Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Horse Burning

I'm writing this post with complete regret. Normally, I'm not super concerned with who I offend or bother by my posts, but I have been strongly encouraged by enough important parties in my life not to publish the video. I am aware that the voting consensus on the site was an overwhelming yes on watching the video and most are excited about the footage, including myself, but it just isn't going to work out this time. I would like to say for my own sake, the video is amazing! I spent over an hour today putting it together and it is one of my finest works, one that my kids will look back on and cherish. So for now, I'm sad.

I would also like to clear up a couple things about the burning, a least for anyone who I may have offended. Last year I bought somewhere close to 400 acres of ranch land in Wyoming. A couple days ago we were riding our four wheelers around and came upon this wretched, stinking, rotting horse corpse. We thought it was a cow at first, but upon further review found that it was a horse. The horse had clearly been dead for over a year and needed to be taken care of. We have no idea about the cause of the horses death or how it happened upon our land, none the less, it was there rotting away. After seeking some advice I was given a couple of options, the first was taking the horse to the dead animal pit, another being the city dump and finally, to burn the horse. In my opinion the most reasonable option was to burn the horse.

Finally, I would like to say that I love and respect animals. I own four dogs and two cats, I grew up with horses and think they're amazing. I meant no disrespect to the horse.

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good for you chris, but the video would have been hella cool, you gotta keep it PC for the PETA people, the last thing you would want is people knocking down your door and throwing blood on your white baby seal coat/s! no wait...that was in Zoolander.


I think this whole thing is a bunch of horse shit. haha. I think I'm on record on this blog as saying that burning shit is one of the coolest things to do, and so is riding 4 wheelers. enjoy yourself and your land. How much does 4000 acres in Wyoming cost anyway, about 3 grand? Gotta go, watching Revenge of the Nerds and just heard the words "pan down"
email me the video :)

Sucks so bad that people worry about this insignificant shit when there are little kids being physically/mentally abused, molested, filmed and posted being molested on the web, etc. Why don't people concern themselves with something useful. Put all of that great energy into getting kids out of shitty foster homes, enacting tougher laws for pedophiles or something that would actually make a difference! To completely go crazy over burning the corpse of a disease ridden animal, be it a horse or a cow, and having any knowledge of CC, Christy and their bevy of animals, is complete nonsense IMO. Worry about something that matters. At least that's my opinion. You were probably right to not post the video though...As unfortunate as that is.

dude- you were right to burn the animal. I think the issue is that it feels like you are celebrating the event. you wouldn't describe a burning burial in India as "amazing" unless you were describing the ritual. Big fires are cool, but this is an animal and I think you're missing the reason this was a good idea not to post. the dead should be respected...and whether you respected the horse or not...the video and the way you've presented it gives the impression that you didn't respect the dead animal.

All the best. Go skins!

I don't get it. They burn dead people, too. In fact, burning it may be the fastest way to return that animal to the earth from which it came. Who is complaining and on what grounds?

when families burn the bodies of a loved one they do celebrate the passage of life. i do think it was wise not to put the video up though, you know how anal people are about stuff like that. just your luck someone may get affened and try to sue you

I would be willing to bet that some other ranch dumped the bodies on your land or something, unless you saw some kind of hoof prints. Or, if you are near to Yellowstone the could be wild I guess.

You did what makes the most sense to me, and I have spent my entire life living in the city, am totally green, and so far left that I could make Carl Marx look like JP Morgan.

I say put up the video. Oh and beat some Cowboy @$$!

It's sad to see the down-ward spiral of this country where people find any reason to get offended or sue somebody. Why can't everyone relax. It's very simple, if you don't want to see the video, don't watch it. It is for the best though. Don't change tho Chris...the few normal people in America appreciate it.

CC, my respect and admiration for you grows more and more. You are every bit the down-to-earth guy I met at a golf tourney not long ago. There's a reason you're my favorite player - because I think we would be good friends if we ran in one another's circle. Enjoy your time away, and then get ready to kick butt this year. I'm hoping from good things from the 'Skins. Hail & Peace, SUPRFAN

Is there any way you actually can email the video to consenting parties?

I still love you.

Spelling Error!

I grew up with horses and think their amazing

should say, "think THEY'RE amazing."

but, people freak out about the dumbest things... who cares? it's a horse that's been dead! what's the difference of a VET creamating (sp?) it? They don't videotape it?? WHO CARES!

You did the right thing burning the carcass. The animal was already dead and you prevent the potential spread of disease to other wildlife in the area.

Personally I think you should of blown it up with 500 lbs of TNT like they did that big whale on the beach that nearly killed everyone watching it when the remains did not incinerate and landed all over them! Just my personal preference!

I don't get it. Please explain what the bleading hearts wanted you to do with the dead animal? Incineration is a proper option for dead animals in most states because it reduces the carcass to an inert ash. Does Wyoming have different animal dispoal laws?

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damn it! I don't see why people care so much, it's dead! Not like you were burning a live horse running thru the field then I would understand. But I guess if you posted it some dousche would try to sue you just cuz who you are. It's sad how some people think. they need to worry about more important things. Plus if they complain why are they on this site?? That's the real question.


