Monday, February 9, 2009

TC: Goin' Green

The Washington Capitals are pretty good. They currently sit at number 2 in the Eastern Conference with 34 wins. Why are they so good? Well there are plenty of reasons but one of those reasons is Mike Green. He has scored 19 goals in 41 games, that tops his previous best of 18 goals which last year he managed in double the games. He is also one game shy of matching the NHL record for most consecutive games with a goal by a defenseman. So ya, he's playing some pretty damn good hockey right now.

All of that is cool in the big scheme of things, but he also scored an empty netter on Saturday night from nearly a mile a way. It was the first shorthanded goal of his NHL career and it happened five feet from where I sat. I was once told that a picture says a thousand words, video tells the rest. So when I saw my picture in Sunday's post and again on the Sports Bog I thought, "Why am I not celebrating!" So I went to the video.

You see, the photo captured a single split second in time that can be looked at an analyzed forever. In reality, that instant was over in 3 seconds and I looked away for one instant and missed the party. So good thing my camera was rolling...

To top the evening off, besides watching some great hockey, I finally accomplished my goal. Leaving the arena with a hockey stick. I have been trying to steal one of Ovechkin's but why steal one when the game's all star lets you have it? So thanks Mike Green, for giving me one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given. Also thanks to Eric Shuster for making it happen.


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