Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FWG: The Austrian Night Life

One of my teammates enjoys a smoke, before practice.
I'm not really sure where to start with this post.Maybe the oddity that the buzz at practice wasn't that "Ze Americans are finally in pads, ja??" but rather that "Tonight ve get ze Americans to drink ze beer."

Ze Beer in this case is, would be Austrian Beer. Murauer and Steigl. Maybe I should back up.
All week, our Austrian teammates told us that we were invited to the "Uni-party." I thought maybe I was hearing them wrong, but I didn't know what I Uni-party was. Turns out it was the "University Party." The part to kick off the semester.

I don't know about your collegiate experience, but I'm pretty sure that the higher ups at UConn never turned our student-union over to a beer sponsor, invited in a DJ, set up the place with seizure inducing strobe lights, turned off the no-smoking sign and let everyone from age 14 to 35 in. But, hey...that was just UConn (who knows what the crazies at BYU are up to on a Friday night).
So its finally Friday night, practice lets out, and its time to go. We hop in our car (the worst car in ALL of Austria.
1984 "NEVADA"(yeah, I mean what kind of car would you buy with YOUR signing bonus...)

And we head to a teammates "flat" to have some beers before we head out. I will interject a few points of emphasis here:
1) Austrians take their beer very seriously
2) Never call an Austrian person German.

As the beer starts to flow, one story I was told by a teammate stuck out..
I asked Danielle, "So why American Football...why not soccer for you?"
"It is because, vell...I like to hit somebody....ya. I like to smash them"
"Ya you can't smash them in soccer, but in football...ahh beautiful, no one gives a fuck, yah!"
(I'd like to argue with him, but this Austrian just gave the Cliff-notes on why everyone should play football instead of soccer)
but then Danielle (a 6'5 185lb receiver) said something even better...
"So, I know NFL Players"
"What?" I said, almost choking on my beer.
"Ya, my girlfriend iz...umm...American-Samoa"
"And her mom asked me, "Danielle-you play American football" and she vas on ze phone with her coo-zin, so I said "jah, I play American-Football" so she puts me on ze phone viz dis guy. And he said, "Allo! I am in NFL"
So I said, "Oh! Can you get me Patrick Willis's Jersey and Autograph!"
So he said, "Sure"
So I said, "Who is this?"
and He said, "Shawne Merriman"
so I said, "Oh, okay. Make sure ze Willis jersey is a large. Danke!"

He asked Shawne Merriman for a Patrick Willis jersey. Holy shit.

Only in Austria.

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