Saturday, June 20, 2009

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Nice cliffhanger at the end of this episode!
This looks like a drive I don't think I'd want to take... Isn't there a southern route that would've been better?

Anyway, looking forward to part 3!

Note to Chris- you will not think going 60 on a 4 lane road is so bad if you visit Kauai.
Imagine going 20 mph in a 50 zone on a 2 lane road with nowhere to detour if there is a problem.

That's why we have "just hang loose" as our second state motto.


Some of us work very hard just to be able to afford to live in the slums CHRIS!

Chris, I drove from Connecticut to California last month and was trying to get a picture of all the signs as well. We had to settle for a Welcome to Chicago sign because we didn't see the Illinois sign either....

Colt brennan would have been there already

Being from Utah you should be use to lanes closed.

So what did Ho Chunk tell you... "Ummm you can not have the doggies in our glorious establishment... so umm Ba Bye." You should of pulled your NFL Clout on them... "Do you know who I am...ect..ect"

The Ho Chunk leaves open so many joke possibilities...

Those red blinking lights are wind turbines in Dexter MN

Some of the best football players have lived in the slums, learning strong work ethics and have strong faith.

When sneaking animals into a hotel you ALWAYS check in late at night,keep a low profile and carry them.The chunk ho dosnt exactly sound like the bellegio so if all else fails next time try slipping the guy at the desk a c-note

Welcome to my world. I drive only 26 miles from DC to MD every day and it can take 2 hours. 60 mph in a "traffic jam" would be bliss to me! I average 20 mph on a good day! Day in. Day out. You're spoiled!!

I saw on the blogs that you are getting a radio show on WJFK. That true?

Whens the "Day 3" video coming out???

Mississippi river crossing 3 times...really. You'd think once is enough

How long to have to wait for the 3rd day, the waiting is driving me crazy.

You should have stopped in West Salem, WI. Its right by La Crosse! Anyway, these videos are fun to watch.

Enjoyed the video. We drive from VA to Minneapolis each summer to see the in-laws. We do it in one grueling 18-day shot -- with two kids. Chicago is the WORST! Leaving at 3 am helps.

Enjoyed the video. Brings back memories. We drive from VA to Minneapolis each summer to see family. We do it in one grueling 18-hour shot. Chicago is the WORST! Leaving at 3am helps.

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