Really people are such fruits. How anyone could be offended by you disposing of a ROTTING corpse on YOUR property is BS. Rock on CC 47!!!!

too bad haynesworth wasnt with you...I could see that man just eating it bones and all...

This is a sad day for all of us who wanted to see the video of the explosion that created the cloud shown in that second picture....
See now I am going to go blow up a defenseless animal to compensate for my lack of seeing this corpse get blown up. If only the hippies considered the consequences for their actions I wouldn't have to blow up this poor squirrel I just found...but I mean I have to watch something blow up...its almost the 4th.

Glad to see you had the class to at least address it. I chose not to watch it when I read the title. Michael Vick probably is responsible for the horse's demise.

I was soooooo ready for a good horse burning. Major let down.

Dude, screw those people who may care. You are a football player, not a politician, who cares what everyone thinks. Its already happened so what does it matter if the video goes out or not. Probably those damn Cityslickers who dont understand what growing up on a farm or in the country is like.

Smart move not to show the video Chris. People have nothing better to do than get up in arms about something like this, but honestly when it was a cow it didn't seem as bad to me, but a horse is a much more respected animal in our society so it makes sense not to show it. So I guess this means you have wild horses on your property?! That's really cool!! In that case you should find them and show the video of you breaking them! Now THAT's a video everyone would want to see! Ha.


There is no reason you should feel bad for doing this action. It is sad that there are people that have nothing better to do with there time then to analyze everything that everyone else does. PETA has gotten completely out of hand look at the fact that they went crazy over the fact that he killed a fly on TV. I wonder what they would do if they saw me with my hand held bug zapper killing the gnats that like to surround me when I am outside. You disposed of a very large very dead carcass of a horse on your land. It really is nobody's business how you did it and these people need to focus there efforts on other more important things. I do not know you and Kristy personally but it is clearly obvious that you two love animals and would in no way to harm to one. I do not think you needed to apologize for what you did however I guess you have to be careful what you post on your blog. This is a great blog and love following it as you seem like just a normal guy who has become a celebrity. I want to thank you for taking the time out of what I am sure is an incredibly busy life to give all of us a peak into you and Kristy's life.

Thanks Again and Go Skins!!!



I understand your caution, but bold action is needed to take back society from these knee jerk bleeding heart self righteous idiots.

One way is to do something that might cause a reaction at first, but 99% of thinking people will understand after considering the reasons behind the action.

The remaining 1% can then be positively identified as a PETA type idiot, and then summarily ignored.

Please don't let the idiots win!

-John VanderMyde

Very wise choice. You did the right thing in burning the horse, but some half brained idiot would have had a field day with the fact that you had fun with it. I am sure the only way you could have posted it, is if it you were all wearing suits, the horse carcass was covered in flowers, there was a minister there, and bag pipes playing in the background. Of course, anyone that has lived on land bigger than a quater acres knows what you did was perfectly normal, but it was a smart move not to post the video. The media would blow it out of proportion. Maybe you can post it for us when your playing days are over.

On behalf of the citizens of the United States of America I would like to thank you for taking immediate action regarding secretariat. That Disease ridden carcass could have sparked an Ebola outbreak. It's a shame that you didn't find it earlier. So many lives could have been sparred.
As for the bleeding heart members of PETA. Take solace that Mr. Ed went out in a blaze of glory literally.... Chris continue to carry accelerant around with you incase you run into similar problems down the road.

Via Con Dios Mi Amigo.


It's cool. Without the video, we are free to imagine how it played out...

In my mind, the video starts with the horse frolicking in the meadow as a pup. It cuts to the 'coming of age' scene - ritual mortal combat with a grizzly. Victorious, he falls in love with a demure but covertly hot Holstein cow, only to turn angrily to the bottle when his parents forbid the romance.

Dejected and despondent, our equine hero squanders his best years stumbling drunkenly about the fields of Wisconsin. There he meets and is befriended by a wise old badger whose 'tough love' helps him regain the confidence he once had. Then day he drops dead of an aneurysm and is immolated in a searing inferno by the starting tight end for the Washington Redskins.

The End

You don't have to apologize for burning a horse living or dead. This footage could change peoples lives, so either people can choose to watch it or not. I am a little sad though cuz it would have been bad ass to watch.


Your a pussy. Who really cares Chris? Do you think USA Today or CNN is trailing your every move and going to cut you up for burning a DEAD animal. I check this site out because its suppose to be cool, different, off the cuff, and pretty liberal when it comes to the everyday quarks of life. Apparently i was wrong.

Adrian, did you find out about this through his blog, or did you find out about it through a news outlet? I read about it through the news ticker of breaking NFL news I get.

Me burning an animal is not news. A B-list celebrity like Michael Showalter burning an animal MIGHT BE news. Chris Cooley burning a horse during the offseason is THE ONLY FOOTBALL NEWS that isn't Bret Favre. It would have been huge if he posted the video. It would have been a huge mistake.

Negatron Robotfire. Chris was following protocol. Not only is it sanitary. It is also totally sweet to give this fallen Steed a proper viking funeral. Hopefully you floated him out on a makeshift raft doused in gasoline. And then shot bottle rockets until that sucker ignited.

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