shows without callers and just talking back and forth I think we have something pretty cool here.
Chad and I both have strong opinions but they didn't keep him to be my punching bag nor will I be his. My opinions won't be biased towards one team or another even though I hold the Redskins close to my heart. What people may not know is that I was born and raised a Steelers fan.
One of the main things that LaVar stressed was that he truly is a fan, and he has plenty to say. Many have wondered how Chad and LaVar will work together. So I asked and he laughed and told me,
I have worked with guys with different personalities in the past. I mean I worked with Chris Cooley (laughs). So I think that Chad and I will be great together.
The Junkies think the same. On their show this morning here is what they had to say,
This is a legendary talk station making an enormous move to sports. I think LaVar and Chad are going to be a dynamic show. One thing I will say about LaVar, some guys just have that "it" factor, he just has charisma. He wants to talk about more than football. LaVar is fired up to do the show. He is a renaissance man. I can't wait to have him on during the Redskin's season. He said he's not holding back. Wait til the first Chad and LaVar fight. I have no doubt that Chad will get LaVar fired up.
This station is not going to be filtered by an owner. It is going to be live and local all day. And there is one reason that we are going to be called the Fan, we embrace the callers and all the shows are going to be caller driven. Change is coming but it is going to be a good change. They (CBS) aren't going to half ass it.
If you are wondering what the rest of the day on The Fan will look like, here you go. Besides the shows, The Fan will broadcast Maryland, Wizards, and NFL games (including the Super Bowl). They are still working on getting a deal that would allow them to do Caps games as well.

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Tanner and Colt on BYOB Fridays were timeless. And the first BYOB Friday show where Chad and Oscar hung out on air for 11 hours or so was maybe the best piece of radio ever made.

Good luck Tanner. You're a smart dude, and you will do well at whatever you set your mind to. You could join the Air Force and hang with me. I work, drink beer, and watch football. Not always in that order.

No wonder they have been running repeats the last week.

Sorry to see Big O and Dukes break up.. i wonder who gets Drab in the divorce.

Riding the wave of change. Awesome!

Drab will be with Chad and LaVar according to everything I have seen.

Chris or Tanner... I have some photos from my June vacation to Powell/Cody when I visited my bro-in-law. Possible to post them??

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