Monday, June 1, 2009

TC: The Perfect Summer Night

On Sunday night the Cooley family decided to celebrate the spring/summer weather we've been having with a nice little cookout and campfire. First chef Chris who cooked up an amazing meal. Marinated chicken, corn on the cob. To go along with it, Christy made her special fruit salad which was probably the best fruit ever.  To make: add any mix of berries you like, bananas, and top it all off with honey. Truly a taste explosion in your mouth.

After the meal we went down to the beach where I picture many good times will be had. We built a nice little fire (not with the wood that Chris chopped down) and cooked s'mores and a new little desert called the banana boat. This little desert was a true delight described by my wife as "better than you can even imagine in your mind." And for the most part it was true. Except for the burns acquired by trying to get it out of the fire.
Little if anything can beat sitting out under the stars enjoying good company around a warm fire. No one could be happier than the four of us that summer if finally here. 

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Chris has a beach in his backyard

How did you make those semores?

peanut butter, marshmallow fluff and jelly. you're welcome. also, as I'm typing this, I'm eating a cooley club except I had to use turkey instead of ham. But chris was totally right. first the tangy spicy mustard hits then the sweet creamy peanut butter. I found my new favorite snack!

If not for hot sauce, honey would be the worlds greatest condiment.

Thank God you weren't using the tree Chris (attempted) to chop down! Ha.

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