Thursday, June 4, 2009

TC: Offseason Update

When the season ended and guys departed Redskins park for the off season some had crazy plans like this.

"Do you know how me and Chris are gonna improve our football skills? We're gonna go wrestle bears in the wild," Yoder said. "We both think it's gonna help our blocking technique."
Though this idea stands out in the crowd of goals like: spend time with family, come back in better shape, read a book, Yoder told me yesterday that he actually accomplished this feat along with a few others.
"I accomplished two of the three things I set out to do when the season ended. I wrestled a bear in the Canadian wilderness and did some base jumping of a cliff in Costa Rica."
Whether or not that is true, I will let you determine. What is a fact however is that the season is just around the corner. Players are back at Redskins Park for the team's second session of OTA's. For some it is a chance to break up the monotonous lifting and running schedule they have kept and get back on the field. Santana Moss told me that "OTA's are OTA's. Mini camp is more intense where these are a more of the learning opportunity, trying to get better at the little things." When I asked him what he would like to accomplish between now and training camp he sighed and said, "I just wanna get in all the rest I can cause once its all said and done and I'm back up here then its strictly business."

Strictly business is a great answer because many of the news outlets that claim to be experts are picking the Redskins to be a middle of the pack team. This is something that I find very interesting considering they didn't lose any significant players and they have a full season under their belts with Zorn. So it will be great to see them prove some of the donks wrong when they come out firing this season.

For now however, the players that are in Ashburn will do what they need to do, work on the little things. Because after today they are only four OTA's away from training camp. Something that, for this city, couldn't come any quicker. Because the only thing to cheer for between now and then is the Nats winning their 43rd game.

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I like the white background.

I hope the Redskins are so united this season that the team becomes greater than just the sum of its parts.


I don't think I like the white background....

I believe Yoder wrestled a bear...wouldn't surprise me at all!

Why won't Landry return the team's phone calls? Kinda rude, I think...

Nats winning 43 is a stretch.

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