Monday, July 13, 2009

Ten Things I Think I Think

With Peter King on his annual four-week summer vacation, Redskins tight end Chris Cooley graciously agreed to write today's Monday Morning Quarterback column.

1. I think the Washington Redskins are going to have an outstanding season and win a ton of games. We've done everything a team can do in the offseason to get better. Jason Campbell is so close to being one of the best QB's in the league; he will have a great year. Note: I have to say all this regardless, but it's nice to actually believe it.

2. I think all the talk about making young quarterbacks wait their turn and learn before they play is B.S. The best way to get better at something is by doing it, so if they're ready to play, let 'em play. I know teams are very considerate about a player's psyche, but if a quarterback can't handle the scrutiny of throwing a pick in his first season, how is he going to handle it throughout his career? Might as well find out.

3. I think the NFL uniform rule is much too stringent. Guys are now being fined in the third and fourth quarters for their jerseys being untucked. Assessing a $5,000 fine for an untucked jersey is ignorant. When the thing gets yanked out of the pants it just looks like the guy is playing harder. The NFL is also fining for other minuscule things, like socks not being pulled up enough and hand towels being two inches too long. Obviously, the NFL has to keep things within reason, but insignificant uniform infractions do not affect the integrity of the game.4. I think, sticking with the game-integrity theme, I don't know why touchdown celebrations are being eliminated. I'm not a celebration guy myself, at all, but it's part of what makes our game exciting. A touchdown is a huge moment in a game and a huge accomplishment for a player, so take it easy on fining guys for having a little fun celebrating. Besides, the last time I checked the NFL was an entertainment business, and I love watching the creativity of guys like Chad Johnson.

5. I think adding two extra games to the regular season would be great if the league would shorten the preseason by two weeks. Also, the pay raise would have to fit accordingly. With all the offseason work players put into today's game, the six weeks of training camp and preseason are a burnout. Plus, what fan wouldn't rather watch real games?

6. I think I made the Pro Bowl the last two seasons. This offseason, Tony Gonzalez and Kellen Winslow were traded into the NFC, and with young guys like Greg Olsen becoming better players, it will be very competitive when it comes to filling the two NFC tight end spots in this year's Pro Bowl. Oh, I forgot to mention Jason Witten.7. I think the Pro Bowl should never leave Hawaii. No questions asked, it is the best place for all the players to get together with their families and celebrate a great season. Miami, the site of the 2010 Pro Bowl and Super Bowl, will be too crazy the week before the Super Bowl for anyone to relax.

8. I think if athletes/celebs are out having a good time, fans should not try to take advantage of them by sneaking photos Online. Cell-phone cameras are out of control right now. Just shake hands and say hello. Oh, and I know that if someone tries to video me taking a piss again, I'm not going to hesitate to punch them square in the face.
9. I think putting peanut butter, mustard and ham on a sandwich is awesome. The three ingredients are magical when put together.

10. I think athletes are usually terrible writers. "Cough! Donovan McNabb!" To be honest, most of the time I can't stand to read anything football players write, sorry Matt Birk. Now after stopping for a minute, I'm pretty concerned about what I've put together. Oh well, one thing's for sure, I can take a hell of a lot of criticism.

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They should just have you replace King for the column permanently. Great stuff.

Great Read Chris! Your the best...

Thanks for the insight, good stuff as usual.

Ten things I think about the 10 things Cooley thinks.

1. I hope that JC17 can get this party going, I also like Colt, he is great when he goes on WJFK. Can we get them both on the field in a 2 QB set like the fighting crab cakes do? 2. This just re-enforces what I just said, and my belief in the NFL having a farm league. Telling me people wouldn't go to Richmond to watch Chase Daniels and the Virginia Indians. 3. Agree, the NFL needs to let players distinguish themselves, have a pro-bowl patch when guys are going, a MVP patch. 4. Generally TD celebrations are lame, unless a redskin is doing them. 5. YES! Fans hate pre-season 6. If no 1 holds true then you will be fine. 7. I honestly don't care as a fan, I don't watch it for more then 5-6 minutes anyway. Sure let the players vote. 8. My phone is so old it does not even take photos, so don't punch me. 9. Try putting Bacon and Peanut-butter together, it will blow your mind. 10. I will never criticize an athlete unless they are a figure skater as most of them are bigger and stronger then me.

Awesome list, except it's Chad OchoCinco ;). You're right, guys should be able to have fun. I remember Portis and ST (RIP) getting fined like crazy because they had two more stripes (that matched the attire COLORS) on their socks, and then ST with his taped facemask (is that really that bad!?). I think I'd be more worried about the 21 on his chest than the tape on his grill.

Anyways, have fun this year Cooley, and keep the team having fun. I dont want to see us WORKING too hard, and if a guy goes over the top celebrating, sit on the sideline and smile. It's his pocket the money comes out of, not the team's. Enjoy this year and make sure other guys enjoy it. Success will follow. Hail to the Redskins! And Hail to Captain Chaos!

AMEN to 1-8!!! #9 I guess I'm gonna have to try... although thinking about it makes me wanna vom. #10 true that's usually the case but you're the exception b/c your blog is Fabulous! (Like orbit gum commercial "fabulous")

Okay nice! Love to hear what you had to say. And I agree about the fines..Uderly ridiculous! That is why I get such a kick out of Chad Johnson! Hilarious about every fine he gets!

I think, I think I want a Cooley Column in the Washington Post. Uniform fines are becoming as annoying as parking meter tickets. Criticism only means they care :)

Chris cooley, you should be the player/commissioner of the NFL. I do like Roger Goodell, but some of the excessive fine on player jersey rules are downright ridiculous. By the way, please add my redskins blog to your blogroll. Thanks #47.

yo chris, check out my blog i wrote my blog about the Redskins, feel free to check it out, a cowboys fan commented n it and gave the redskins crap, check it out!!

Great! I love you said the kind words about Jason. He is my favorite player and I know he will have a great season along with the rest of the time. Great pics on the blog! I love the one with you and Witten. I will be chiming in from time to time. Rome is right! This is a great blog brother!


Comment actually about the interview with you on Sirius Radio.

Great interview man, and I'm a Dolphin fan!

You seem like the type of guy you can have a beer with and chill. That's nice considering that a lot these guys are primadonnas out there.

Again great job bro.

If you believe that Jason Campbell is going to be a great quarterback in this league, then you are absolutely delusional. JC is serviceable at best. This will be his final year as a starter for the 'Skins. He never really earned the job. It was given to him.

I thought I invented Peanut Butter and Mustard sandwiches in 1967. We were in that youthful phase of making up gross sandwiches to call our own. Marshmellows and pickles also seemed to gravitate to people's inventions.

Good post Chris...I would like to tell you that I've used an image of you on my most recent post on my financial blog....its a classic Chris Cooley pic even though the topic is about real estate short sales:

We know your not a touchdown celebration guy Chris...Because your team would have to score some touchdowns for you to be one.

Just kidding I love you and the Skins.
I appreciate all the ways you interact with the fans

I 100% agree with your #1. I know it sounds extremely fanboy-ish by I really do think we will surprise people this season. The schedule this year is much more simple than 07 and 08, and at the absolute worst, we do 3-3 in the division. The division teams dont scare me, they never have. Outside of the division, we have A LOT of winnable games.


This is my first ever blog post and I thought a response to my favorite player on my favorite team would be appropriate. I am digging the bagging on Jason Witten thing. I hope it continues.

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