Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rally for the Cure = Success

I have never planned, or helped plan, an event like the one we hosted last night. The reason we did this was really my mom's idea. She recently went to a similar event in Winchester and loved it enough to want to do the same thing. We got to talking about the details and soon enough it went from a small get together to what we had last night. Which was amazing. 

Earlier in the day yesterday Chris went around Redskins park inviting the players. I think if you were there last night it was easy to see the respect these guys have for each other.  They were all willing to chip in to make a very interesting and entertaining evening. Thanks so much for all your help to those who came. 

Besides the big hearts of the Redskins in attendance, the amount of items people donated to make the auction possible was incredible. There were dinners, gift baskets, a weekend get away, UWC tickets, and autographed memorabilia galore. And people knew why we were doing it. I remember selling a pink Redskins mini helmet for $500! Unreal!

All of this was great but it couldn't have been possible without having a location. The Original Steakhouse couldn't have been nicer. I know it was for charity but free beer, wine, and food for 3 hours from the Steakhouse! That definitely set the perfect atmosphere for the night.

Last I just want to say thanks to all of you who helped at the event. It wouldn't have been the success it was without your help. Charlie Cook and his staff, Robert Bassam and everyone from Eastern Motors, Big O, students, friends, and those of you who bought tickets. I know I had a blast and hope everyone else did to. We are definitely going to try and do this again next year!

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