Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chris's Acting Debut

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Repost of Richard Friend's from GDE Blog

NBC 4's Lindsay Czarniak was on hand for Chris Cooley's acting debut Tuesday night—he's playing a sheriff's deputy in what has become a most anticipated cameo appearance here in the DC area! Even the Mayor of Hamilton, VA was there to watch the Redskins star step in front of the (movie) camera for the first time, and Chris didn't disappoint. Dressed in a municipal uniform complete with an authentic, antique badge, Cooley proved to be a natural. He and fellow actor Chris Kennedy (playing "Sheriff Fuller") did a terrific job, and had a blast in the process.

As you already know, Lindsay has a cameo role in the film herself.

The production enjoyed its first break today, but is gearing up for early calls today and Friday—as the full lead cast will be filming their first scenes together. Josh Davidson will be on set tomorrow, playing the skeptic, "David Sherman." Things are heating up... ;)

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